Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Abhiwarya at the Box Office

So we know they can sell magazines. But can they sell movies?

The recent disaster of of Umrao Jaan, which grossed $1.3 million and sank faster than a kabab in my Mom's dhanshak daal (not that I've tried that, Ma) had everyone asking that question. So all eyes were on the romantically no-longer ambiguos duo when Guru hit the theaters on January 12.

Early reports were said to be disappointing. But then the Abhiwarya engagement broke and everyone's curiousity got the better of them because they went to watch the movie in droves (to be fair, Guru has gotten the best reviews of Abhishek's career).

In about a week, Guru's worldwide take at the
box office is just over $9 million worldwide. Is that good? Compare that to last year's biggest blockbuster Dhoom 2 which sits at $31 million globally after 7 weeks in theaters and another solid hit Don which crossed $19 million in its first 6 weeks.

It won't be Abhiwarya's biggest hit (that would be Dhoom 2), but it'll almost certainly be a big ka-ching! and usher a great start for Bollywood in 2007.


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Kalyan said...

I didn't watch this movie and but read that the family tradition is carried over like right before Amitab and Jaya got married, hit film Zaneer was released and now Guru for the next generation bachan's family. I'm glad Aish, beauty with intelligence made it to Bachan's family finally.

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