Thursday, January 04, 2007

>I See You< is worth listening to

I've been listening to the soundtrack of I See You the maiden venture from Arjun Rampal's new production house Chasing Ganesha, which he co-owns with wife Mehr. First week reports indicate the film - about a woman who can be seen only by the person who loves her - will likely die a horrible death at the Box Office.

But the music from Vishal-Shekhar is terrific: pure pop that threatens to break out into the usual Indian song and dance but stays remarkably tasteful.

Arjun talks about his film in this
online interview on OneIndia. You can also listen to him talk about the same and take viewer calls on BBC Asian Network's Film Cafe podcast. Listen to Arjun as he battles typical Indian ambient noise, a bad cell connection and (from the sound of his voice) 72 straight hours of no sleep. Particularly amusing is the segment in which he describes why he dumped a marquee name to cast new face Vipasha despite a particularly unimpressive screen test. "I wanted someone (who projected) no identity" he explains. Ouch!!

A funny online chat related to the press junket with
Mehr Rampal here.


Anonymous said...

you are an inmature reviewer. Idiots like you are more likely to die more horrible death than fantastic movies like I SEE YOU!

Unknown said...

@Anon, :chuckle:. People have such ADHD they can't even read three paragraphs properly.

I am not reviewing the movie here. Just using first week box office reports to predict its fate - a fairly accurate prediction given what's happened.