Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iron Man takes shape

If you are a Marvel comix fan like me, you're eagerly following all the developments on the Iron Man movie due out in 2008 and in development by director Jon Favreau. Favreau, who directed the terrific, underrated gem Zathura, has a lively myspace group dedicated to discussing the development of the movie and solicits feedback on which actors to cast in certain roles, often with very entertaining consequences.

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow just
signed on to play Virginia Potts, PA to Tony Stark (Mr. Iron Man himself). After Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (hey, has everyone here been in underrated gems?) this would be her second foray into graphic novel territory. Good for her!

Some personal notes about Iron Man. He's a character that boys can really identify with - he's got a near indestructible exterior, plenty of cool gadgets to play with but behind the mask is a vulnerable man who has emotional and physical problems. Added bonus: as Stark, he's a freewheeling, immensely rich playboy. What's not to like?

The sorrounding characters in the Iron Man mythology have always been weak. Iron Man himself has never been an A-lister for Marvel, and this is reflected in the choice of Mandarin to play villian in the movie. Anyone heard of this guy much?! On the other hand, his backstory can make for some very interesting plot points.

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