Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reality Bites Shilpa Shetty

Here is my obligatory post on Shilpa Shetty's appearance on Big Brother. I haven't watched the show, in any of its multiple incarnations, and I confess I haven't seen an entire Shetty movie yet. But of all the eye candy that pervades Bollywood (there are some actors left I think), she's my favorite.

In one of her early promos for the show, she graciously compares herself to Angelina Jolie, modestly admitting that she doesn't "know what to think of that". Some news of her progress on the show here, amidst accusations of racism. More ruckus here as Chancellor Gordon Brown has to answer questions during his visit to India. You can enjoy more of the show on YouTube if you want to make up your own mind.

Best of all, you can go to her web site and you can pick from a variety of rather large web chicklets rooting for her on to win. Here's my favorite. I love the fact that someone appears on a show like BB, then takes it seriously enough to launch a campaign to win. Like in Cricket, if you are going to slash outside your off stump, do it really hard! Go, Shilpa!


Kalyan said...

I think its time for Shilpa to withdraw from the contest as a protest and anyway she got all publicity for herself and now govt's, Uk police, and asusual effigy burnings in India are taking place on this issue.Its very rare that we see countries fight over issues like this because of some private media.

Unknown said...

Ah yes, you'd think! But remember, BB contestants are cut off from the outside world. So for all practical purposes Shilpa Shetty has no idea what is going on outside that apartment/house.

Kalyan said...

My bad, Didn't know the whole picture of this rocking story, Thats intersting - Now whole heartedly wish Shilpa setty to win this contest and use this publicity to start her own KBCPathni show ;-)