Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On Valentines, to my beautiful

Once there was a boy who felt lost in this world
Then one day over pizza he met a lovely girl
She fit him like a glove
And showed him real love
She swept up his life in a rainbow-colored swirl

When he needed her she responded with care
Everything he had was hers to share
Together they read
Together they bled
She taught him true love was a lifelong affair

Soon enough they agreed that they should be wed
Bypassing a pundit they went to a court instead
A judge in black coat
Solemnly took note
Of the new life they had chosen to tread

We won't ever have kids! Together they vowed
So they were blessed with two sons, handsome and loud
They knew how to raise hell
But their parents could tell
Their sunny little boys made them happy and proud

Time flew by at a chortling pace
And happiness and sorrow added lines to his face
But when he saw her
He had to concur
She had added nothing to her person but more grace

Was it so special that her beauty was serene
Or that she still appeared in all his daydreams
Then in sudden vein
The answer was plain
His little princess had turned into a shining queen

But amid all the perfection there was one travesty
Alas, she had one huge fault you see
Although she didn't tire
from trying to inspire
She could never teach him how to write good poetry


Kafo said...

this is beautiful

Anonymous said...

your best post to date. from the heart, lovely.