Monday, March 26, 2007

Its positively hot outside!

We had a near-80F day today. Yesterday we broke a 19 year old record for warm temperatures. Everyone seems to be outside walking their dogs. Our kids are in sandals (much protesting but no shorts yet). The playgrounds are teeming with life. I can smell things in the air, like food or plants or burning tires.

This feels like summer - I don't even have to squeeze my eyes shut really hard and pretend anymore. And I would have to say my plants agree (yes, I am a true geek).

Here is the Pussy Willow outside, looking very pussy willowish and its most beautiful.

And the Yoshino Cherry I got and planted from Lowe's is flowering rather nicely if somewhat sparsely.

And there is new life emerging from the dried up Stonecrops.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Isn't it lovely out? All the college kids are draped out on the quad not doing their homework. Don't blame them one little bit.

I was delighted to see pussy willows in the market in Vienna a few weeks ago.
Babasko told me their name in German, which I forget, but it did have some form of "cat" in it, which I thought was pretty cool.

Unknown said...

Nice pics of the flowers. Someday they shall grow as lushly in my garden.