Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dallas after 11

I have been to Dallas a few times since I left Texas 11 years ago, but I haven't driven around it in large swathes like I did recently. And the excellent warm weather of spring, which comes early to these parts, made it a lot of fun.

Besides where else would I see Boot City nestled cozily with Condoms To Go in a strip mall? And yes, Half Price Books has come to my neighborhood but here it was virtually the size of a Costco. More bargain books to be stockpiled for winter later this year!

I also drove by some really awesome houses and my uncle pointed out that one of them used to belong to Mary Kay and was quite famously put for sale on eBay. It's a nice pink little hut with two white bare-breasted angels outside (yes, these guarding or welcoming sculpture pairs at the gate are quite the rage in this posh neighborhood).

When I rented my car, my tall, angular "rental agent" walked me the car - a blue MAZDA3 hatchback. And she tutted "Aaww! It's blue and tiny! Would you like an upgrade?" To which I said: "No, I like blue and I like small. In fact, my wife loves blue and she is small". She gave me a tired look and proceeded to inspect the car.

When I got on the road I realized what she was trying to say. Because things in Texas are truly large - its not a myth at all. The lanes are wonderful and wide. But so are the large honking white, black or pastel trucks on it. And in traffic on the highways like 635, 75 or I35, in my little blue vehicle, I felt much like an ant caught in a walnut avalanche.

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