Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dealing with ants

Another day, another breakfast....heh.

I found two good ways to keep our super ants from my beloved mangoes.

One, put the plate on a mug with hot chai in it. Ants stay away from radiant heat.

Two, and this I thought was quite brilliant, put a piece of bread nearby. This happened quite by accident yesterday. The ants have been pilfering the bread so furiously that nothing else seems to grab their attention. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to that chemical chalk that everyone seems to make Lakshman Rekhas with to keep them away.


Kalyan said...

Or put Mangoes plate in an island - water sourrounded.Put a Khetan fan that will give you coolness off water from Indian heat and keeps Mangoes safe from ants.Also for Mangoes I remember that big black ants used to scare the hell out of us.

Unknown said...

A friend just got bit by one of those big black ants - and he's got a massive bump on his leg to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Man, those pictures are pure torture...such tempting mangoes that my keyboard os covered with drool...Wonder what happened to the mangoes that were supposed to be exported from India into the US?