Monday, June 04, 2007

A brand new logo for London 2012

London unveils the logo for the 2012 Olympics. Organizing Committee chairman Seb Core refers to it as a brand rather than a logo and goes on to say "This is the vision at the very heart of our brand,"

You can read the highly incredulous reactions here. My own: this looks like Ganesha doing Bharatnatyam.


Anonymous said...

It's an interesting Rorschach pink blot.

Anonymous said...

did you hear about the people who had epileptic fits over it? :D I personally thought it was kinda like a swastika ... and i was right! at least one jewish viewer thought the same. My nose for controversy is never wrong.

Unknown said...

It would be sensationally bad if it was! And you never know what part of the subconscious these things are created from (re: Mind Rush's comment about Rorschach)

But there are people who see all kinds of things in it. There's 2012, it could be the British Isles. Finally there's that animated GIF going around about Lisa Simpson giving head.