Friday, June 01, 2007

A Bitter Lemon cocktail

I'm quite fond of the Bitter Lemon you get in and around London. But once while chugging a few too many on a flight to London on Virgin, I got bored and read the label. The bitterness in my drink seemed to come from quinine.

Horrors! This reminded me of all those times I'd been sick with Malaria back home and how I had to watch - from my window - everyone else enjoying themselves playing cricket.

And so its been ever since: I try to create my own bitter lemon because I can't drink that stuff with quinine in it. And recently I ran into two ingredients that may not be close to bitter lemon, but definitely satisfies my taste buds.

First, I discovered Minute Maid Limeaid. And then Tanqueray put its new Rangpur line into wide distribution. Tanqueray is famous for making gin. But recently they added botanicals to their gin and re-distilled it with rangpur limes, bay leaves and ginger to create Tanquery Rangpur. Rangpurs are actually hybrids of lemons and mandarins and they add a terrific limey taste that complements the limeaid.

If you are not a huge sour muffin try Sprite instead of Limead. You don't need a lot of the gin to bitter your cocktail. Even an eighth will do.

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