Monday, June 11, 2007

Reshammiya Ada

So last week Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge was dedicated to Himesh Reshammiya's compositions. And I couldn't help but notice how good his songs sounded. I have a theory: it's because he wasn't singing them. I could be wrong but I believe I'm on to something.

Himesh himself sang a song off his upcoming movie. And then did more singing sitting in the judges seat. There is no question he has the ability to hold an audience's attention. Once again, he injected some much needed pizzaz into a show fast sagging under Indian Idol 3's onslaught.

Now Himesh's ada goes like this: he always sings with his head tilted up - giving us an excellent view of the underside of his chin (not sure I enjoy that always but its...different). And he tips his mike towards his lips like he's downing some serious daaru. (Think K. L. Saigal only before he came on to sing).

And his left hand cocks, writhes and sashays around like a serpent while he's singing. Kaash, his hand really became a snake and bit him on the nose - thus forcing him to sing through his throat. Anyone know a good madari?

We also met Himesh's father Bipin on SRGMP - a composer himself. And the father-son exchange touched me. Especially the part where Dad described how the family lost their eldest son and 11 year old Himesh steadied the ship by telling his Dad that he would give him reason to live. Such an awesome little kid, our Himesh.


Anonymous said...

Counting down the days...

Anonymous said...

I was annoyed that Himmesh recently asked Mauli to sing her old schtik after her actual song bombed. This is a competition! It's unfair to other contestants. Can't help but think that had this happened in the US, at least some contestant's dad would have sued Himmesh for unfairly swaying the judges' decision. Had Himmesh truly wanted to simply highlight Mauli's pipes, he could have done so after the judges' decision was rendered.
...Further evidence that Himmesh is a narcissist.

Unknown said...

Mauli sounded like a cat with a cold and probably should have gone down. But Himesh's stunt - not to mention one other contestant sucking - saved her ass. I do like watching her sing. Hopefully she picks something better next time.

Anonymous said...

hiiiii every body
i think that mauli should be elimiated in the following week and should be called back to the ROCK GHARANA

Unknown said...

Anon, normally I'd agree except that everyone else (except perhaps Junaid) on SRGMP puts me to sleep. I need someone who can wake me up!

What do you think of Shaberi?