Saturday, June 16, 2007

Song Titles on SRGMP

Part of the fun with watching SRGMP and Idol 3 is that you try to recognize the songs the competitors are singing. Often you get them and a few times you are maddeningly close but no cigar.

SRGMP shows the title and movie of the song a few seconds after each singer starts their performance. This I find to be really helpful (Idol 3, are you taking notes?).

But it comes too quickly into the song. I'd have really liked it if the information was dispensed with more towards the end. Why? Because it gives you more time to guess, lay bets and make fun of everyone else after you've figured it out.


Unknown said...

I agree.
Actually, many a times I would like to know the name of the movie/song so that I can either buy the CD or the song(say in iTunes). This helps when the starting word or sentence (of a song that I don't recognize) is a common one like Zindagi.

Anonymous said...

I agree...

"Na mama karata kanu mama saro". I hope I said it right.

And this why google is in business. I type in the first few words and lyrics and Viola!