Friday, June 22, 2007

Spice Girls Reunion: No babies, girls!

You can accuse me of poor taste all you want but I'm not backing down from my fondness for the Spice Girls. In fact, I've gotten much support in my fandom from a particularly favorite blogger.

The girls have been dancing around reunion plans causing retail stores to pull out all those wonderfully ghastly fashions and put them back on the shelves again. Its about time - goodness knows I've missed their singingpresence.

Ahead of the reunion tour, manager Simon Fuller (creator of the Idol franchise among other things), has announced a list of dos and dont's. Among them:

  • Don't get pregnant! (stay away from Eddie Murphy, girls)

  • Don't talk about money that you will potentially earn from the reunion. (because Simon is about to go bidding)

  • Don't confirm or deny any rumors until everything is in place (because Simon is about to go bidding)

  • Do not get into spats between yourselves over plans and decisions - is it worth it? (What!? Of course it is!)

  • Do talk about memories of the Spice Girls with affection and pride. (Affection: easy, Pride: overrated)

  • Do respect each other's personal lives, commitments and views. (Snore!)

Like Posh would say: Sank yeow, Dad.

UPDATE: Spice Girls signed up for a tour, making the reunion official. They each get £10 million. There are plans to release a greatest hits album come November.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Where is this official announcement???? I just got an email from my Spice Girls-loving companion about the potential.... I need something concrete to latch on to! :)

Unknown said...

As official as it could get, from dotspotter, my new favorite gossip site :)

Anonymous said...

O-mi-gosh!!! A reunuion! they're like, y'know, so awesome, n' stuff, y'know? I'm like totally, y'know, like psyched n' stuff?