Saturday, June 30, 2007

A word for the Indian Idol 3 judges

With the arrival of Anu Malek, Indian Idol 3 has become one big parliament session - bitchiness abounds!

A note for the Giggle Queen, I mean Alisha Chinai: now that Suhit is behind you (and I'll pretend that never happened) you have a chance to truly redeem yourself. And I am right with you in your support for Deepali and Charu Semwal. They are both wonderful singers!

Two things.

One: when its judgement time for your favorites, make sure you go last. The judge who goes last gets the opportunity to puncture the balloon of others (like say Anu Malek). Plus audiences tend to remember the last emphatic statement and not the first. Stand up to Anu's bullying and insist on this pole position for your chahita contestants - exploit that girly bond you've established with Mini Mathur and have her weigh in if required.

Two: don't go toe to toe with Anu and do a tit-for-tat. Your khot-finding in Jolly Das' singing was woefully petty. Stay above the rubble.

And yes, I almost forgot: easy on the giggles please.

Having said all that, I do believe Anu Malek is good for Indian Idol. He throws confounding comments around with bitchy glee and his inconsistent judgements gets the viewers involved. Without him the show would miss a lot of the dramatic tension and viewer engagement. So carry on Anu Malek, but try not to piss Udit Narayan off.

Javedbhai, what's with the bachpana comments everytime Richa Aneja takes the stage? I agree with you, but remember when you were her age - reading Sidney Sheldon and scribbling notes furiously? Those notes that later became all those lovely Hindi movies? See my point?

Finally, Uditji - what's with the jelled hair? I loved that dry swoosh - the one that you could land a plane on. Bring it back please. And I'm digging the way you jab your fingers to make a point, long after the point has lost all momentum. Your consistency and kindness are both virtues on this show.


*~mad munky~* said...

i thought it was udit's evil twin-brother on the show last night ;o)

*~mad munky~* said...

completely forgot to mention... *alisha-watch* - did you see those shells around her neck? :oS

*lost for words*

Unknown said...

Not to mention her hair was shaped like a giant conch shell.

Anonymous said...

So, Indian Idol wants to see a female Indian Idol this time?
Let me tell you what---they need to work on this from the top down.

For instance, look at the judges' relative statuses. This episode of Indian Idol clarified the pecking order among the judges. Here are the factors that determine a judge's status: a) Are you older? b) Are you male? c) Are you someone other than a singer?
Based on my observations and rating scheme, Javed has the most perceived power, followed by Anu, closely followed by Udit.

"Baby Doll" Alisha is left giggling becuase she has no voice. She can sense her lack of authority on the panel and she makes up for it by trying to appease every participant. Sadly, this makes her have even less credibility.

My prescription to the producers: Bring on more female judges. Allow them equal air time.

And Alisha, please act more empowered. Don't let those with bullying loud opinions drown you out.

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, terrific comments! You should be blogging. Really. Write something for Aspi's Drift at least.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Aspi. Will think about it. My concern is that without your masaala to anchor my comments, my guest blog would taste like steamed broccoli.