Monday, July 16, 2007

The Indian Idol 3 Poll: Pick your winner

Ok, we're down to 10 contestants on Indian Idol. Smita Adhikari was the last to leave. The smart people who hang out at this blog predicted her exit accurately and objectively.

The official Indian Idol 3 site has opened up online voting. But its complicated, costs Rs 2 and is open only to Indian residents. Fortunately, we can do an unofficial online poll here.

All are welcome to cast a vote for who they think will be the next Indian Idol in about 30 days. If you'd like to leave an explanation of why you picked a particular contestant, leave us a comment.

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*~mad munky~* said...

i vote amit...barring any major disasters, he's returned with greater focus, a helping of charisma and stage presence, and that wonderful (manly) voice *woo*


Sania said...

Aspi, I voted according to whom I believe should leave - Charu - but your poll is showing Deepali and Amit in the lead! Your readers can't possibly believe that they'll be voted out, can they?

Perhaps a little clarification on the poll is in order?

Aspi said...

Sania, I see what you mean - my bad. I meant for this to be a poll where we would vote who was the next Indian Idol. And the person with the lowest votes would be our candidate to be voted off each week.

So please change your vote and I'll clarify the text.

S said...

For now, wouldn't be better to let us pick who we think would be voted off, rather than pick the next II? It could also lead to nice discussions about how right (or wrong) the predictions were every week.

Aspi said...

Fair enough - I can do one for that as well. I need to find a way to organize these on my site so we can have multiple polls.

*~mad munky~* said...

lol...i did the same too...i voted for charu, and then to my horror realised i was voting for her to win *nahiiiiiiiiin!*


Bhumi said...

Without a doubt Chang - simply as he has a unique manly voice, sincere and he is a great all round package. Amit is excellent too for similar reasons, great voice, quitely confident and multi-talented and i was so pleased to see him back with vengence! I am beginning to find myself torn between these 2.

Rupal said...

Honestly, I am in a dilema. How do I vote. Which contestant would like to become "Bharat Ki Shaan" or who do I think will win the contest.

Since I can voice my opinion freely, I will give both my choices.

Lekin, before I get into the nitty gritty of Indian Idol, I want to make it clear that I change my opinion almost instantly and it is also too early in the game to decide who would be the next Indian Idol.

Anyways, enough said.

My vote is for Abhishek and feel that he will (read might) win the contest.

Rupal's Reasoning - I like Abhishek and also know he is not as consistent in his singing as other contestants. Parantu, I like his style and looks like the Junta likes it too. Another factor that works in his favor is SET is hyping him. I thoroughly enjoyed the mimicry show by him and Emon.

I personally like Amit Paul better, as he has the talent and has a good playback quality voice. but, he might end up being a runner up.

Rupal's Reasoning - He probably lacks the charm to attract teenage crowd. Honestly, tell me how many of us would vote for indian Idol week after week after week. It is the younger generation that will continue to vote and like it or not he not a teenage heartthrob. Also, the suprise expression plastered on his face is helping him either. (Note to Aspi, we need a picture of Amit Paul with his famous expression)

Having put in my 2 cents (I think they were a lot more than that ... ;) ), I want to summarize


Anonymous said...

As a side note, I wanted to mention that I predicted Smita's departure purely on the same reasoning as why I think Amit Paul might not make.

Again, it is too early in the game to decide who will become "Bharat Ki Shaan". We will get a clear picture when we are down to Top 5 or 6.


Aspi said...

Wah, Rupal. That's a bold choice backed by some solid demographic analysis.

Bhumi, Chang's performing has gotten better - he's definitely a very smart guy. His song choices will be critical.

Aspi said...

S, I added the poll you wanted. But I had to link to it to make sure I had space on the site.

Mind Rush said...

Deepali or Emon are my favorites to win. They have substance!

I would vote out Charu next. Her talent has run its course.

Mind Rush said...

Can we "eliminate" one judge each week?
I am ready to dispose off Alisha. Enough with the giggling already! Indcriminately positive comments towards all dont' help either although I was gald to see her more reined in this weekend.

Let's vote in Shabana as a permanent member of the bench!

S said...


Thanks for the addition.

I completely agree with you. Alisha lost my confidence after the Suhit fiasco.

Bhumi said...

I cannot believe no one has mentioned voting out Anu. I think in future they should have 2 men and 2 women judges. While Alisha's favouritism towards Suhit got bit pathetic, she gets my points for attempting to stand up for herself. My first vote if i had to eliminate judges would be for Anu.

Aspi said...

Bhumi, now that you mention it, it does seem like an obvious thing to wish for. How do we go about voting the guy off?

Aspi said...

Mind Rush, I suspect if we added Shabana to the judges poll, she'd win!

Mind Rush said...

I agree with Bhumi---We need a gender balance on the panel. I had mentioned this several posts ago as a prerequisite for us eventually seeing a female Indian Idol.

That goes for the judges' panel of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa too. How do they get away with an all male lineup??

Aspi said...

Mind Rush, true, but then there aren't any female music directors in the industry either and being one is a prerequisite for becoming a guru.

asma_patel_1992 said...

Seems that this time the indion idol 3 will be male again as the number of girls are getting eliminated. But the fact is that the girls do sing better than boys. I just want to say no matter what gender you are vote for the one that has a real talent.