Sunday, July 01, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Who will be eliminated on August 25th?

We've picked Ankita Mishra twice in a row now and both times she's lived to see another day. This week poor Puja Chatterjee got the boot.

New poll this week - and I'm pretty sure everyone is voting for Ankita again. One of these days, we'll even get it right.


J said...
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J said...

why do ppl want emon to go ahead of tamang?

looks like your blog has a high viewership among people of nepalese origin :)

Also, i can think of a reason why the poll's predictions are not coming true. This is because you are asking ppl to vote *out* someone instead of voting *in* as is the usual format. 42.7% respondents want ankita to go. In reality, however, when they send their smses, their votes will be spread out among the other 4 contestants. In other words, although a majority of people might feel Ankita should go, they wont be able to exercise that option. All they can do is vote someone in. But as the number of finalists go down, these votes against her would get consolidated and she would be voted out.

Unknown said...

jitendra, Mind Rush had suggested a while ago that we try to predict who gets the boot each week. And I think its a fun poll to have so yes, it doesn't reflect voting patterns. But it tests our powers of prediction!

Also this poll is open worldwide as opposed to II3 voting - which I think is still restricted to India. In fact, the majority of votes in the poll are from outside India so they reflect a different audience.

J said...

sure, its a fun poll. Maybe a food for thought for Sony to ask people to vote out a contestant (instead of voting for them) as they did in Big Brother. That way, Tamang's hardcore supporters will have to vote vigorously against all the remaining contestants which is definitely not very feasible. But I guess the Idols format is fixed. Also, that would drive down their revenues from smses as one person wont send 1000s of smses to vote out anyone (unless the contestant in question is Mauli ;))

Anonymous said...

Sony won't adopt the "Vote out" format simply because it's sponsor Airtel won't do as much business then. OneSMS vs multiple SMSes....

Desi Dude said...

Unofficial news

chang has been voted out

bottom 3


Desi Dude said...
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Anonymous said...

My Nepali colleague mentioned the order of elimination. I don't know where he got info.


Which makes Prashant Indian Idol.

If, I were to pick someone, I think it is going to be Chang.