Friday, July 20, 2007

Mind Rush: Ethical violations on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007?

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We all know that judges are supposed to be objective. And you all know that I have my fave two judges on this show (Vish-Shek). But I am SOO bothered by what I consider major ethical problems on this show with the judges….Let me clarify.

All of the judges have signed on various singers for their own labels, filmi songs, shows, etc. Then they still get to judge “their own” artists. This amounts to the judges judging their own products.

Each of the judges has a stake in promoting certain singers. In fact this affects their bottom line. Surely then, objectivity might be affected??? Does one have the ability to be objective in the face of their own self-interest? Even if they do, by all ethical standards, this would be considered a problem.

It is a clear conflict of interest for a judge to be evaluating his own future source of income among a lineup of contestants. In ethical-legal terms, it is a dual relationship…each judge is essentially promoting a person, and then evaluating that person. These are two distinct roles. And they need to be kept separate.

Some might argue that the “janta” makes decisions not the judges. However, the judges have the ability to advocate for certain contestants. They can sway public opinion by their “wah-wah” or their thumbs down. Himesh Reshammiya for one comes to mind. He shamelessly promotes “his singers” (and himself) all the time. Even my two faves, Vish-Shek are not immune to this criticism.

But the final responsibility lies with the producers. They should have seen this coming and drawn up clear guidelines to demarcate the role of the judge from the role of the promoter. But hey, why would they care? They probably got quality judges on the promise of giving them a platform to promote themselves. The judges are happy to get first dibs on cheap labor. The singers get a break. The janta is happy to get entertainment. Am I the only one cribbing about old fashioned ethics?


*~mad munky~* said...

no, i was saying something similar to my dad the other day.... i know Indian Idol isn't perfect, but i prefer that format of not having gharanas....

Unknown said...

Can we go back to talking about fashion/style...just kidding.

The SRGMP format itself is flawed, to start with. Even if the producers do not allow the 'gurus' to sign singers, the fact that they coach singers in their Gharanas and judge them (and others) was something that has bothered me since last year (the first time I saw SRGMP with Gharanas). I basically watch it for some good performances, not for the contest it is supposed to be.
To prove Mindrush's point we have Ishmail.
I too prefer the Idol format.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Yep, the format is messed up for sure. But seeing the gurus sign on singers during the competition kills the edge for me. If someone like Poonam has already bagged a song with V-S, does it matter whether she wins or loses SRGMP?

This is tacky and senseless - which means I really like it!

Anonymous said...

well u have a point, but then Himesh has always applauded Raja and asked his fans to vote for him. HoWzzzz that