Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: Contract or competition?

There has been some squabbling going on on SRGMP these days. And it has been over the surprise inclusion of the two regional SRGMP winners into the contest - Aneek Dhar (Bengal) and Abhijit (Maharashtra).

Vishal and Shekhar got an early earful of one of those singers - Aneek - and they decided this was well and good with them. They really believe that Aneek would raise the stakes for the show. Ismail Darbar - on the other hand - refused to acknowledge that these winners could be given direct entry into the agnipariksha. Now, I do agree with Ismail Darbar but this jhagda sounds fake and unnecessary.

First, this is a contractual issue for ZeeTV. It has to be sorted out with them - and if the gurus didn't know the format or rules, its the producers' bad for not informing them beforehand. But particularly excruciating was the way Darbar went about his business - by throwing darts at the two hapless contestants who were working really hard and turning in excellent performances.

Finally, in a rather comical but delightfully watchable sankat ki ghadi, the House of Reshammiya begged Darbar for a personal favor. Darbar relented trying to make a confounding connection between his granting of the favor and "Aap Ka Suroor" becoming a hit. And both kids were in.

This is good because Aneek can really rock the house with his voice. And his caps are beginning to grow on me. We also got a look at his head (lots of hair you suspicious people) when he opened the show with the entire Rock gharana. Note to Aneek: there can be only one cap on the stage and you know whose head is going to be wearing that!

Also a quick note on Poonam Yadav, who after Sarika (whose exit was predicted by a reader) remains the strongest among the female contenders. Its ballsy to take on Shilpa Rao's smooth and powerful rendition of "Tose Naina Laage". But not only did she take that chance, but sang with such confidence and pleasure that even though she was found wanting, it sounded good and you felt like rooting for her.


Sania said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed that Bappida likes to sing for no apparent reason. He's like the Yoda of the competition; I'm not entirely sure I understand what he says, but he's just so darn cute.

Unknown said...

Bappi as Yoda. Magnificent imagery!

Anonymous said...

Talking about Poonam.

Whats with these outfits? I wonder if Mr (or Mrs) Darbar has a say in what outfit should Poonam wear.

If you watched Challenge 2005, Mrs Darbar wore similar shiny and Gaudy outfits.

I need my sunglasses, as the glare has made me almost blind.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi,

How come there was no mention about Aditya's judgement (Head, as you call him).

I was looking forward for some masaledar mention in this weeks blog

Unknown said...

Anon1, Mrs. Darbar was on in 2005? I missed all the fun :(. What does she look like?

Anon2, I had planned to do something along the very lines you mention before work got in the way. But there is something about how these guys form alliances on the show that is worth discussing among us.

Anonymous said...

I feel the so called jhagda is an attempt to raise the TRP rating of the show..
Its human nature to take more interest in jhagda's..and these people are taking advantage of this...
its happening even in other reality shows..
indian idol ( anu malik and udit or alisha)
voice of india (abhijeet and rest)...
at the end of the day everybody is interested only in filling thier pockets and no one really cares whether we get a good singer or not...

Unknown said...

Ashw, quite right. I am certainly guilty of wishing a jhagda or two erupts every now and then.

I haven't watched VoI - we don't get it on Dish Network - but I can imagine that Abhijit taking everyone on!

sayantika mitra said...

iam also from bengal from north kolkata. u are a very good singer iwish u win the challenge. i like u very much