Monday, July 02, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: The Punjab da puttar special

Ok, I admit I've only seen one Sunny Deol movie in its entirety: The 1989 smash Tridev. I enjoyed the movie and noted that the son did look like he could beat Papa Dharmendra in a hockey game and moved on. So nothing prepared me for the bashful and terribly good-natured guy who showed up for SRGMP. So reticent was he that everyone else had to pitch in to help shill for his upcoming movie: Apne.

In fact his sleepy-eyed watch over the contestants resulted in everyone mellowing out. At one point his companion on the show - director Anil Sharma noted that there had been no jhagdas so far.

SRGMP is now officially confusing the heck out of me. After trying to manufacture a comical controversy over the last-minute inclusions of regional SRGMP winners - Aneek (Bengal) and Abhijit (Maharashtra), a decision was made that the Deol and the Director would pick one from those two. Both were eventually picked. Why? I have no idea and honestly who cares? I had fun watching anyway.

The Punjab da Puttar episode (my title not their billing) was annoying in its conceptualization because I am inundated by bhangras and North Indian culture from all directions in Bollywood. Will SRGMP now plan a Gujarati episode? (Goodness knows they'll get a lot of support) Not a chance! Fortunately Punjabi music is a lot of fun to listen to. And the guys who grew up with that flavor (Harpreet, Sunil) picked terrific songs.

Meanwhile S(tra)beri signed a contract. Hint to girl: next time have a lawyer handy to give it a good look-over, will you? Revenue sharing in music almost always shafts the artist unless there is strong legal artist representation. Right after she signed to do an album with Vishal Shekhar's new pop label, Saberi bombed. Much tsk-tsking all around. "This is not what we expect from you" Vishal announced gravely, shaking his head. Saberi produced that dazzling smile and gulped in agreement.

And just before the show ended, the regional champs showed up. Abhijeet - who looks like a cross between Jaws and Manoj Kumar - came and knocked out the Gaddi song from Gadar, waking Sunny Deol up momentarily. And Aneek did such a terrific rap with his song that the House of Reshammiya did the head pump for the first time in weeks. And that was not all - he pleaded to have Aneek in his gharana.

Welcome to SRGMP, Aneek - but eek! what's with those caps?!


Anonymous said...


*~mad munky~* said...

lol @ the caps...

i'd only seen this epi online, until it aired in the UK last night... and what a difference a decent screen and set of speakers makes!!

sunil was good!! *grr* at the mentors who happily bopped along while he was singing and then ripped him to shreds afterwards! *tsk tsk*

those two new entrants...are they deliberatly giving them the 'comedy duo' look? :oS

Unknown said...

Sunil, that poor guy! I don't mind judges finding fault with the singing but to tell someone they have lost their focus?! I think these kids work really hard and this show consumes their lives. So how can there be no focus?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Aspi. I veto the Gujju episode idea. There is good Bengali music, great Punjabi music, sensational Carnatic music, but, seriously, who ever heard of Gujju music?? What will they sing???

Unknown said...

What!? Haven't you heard of raas-garbas? Why Ismail Darbar has a darn good one in that movie that made him famous. What was it called again: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. And just about everything on Guru is gujju-tinged too.

And while I'm at it: if you haven't seen a gujju movie yet and seen Upen Trivedi or Asrani prancing around in a chest-skirt you haven't lived.