Friday, August 31, 2007

Indian Idol 3 Rubaroo: Bhraata ya Boyfriend

When I was nine years old, being an only child, one Rakshabandhan the school decided to make an example of me. They had the most chikna girl in school tie a rakhee on my wrist in front of everyone during assembly. Not only was this a tremendous emotional adjustment for me to make but cruel lukkhas teased me relentlessly for years afterwards calling me "maal ka bhai".

Despite considering it to be a touching and wonderful custom, one can understand the subconscious apprehension I feel whenever Rakshabandhan approaches.

Now this whole "bhai or premi" thing on music reality shows has been most amusing. Whenever someone talks about a potential romance between anyone, the girls jump to tie imaginary rakhees on the boys. Remember Richa Aneja and how she announced she was Prashant Tamang's "sister"? That was pretty funny! But whatever happened to just being friends?

Am I the only guy who is creeped out by someone feeling out a girl for a date and then settling to be her relative? And wasn't it a little too weird for guest Leslie Lewis to ask Ankita to romance her newly rakhee brothers? Having said that Ankita may have croaked through "Pyaar kiya" but her serenading the boys was both bold and cute.

Now over to the Drift memsaab (that would be the wife) for her take: Mini seems to be playing matchmaker for Deepali and Chang. And wow, Chang dropped a bombshell when he admitted he was going to meet Deepali! Maybe he's going with a proposal! It would be so cute if they got together. In fact, the best finale for Indian Idol 3 would be if they announced their engagement.

Sure, given that there's hardly good singers around.


sanjay said...

Ha Ha

Couldn't stop myself commenting today. I am a regular here and have been enjoying your comments .

But this post really reminds of my childhood , although i just getaway with a scare ... of Rakhi

Good Job ... keep it up..

and whats this business of Deepali and Chang. they look cute together.. but cant help remember how she used to deny it..
does not look we are going to have a great finale ... like your imagination

StarVoiceOfIndiaShow said...

I somehow drag myself to watch main Indian Idol these days. There is no way, I can see this Robaroo nonsense. None the less, I really like your commentary on the subject. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Silly as it sounds, I'm all for Deepali and Chang too! Seems like a match of equals (read mature sensible individuals).-Ritha

Unknown said...

Seriously, Rubaroo sucks!

And Ritha, I think you've verbalized why so many people are interested in a potential D-C liaison. We *do* want the population of India to get smarter.

Anonymous said...

Chang and Deepali are the Vishal-Shekhar of II3...."jodi salaamt rahe."

ppl said...

I am just waiting for dear 'rishtey-naate' himanshu to jump on the bhaiya or saiya bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Takes me back to the college days when guys wanted to be bhai to the girl who was buddy with the girl they were interested in. Sometimes a poor girl could end up with a lot of bhai's :)

zedzded said...

I love the humorous take you have on Indian idol, SRGMP and VOI...very entertaining.

I would love to see Deepali and Chang getting together....but having read Chang's blogs, I think he is a cynic when it comes to relationships....and he likes to have fair skinned chinku kids (his words) and not kaale-kaloote kids :-) with chinku eyes.

And about 'saiya or bhaiya'...believe it or not... in my college, there were a few couples who started with tying a rakhi and over a couple of years Bhaiya became saiya and they got married. Strange but true...some people are ready to take any route to get close ;-)


Unknown said...

There needs to be a kaccha-bhaiya to fill the space between a regular bhaiya and a could-be saiya.

Anonymous said...

Well honestly Deepali and Chang irrespective of voice struck me as a fairly chaalu people. Not sure if this was just a publicity stunt designed to get them mileage.

Anonymous said...

Why you Aspi? Of every boy in the class, why did the teacher pick you out? I understand that the "maal" was perhaps the most good looking girl in your class. Does that imply you were the best looking boy?

Unknown said...

Anon, no such thing. I got picked because I was a teacher's son and highly visible to other teachers. That rakhee episode wasn't the only time I was harassed by the school staff. But all that is material for another blog someday.

Besides, Meg thinks I look like Peewee Herman. That isn't good at all.

ash101437 said...

Excellent comments all round guys. Couldn't agree more about the Rakhi nonsense. Tying a rakhi on to unrelated peoples' wrists is an attempt to somehow carry on a friendship without becoming a butt of jokes about being lovers. I always found that to be the height of sexual inhibition.

Anonymous said...

i would like if chang and deepali get together both are the sensible smart friendly sweet sort of peeps. this is the first time i ever said something like this for a reality show pairing. this seem the most balanced one i've seen. and thankfully deepali never used the bhaiyya wala remark till date and chang never called her behna. i find it very fake when friends call each other bhai behen to play safe.truly commendable...deepali and chang atleast stuck to 'we are friends' even in sticky times esp when anu malik howled the love is crushing wala lecture.