Friday, August 17, 2007

Indian Idol 3: Voice or Vivacity

Just when Indian Idol Rubaroo looked like it might have a future, it went and jumped on a grenade.

Early on in this week's show, some fan voicemails were played and emails read out. These were terrific to listen to - full of tacky jazbaat. Crudmonkey! I thought, is this the crowd I belong to now? And I must say that message for Chang sounded suspiciously like Bhumi to me. But I thought the entire show had some good fun with it including the contestants.

Yet more interesting was the minor catfight between Ankita and Puja about performance versus singing, prompted by the jhagda from the previous episode between the Teekhi Talwar and the Meethi Chhuri. Is this show about a singer who can perform or a performer who can sing?

Look at it this way: what is more likely to turn you off? A contestant who dances with uttam energy but sings like a cat on a hot tin roof or a contestant who can barely shake a leg but sings in perfect sur with a sweet voice? Right, I thought so.

It isn't a good sign whenever a guest who gets introduced provokes a "Who?" reaction. So when Sonia Mehra - daughter of Vinod Mehra (sounds like a matrimonal spot already) - showed up, it was apparent we were headed for a snoozefest.

Looking awkward and fidgety, Sonia Mehra tried to smile her way out of trouble. But man, that G is a tough act to follow and the show immediately sagged. Now turns out Sonia Mehra is pseudo-famous for a towel dance in her upcoming flick. Would it have killed Mini Mathur to have squeezed some fun out of that by bringing it up? But no! straight faced questioning ensued. Toothpicks couldn't have kept my eyelids up.


Anjali Deodhar said...

You r right !!! but if u take it as a it has to be happened in all reality shows !!!

ppl said...

Damn, just as we were warming up to Roobaroo, they pull a celebutante on our asses. Poor Ritesh Deshmukh, that puts him in the same celebrity guest status bracket as Sonia Mehra!!

B said...

Aspi - I missed the message for Chang, I tuned in when he was singing. I must find out. I hope they didnt read my message :b. I must admit i am so sad i did send a message but not juzbaati but something like i enjoy listening to his singing and look forward to his first album.

Unknown said...

Bhumi, you mean it wasn't you who sang that song for Chang and then asked him to call you *just one time*? Heh. You are safe then.

Anonymous said...

I think Chang's voice seems magical only in that one song 'meri saanson mein...' he is unable to recreate the same with other songs. :(
I find it funny whenever a guy and a girl are shown to be close pals, one of them uses the word 'brother/sister' to "sanctify" the relationship. I rem when Puja was defending Emon when Anu thrashed him for being overconfident...she said how she thinks of him as her bro. Same thing yday when Emon said he was like a bro to Deepali and then went on to say how he's never been this close to any other friend before. Heh.
Sonia's parting advice "You should rehearse till you feel like sleeping " (or something to that effect) was ridiculous.- Ritha.

Unknown said...

I must say I find this whole "brother ya lover" game to be much fun!

Now, come to think of it, Chang has never said he was like a brother to Deepali.

Anonymous said...

Two things:
First, about Chang and gut feeling was that Chang has a crush on the lady but she being the college topper types (and with a "girl's reputation" to worry about) withdrew her affections once II3 made their hand-holding public. I noticed the body language in the last couple of shows with Deepali. She did not once look at Change and did not come in his vicinity. He looked positively sad.
Point number two...Ankita might connect with the public but she has too many interpersonal jhagdas with her peers for my comfort. How can the entire group dislike/be indifferent to her? My theory is that the lady needs to just be nice. I refer her to to the book: "The Power of Nice."

Remember, Ankita: Nice guys/gals win in the end!!

B said...

I think Ankita has impressed judges from very beginning and other girls didnt like that. She is the only one i would say has the strength to stand the heat against the boys in top 5. I am not great fan of her but admire her spirit, courage and ability to deliver something different everytime. It was really sad to see in one of the earlier episodes how girls picked on her.

Anonymous said...

As long as Ankita keeps worrying abt other's(read contestants) opinion of her,she's going to mess up her performances.

Unknown said...

There is certainly a bit of Ankita that I like - the part of her that refuses to accept the self-appointed leaders in that group and take their word sar aakhon par.

Anonymous said...

Aspi - I finally managed to find a clip of the message for Chang. How sweet was that?......ahhhh