Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007: Who's zoomin who?

Yes, even SRGMP gets boring - particularly when some contestant tries to prove his or her range by singing an arty, but exceptionally boring song. I do enjoy good singing, but I don't like napping in front of the TV - its unhealthy.

So at moments like this I play the "Who's zoomin who" game.

Here is how it works: you try to figure out which two are an item on SRGMP. Now rumors are rife that Head and Mauli Dave are going at it. This has been rubbished by Head time and again but there was a tremendously awkward, shyness-bhari Sharmila Tagore-like moment in one of the early shows when Head introduced Mauli and said he "always liked her performances". Then he promptly threw her in front of the dreaded traffic lights, but that is another story.

Back to the game: you've all seen this virus going around, right? The conjunctivitis? Now that is pretty contagious. So where are these people getting it from? Most likely from each other. One way to trace the path of the annoying infection is to keep track of who all are showing up wearing shades on the show.

Bappi started it. Then he passed it on to Rimi Dhar. Head was next (tsk, tsk, a pre-Mauli fling?). Mauli promptly caught it. And she passed it on to...Ismail Darbar? Holy Heavens! Now look who Darbar has a crush on! And I thought this was a family show.

By the time, you've gone through this game the song is probably over and SRGMP will be back in all its entertaining and tacky glory. If not, repeat.

Lord, I'm going to hell.


Anonymous said...

It's a virus Aspi. You hardly have any control over it. But then, you neither have any control over your heart.

If Anu Malek could read this, he would have instantly composed his next hit - mera dil ek virus

*~mad munky~* said...

that's hilarious...:oD

Unknown said...

Manish, that does sound like a good idea. Maybe you should write that song and sell it to him.

Anonymous said...

As far as items go, there is no way Mauli could not have been hit on by most of the guys on there, especially Aditya.

I can just picture his pick-up line..."Well, you know, I'M the one who tells people when the commercials are coming ;)".

Anyways, not gay but they look like they do have something, you can notice it whenever they're around each other. SaReGaMaPa Hungama was on the other day, and I'm pretty sure Junaid is trying to get with Sumedha (who wouldn't? I'd do the same thing).

Mauli being a girl from the USA, I can imagine her getting annoyed at the fobby-looking guys on the show (Harpreet, and that other annoying guy who was on it like 2 weeks ago, before Joy/Rimi got out)trying to hit on her.

I find this show 100 x more compelling than II3, one because they don't force relationships upon the audience (shit man, the contestants parents and families are watching), and two because the girls on the show are actually gorgeous (well, just Mauli and Sumedha...Poonam does have a exceptional voice though).

Unknown said...

canadian, good point about the parents watching, I've certainly cringed whenever stuff gets shown that could embarass people in front of their family and friends.

To be fair, a few parents have come and acted a little wierd on SRGMP. And I can imagine the kids going "I don't know that man - I just met him outside". But on that show, it all somehow is much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

oh please Mauli is a fob herself, she even sounds like one.. also have you seen the clothes she wears? Total fob.. she is most likely loving all the attention because i seriously doubt it if she would get more than a second look in US.

Anonymous said...

hahah lol i know that mauli chick is such a huge waste of space and she creams and not sings - pleaseeeeeeeee she tries too hard ..poonam u are a good singer so dont go emotional and no one wants to hear ur life story- such is life we all have probs...sumedha u are pretty and very good singer - bappi like ppl touching his feet eeewwwwwwwwwwwwww--
himesh loves attention - vishal and shekar perve at Mauli ...all the bioys are sweet and raja will win -
mauli lose weight heheheh