Thursday, August 23, 2007

SRGMP and II3: Dosti and Dikhawa

Right from the beginning Indian Idol 3 has focused on its contestants first, then the judges. This is a marked departure from SRGMP - where the gurus hold sway over the contestants.

But just like spontaneous social networks form around any given Web 2.0 scenario, so too have the contestants formed their own camaraderie. And more than the vogue-for-the-camera stuff that goes on in II3, I am beginning to enjoy the cute little things the singers do for each other on SRGMP.

Take vocal help for instance. How cool was it that both Sumedha and Mauli sang backup for Raja Hasan on Chinamma Chikamma recently? Or that both Hasan and Harpreet sang their hearts out for Poonam? And even the fake dholak-dafli thumping in the mehfil during the qawaali episode where everyone sat together and took their turn on the stage?

There are moments on II3 as well: watching Emon, Chang and Amit lounge around and uh, jam was one such instance as Mind Rush recently pointed out. But for the most part, thrusting a camera in the faces of the contestants and asking them about their friendship feels fake to me. Even less genuine, when contestants are ordered to show bhitoogiri to promote some product, like say, a scooter. Urk!


ppl said...

Ugh that pink scooter!!! Notice how they never drove the damn thing.

Poor Poonam, she looks like a deer in the headlights, before she realizes that the camera is on her and manages a scared half smile. Inspite of being grossly overshadowed and undershowcased in the group performances, she has a strong presence when she sings.

Anonymous said...

What on Earth is bhitoogiri? Never have heared of it. And BTW, it was one of those rare words that fetched no resultsin Google. Till you wrote this post.

Unknown said...

Hmm...maybe bhitoo isn't as universal then. It means a close friend. Probably bhittoo is a better spelling now that I think of it.

Anonymous said...

OMFG Junaid is out! I only caught the end of today's (Friday's) episode but can anyone tell me what the hell happened? I thought the 3 Pakistani's were in the "hilariously named Trishanku!", so how did it become a two-man thing between Harpreet and Junaid??

I don't like Harpreet so I was really wanting him to leave, but somehow the fan-favourite Junaid left. Dude reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo; he'd be a big hit overseas (he actually is), but I guess the people of India don't feel him as much.

And my theory was correct, Sumedha and Junaid did have something going on. Number one, they kept zooming on her face when he was leaving, number 2, she was pretty much the only one crying for him (what gives?) as he was leaving and number 3, they stood side by side during Junaid's farewell video.

It was pretty cool though because Junaid and Head stood side to side with Sumedha beside Junaid and Mauli close to Head. It's definite they all have/had something going on. Poor Aneek (why do they call him O-NIK on the show?), he likes Sumedha as well but Junaid was always in the way. I swear I saw him smile when Junaid got eliminated haha.

Once again, I'm in love with Sumedha.

raianj said...

Junaid is gone, so sad, I luv his husky voice

Unknown said...

anju, don't despair: straight into the recording studio with V-S so you'll get to hear him again.

raianj said...

I know I know but still feel like one of those fools " Bring Back Junaid". Aspi you are cool guy, where do you get time? your site is better than, they are not as fast as you, if it is weekend they will update info. only Monday, what a shame!
I bet you are in IT. and prob big shot programmer. hee hee