Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Star Voice of India - Mujhse Shaadi Karoge

Voice of Saritha this week gives us the skinny on the show in which the women look terrific and the men strangely remind me of my vegetables.

After a long US trip, Sonu Nigam is back in India doing one thing that he likes the most – being a judge on musical shows: first on Indian Idol and next on VoI. This had me thinking of celebrity judge overexposure. But boy, I enjoyed Sonu's stint on VoI. The man just loves good music and doesn’t mind telling a popular contestant like Toshi that his performance had no ‘thehrao’- comparing him to a kid trying to walk with too many toys in his sack. Very Sonulike.

We need more guests like him – musically knowledgeable and precise - who can discuss the finer nuances of singing and not just pick words of appreciation from an urban dictionary.

The best moment of the show came when lovely Priyani revealed a life-long crush that made Sonu blush – no easy task. Sonu handled the proposition deftly, saying that he would prefer another role in her life instead: “main kanyadaan karoonga!” (phew) I guess he’s taking his new dad’s role a little too seriously.

Later on Saturday, an attempt was made by Aadesh-Lalit’s Agni gharana to ‘murder’ the spirit of music in the presence of the Bhatt clan – an exuberant Mahesh, fiery Pooja (with a scary voice) and sleepy Mukesh.

When Abhilasha from the Prithvi team forgot the lyrics of the song (second time, now) Agni was not willing to give her another chance to complete the song whereas Prithvi wanted one. Mahesh Bhatt tried to resolve the situation by pleading for a second chance but to no avail.

The judges went on with their jhagda, making the girl nervous by the minute and later compensated by giving her 9 points. After all this, I still don’t get it - why did those musicians stopped playing when it looked like Abhilasha had forgotten the lyrics. If they had kept at it, maybe she would have picked up the mukhda again.

Inspite of all this you have a reason to rejoice, Aspi. Abhijeet asked Alka not to lecture their chelas on air but wait until the show is over. Either he had a ‘gnanoday’ or is reading your blog. First Javed saab then Megan ka Shekhar and now Abhijeet. Like Himesh says “You have done it man, you have done it”.

And coming to contestants ke kapde – Gajji can you please call your darji and ask him not to use the same cloth with a single pattern but instead use different colours to dress up all of those kids. Pleeeeease!


Anonymous said...

Aspi...ur post has made me watch starvoi, which i dont really follow. Keeping track of 2 is tough enough...3 is outta the question.
Ur point tht guys look like vegetables -ROFL!
After introducing the Bhatt Brigade...Shaan said 'Every film of urs has been a gem and abs wonderful' REALLY??? Mahesh Bhatt is sure one feisty soul but its entertaining to watch him roll.

A random point:I rem in one of the prev episodes, Alka Yagnik commented on a singer 'Aap zara over karte hain' , referring to the extra 'harkaths' the contestant was adding. I was zapped at her bluntness! But I guess thats exactly what Anu Malik meant when he told Emon that he was 'overconfident'

I've noticed the back screens in SVOI and SRGMP are very distracting. Too many things going on.
And Im totally with u on the costumes...sheesh, seriously II3 looks so much classier.-Ritha.

Unknown said...

Ritha, just to clarify: that post was written by Saritha who hangs out here often, not me. She is a VoI deewani. But I'm with you on having to watch a third show. Now with her posts Saritha has me watching VoI. Bad girl!

Seriously though, I'm enjoying it.

Poor Mahesh Bhatt though - after pleading with those guys with words like "mera lihaas karke..." the guy was swatted away. Methinks he is the poor man's Javed Akhtar.

Anonymous said...


Although it's written by me,most of the credit goes to Aspi.He adds thd spice,the intro and the screen caps -funny,aren't they?

I agree with you-the back screens on VOI are definetly distracting.Not to mention the lighting-its too much.Remember once Jagjit Singh came onto the show as a guest and the man couldn't walk properly with so much falshing into his eyes.May be Gajji gets free power from the Maharashtra Govt.

Alka did say that somewhat nasty thing to Abhaas,the wonder kid-but then again Alka is second only to Vishal on SRGMP when it comes to unbaised judging.Abhaas is highly talented and too confident that he tends to go overboard sometimes.

Unknown said...

Hey Saritha, I was at a very noisy restaurant and I saw some VoI on a TV screen somewhere that had Sunidhi Chauhan on it. First, I thought of you but then I said: Sunidhi!

Did this happen already or is it coming up?

Anonymous said...

Thats the episode I told you about,Aspi-desh bhakti wala.Aired on 15th Aug.It was too good and I saw it only on 17th or 18th.Sunidhi sang 'aiy mere pyare watan'....I hope we both are talking about same episode.

Or is she coming again as a guest?

Read somewhere that Lataji might grace the show sometime soon(could be a rumour)...if that happens I'll get Direct TV for Sure.

Unknown said...

It looked like she was a guest. But it could be from an earlier show. We'll have to see.

StarVoiceOfIndiaShow said...

Actually, Sunidhi performed 'E Mere Vatan Ke Logo' on Independence Day Special and also appeared as special guest on another episode. You can check the videos at