Sunday, September 23, 2007

Indian Idol 3 Grand Finale

Priya, who loves TV and Prashant Tamang wrote this after the Grand Finale.

I am giddy, I am silly
I am a fan, of this man

The judges were pissed
Some of the audience hissed
But he kept his cool
And proved no fool

Forever humble
Never did he stumble
Flashing that smile
All the while

When he cried on his friend's shoulders,
I hope his success knew no borders

For he is truly a gem well deserving of this fame
And I hope that one day you'll all think the same


Priya said...

thanks for the quick post aspi!

I am euphoric and this is dedicated to Prashant Tamang's joyous,
sporty victory. he was so pumped!

I was wowed by the man's sincerity and his love for his friend - it was great that he took him on the victory walk and stuff.

and that performance was awesome as well.

What a sweet, sweet guy.

Fantastic. Superb. :)

Anonymous said...

No post on your own?? you dont seem to be very thrilled with the verdict.
I would like to add my sincere comments that I was really touched by Prashant's humbleness and his sincerity. He asked Amit to raise the crown with him- that just shows how big of a heart he has and how much he is simplicity personified. My hats off to Prashant for maintaining so much of grace throughout the show and remaining positive. I love Prashant's voice but I also love Amit's. Amit was a strong contender for the title undoubtedly, but I am also positive that Amit will get enough opportunities in the film industry.

Prashant, congratulations and hope you will make India proud in the days to come!

Anonymous said...

"well deserving of the fame"...i don't think a lot of people would agree going by the general reaction. many, including me, feel it's season 2 all over again. notice how sandeep didn't even have his own song to sing when he did return to the II stage? anyway, good luck to prashant. amit was the more deserving contender but when are these shows ever about true talent?

i was really touched by the friendship between the two. amit looked genuinely happy for prashant and prashant decided to share his special moment with him.

i wish they stop calling it a talent show and rename it as a popularity contest. atleast we'll know not to expect better then.

Priya said...


i chose "well deserving of his fame" because i thought it was a fairly non-controversial statement.

I concede that Amit was the better singer but Prashant wasn't that bad. And yes, it is a popularity contest. When is singing not about popularity? Since video killed the radio star in the 80s singing has been about the complete package and the icon a means of projecting something.

It is just that Prashant's legions of fans dreamt through him and voted for him more passionately or in greater numbers.

As for comparisons with the other indian idol of the past - I doubt he will be as unsuccessful. He has the whole of Darjeeling, the police force, and Nepalis abroad to support him - and I am sure a huge number of non-Darjeeling, non-police Indians love him too.

Anonymous said...

Although the results are similar to last years - the better candidate not winning the title, Prashant is a lot more talented then Sandeep.

Plus he seems like genuinely a nice guy and there is nothing wrong with nice guys coming first.

I am very impressed with how Amit handled himself. Hope the guy goes far.

- Joules

RamtaJogi said...

Indian Idol and all other reality shows are just joke. How can Prashant Tamang be Indian Idol and not Amit Paul?

And yes, before you bring your trump card of 'public selection' or 'popularity contest', just stop for a moment and think. It's all about which community/group is more invested in sending millions of sms and they decide who wins Indian Idol not who is popular. Did you see the a/v where they show that local government hired phone booths so that people could vote for Prashant non-stop? Obviously, other than the two states from which contestants are, no one else is invested in the show to vote **non-stop** using their hard earned money to make certain contestant win. If you really want to judge 'popularity', count only one vote per person (I know it's not possible) and see what the result is.

Anyway, I can already see what's going to happen in future. Prashant will go in oblivion just like Sandeep went. And Amit Paul, a real talent, will be in music industry publishing an album just like Karunya did.

Go Amit Paul!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the people who pushed buttons non-stop to make Prashant the Indian Idol will also turn up in equal numbers to buy his CD???

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that mind rush. Thats the pity of these contests, as its not true talent but short-lived popularity thats creating winners.

Anonymous said...


That reminds me of the last season's pre-finale episode of II2 when Javed Akhtar,then a guest,said

"Dekhiye!(ya,the word is as inseparable as the man's quality of being insufferable)Janta ko main yeh kahoonga ki sirf apne pranth ke candidate ko na jeetaye-balki jo deserving hai usse vote kare.Kyonki jo deserving nahi hain agar hum usse uppar bitayengi,toh usse toh kabi na kabhi wahan se girna hi hai.Phir uss ke saath hum achcha nahi kar rahe".At this instance, the camera captured Sandeep Acharya's lost expression.

A lot of net space has been utilised by sandeep's fans(then) to abuse Javed for saying that.

Anonymous said...

For Prashant fans and others: A story in HT discusses how Nepal considers Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kumaon, etc. to be a part of Nepal. Thus, "their" Idol's victory was poignant justice. It's a fascinating read.'s+glory

Anonymous said...

I wish I could write a poem supporting Amit, alas, the words just dont rhyme.
It is said that Prashant has a heart of gold but that doesnt mean Amit is a bad guy! Amit was also very happy for his friend, it showed on his face.He is equally humble. Most importantly he sings with aplomb any song of any 'jonar'....Except for the 'omkara' I dont think he slipped on any song. Prashant on the other hand slipped on-so-often.....I remember cringing eve on the finale. So I guess tho Prashant has won the battle, its Amit who will win in the war.

Anonymous said...

Saritha, dont u think that in the Finale,the darji of II3 was inspired by VOI....those long flowing robes on Prashant and Amit!!!They looked kids who have worn their dads' shirts.

Unknown said...

What?! I thought those were in - just goes to show how long I'd last being fashion consultant on one of those shows.

Priya said...

oh anu g - i love amit too! what a great guy. much much support to him too.

i was just so excited to see prashant win which is why the poem came out...

i am sure amit will be very, very successful.

But I am happy that Prashant got his moment in the sun. it is definitely a huge deal for people of nepali origin, in india as well as abroad.

And to all those who are disappointed - yes, the voting system is flawed and if they find this sort of result undesirable then they will surely change it to include some weight for the judges' opinions.

But for now, let Prashant and his fans revel in his moment!!! I hope he goes from strength to strength and lives up to all these expectations, and never loses that innocence!

Anonymous said...

wotever....who has won has won!
who will win be more successful in the years to come, is yet to be seen.
rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Aspi, if u think dad's shirts on kids are fashion, please continue with what u do best.(atleast between these two options)..writing on this blog!

Unknown said...

Indeed! Consider it done.

Anonymous said...

maybe amit fans couldn't come out with a poem, but they came out with this:

Unknown said...

Wah! Thanks for the link, Anon.