Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Putting the Star(s) in Voice of India

Saritha reports on the show that made me wonder why we need Preity Zinta when Neetu Singh is still around.

“Ek main aur ek tu..”, picturised on Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, is a lovely exchange of romantic notes between a young couple that still remains fresh even today. So I was obviously ecstatic to see them as guests on last week’s VoI.

While Rishi danced with Abhilasha - dressed like Neetu from the movie - to that song, Neetu - having lost none of her famous charm - gamely did the ‘Parda’ act with Irfan during ‘Parda hai,parda’. She later joined Sumitra to bust some graceful dance moves for “Lekar hum deewana dil”, which she mentioned was the first song of her career when she was only 14. I loved every bit of it! And Rishi has two left feet, now that’s news to me.

Later, on Saturday, true to his screen persona, apun ka Munnabhai made a jhakaas entry on the show and stole the thunder from everyone, singing ‘Aiy Shivani’, sharing his and his family’s experiences associated with the songs sung by the contestants, and generously encouraging them. In a fine gesture, the contestants gifted him a with a Ganesha painting, to help him fight against all the oddities in his life - of which there seem to be plenty.

I found myself focusing more on the celeb guests this time as good singing seems to have taken a vacation on the show.

Ishmeet amazingly has a hit a routine delivering one good and one bad performance in a week. Irfan continues to choose tougher songs and falter with his ‘gale mein karaash’ singing (to vicks lo na!). Abhilasha squeaks and turns nasal whenever she hits a high note. Sumitra - the smart one - wisely sticks to her genre (I am tired of ‘jonar’). Harshit feeds the lyrics to his dog every 15 secs (that is one hungry dog). Abhaas with an immature voice, came closest to rendering a perfect Mohamad Rafi number, only to get kicked out of the show.

Shaan called them Super six – they could hardly take doubles and I wondered if we need a Toshi to hit the boundary. No! We need all 12 minus the regular judges to infuse some excitement which happened on Sunday night for “Wild Card Round’

The eliminated seven sang ‘Satte pe satta’ to kick-start the show. Later the top 5 joined them to perform ‘masti ki paatshala’ from RDB. They looked good in black, had fun, danced with old friends. I am sure they wanted to sing ‘Na koi tokne wala, na koi cheekne vala’. With Shaan joining to sing "Yamma yamma", exuberance ensued.

Aware of the fact that this time stakes are very high, all the seven sang to their best of the abilities. Not to mention it was a relief to see Sangeet Jagat ke guni log Anandji, Khayyam saab, Ravidra Jain and Parveena Sultana as the judges who would select four out of the seven for public voting. After a forgettable stint on SRGMP, Khayyam decided to speak more than sleep. Anandji bhai was busy flirting with Parveena Sultan, who promptly parried by calling him a buzurg. Ravinderji evoked some chuckles with his shayari - making the whole affair more jenuwine (yeah! can’t ignore Himesh) and less scripted.

So, it seems Toshi has secured a premium spot on the show – the question is who’ll be the other to enter through ‘Wild Card’?



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading ur update Saritha....I missed watching the whole Wildcard show...anything else interesting?
Wow! Neetu is certainly one of those women who look smarter and more beautiful as years go by....
And a wonderful mother.....was reading an interview with Ranbir.
Intersting titbits to share before u watch VOI this week.
Anil Kapoor's daughter was 85 kgs before she started shooting!!!
Bansali was so strict with Ranbir and Sonam(thats her name I think(?))that when they were naughty , he used to make them stand in the corner, fingers on their lips......Its really written there.......I would love to see someone asking Himesh to do it on SRGMP!

Anonymous said...

Please see Abhijeet'pics -from Bald to 'Baal'ed.....§id=12&contentid=2007092720070927020836218a59cb06d

Anonymous said...

Good analysis.

Yep, 21st September was not a great episode but I thought that on 22nd, there were decent performances. Also, wild card round was simply fantastic. Loved Toshi's performance in that one.

BTW, this week, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is coming on show with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Looking forward to it! :)

Anonymous said...

Saritha ,u ve very aptly described how each of them singss....Irfan Miya alongwith a 'kharash' also has a weak voice....Isha Kopikkar was right.I dont want to sound biased but my aunt who is a big fan of these shows is mighty thrilled that 3 out of the 5 finalists are South indian!

Anonymous said...

picture of Arshpreet this saturday

Anonymous said...

Arshpreet was soo good on wildcard episode, i hope junta vote for talent and bring her back..

Pictures from next week's show

Ranbir is ugly, sonam is ok.

Anonymous said...

Ranbir ugly, and Neetu beautiful! When Ranbir was interviewed, the first comment by the journalist was 'U look so much like ur mom' and his reply was 'Yes, like Neetu Singh with a beard!'!!!

Anonymous said...

he's got droopy eyes and don't get me started on that chin

something very unattractive about his face.

there is anotha new actor who is way way more attractive

Anonymous said...

So anu,playing a good mom.huh?lovely.

The wild card episode was lot of fun and the contestants not only looked chic for the first time ever in an all black attire but also sang well on that day.

I thought Prantik was highly under rated.Prantika sang well too.Contestants always perform well when they know it is their last chance...Good effort ,I must say.

All the 12 had a ball-no judges,no thaane.I liked it.You can chk the vids on

I saw Ranbir's pic last yr and he was diff then.Looked so much like the kapoors.Now he's a photocopy of Neetu,which is not good for boys.Reminds me of Sanju baba -how he looked like Nargis in his debut.Was that Rocky?...Girlish.I like him now.

Bansali punished them like school kids....ha ha that sounds too funny.

Anonymous said...

Never realized that there are actually 3 southindians in the top 5.Didn't occur to anyone b'coz Sumitra and Abhilasha represent Mumbai and Pune.

At times,due to poor online sound quality Sumitra's intro sounds more like this "Mumbai chi murgi Sumitra ke liye zordaar taliyaan"

Anonymous said...

m, I believe that is Mukesh's grandson - Neil Mukesh (I think)

- Joules

Anonymous said...


Iam totally excited abt this week's episodes.The singing will sure pick up this week with SLB and SEL on the show.Great.

I liked Ishmeet's 'Kabhi koi baat bigad jaaye'.He sang it like a pro.Then,he delivered a dud.
Abhilasha scores an ace everytime she hits a low note.She can turn that to her advantage.It's hard to believe that Irfan is struggling with high pitch songs which were his forte.After 'Dil se' and 'Alvida' the expectations are high.

I have a strange feeling that Harshit or Ishmeet will be VoI.

Anonymous said...

Saritha,'playing' mom is the right word..i dont think my kids will agree that i actually am!We also have our 'black and white moments with sounds of thunder'like in srgmp, at home!!!

Kya karun, karna padtha hai cos life is so tough for kids these days , atleast in india.....we all had such a lovely carefree time in school.

Thanks for the lovely update!I have a problem with my internet connection, so I cant see any videos on the computer.....
Thats why I miss some interesting parts on both shows...since I am busy changing channels between the two shows!Last week, VOI won most of the time(sorry Aspi).No way could i miss Rishi and Neetu together.

Reg Sumitra, Well, to be frank, even on tv, it counds like 'murgi' and I am ashamed to say we all thot that was the word in Marathi!!!!!

How about a quiz...will Irfan take Sonam up to the stage when he is singing?Unless Harshit beats him to it....tho of course it looked like Shaan was quite irritated last time when irfan took Neetu up,he looked very disapprovingly and said 'thank you mam, nice of you to come up to the stage and dance'!
If Irfan doenst,then it certaily means someone from VOI is reading this blog......atleast the darji is, by what u r saying!

Anonymous said...

Is toshi in?

Anonymous said...

Joules, MUKESH as in? the old time singer? cool i suppose he wont be tone deaf

he's hot, like the single version of Hrithik. *drool*

Anonymous said...

I am sure, lot of people are reading this ...

Why wouldn't they, Aspi seems to be paying big bucks to Google, so this site comes first, everytime we seach on these reality shows ...

Anonymous said...

I got news about voi wild card round.. voting lines will open on saturday (india time)

20 votes per email..and 5 email id's per IP..........20 votes per mobile...
100% of sms votes are considered but only 5% of online votes...

Anonymous said...

harshit forgot his words and all, it was so wack and he did that on both songs

wtf is up with that

then he cries with tears flowing down his eyes.. what was up with that? ufff

he also opposed wildcard round, wonder what arsh has to say to that??? i thought that was a really bad move.. then when he had to choose an entry he took her name..

abihlasha seemed like annoying spoiled lil brat opposing it. like hello? you would be singign a diff tune if u got eliminated

my faves remaining are irfan and harshit..when wildcard is chosen, i hope its arshpreet then the show will be interesting and i will watch every episode

Anonymous said...

megan mukesh? poor shekar!

Anonymous said...


My anna and bhabhi keep compalining abt the competition in the schools in India.My nephews 10 and 5 are constantly struggling to maintain a balance between school,tution,dance,swimming and what not.Then there is peer pressure to excel in EVERYTHING.....I remember School was so much fun for me.sigh.

I loved the way Neetu did that parda act with Irfan.Wasn't that really cute?She did say something to Shaan the second time she came onto stage for Sumitra's song.Did she ask him to walk her back to the chair?...wonder why.

My guess,Harshit will focus on his song and lyrics this time.Read somewhere that He's Lalit & Aadesh's nephew....hmmm all that praise is not jenuwine then?

Anonymous said...

Hey Saritha, thats news...I havent read anywhere about Harshit being JL's nephew...since Aadesh is their bil, and therefore another uncle,no wonder he said he felt like giving Harshit a 'kheenchke jhaapad'.
Neetu Singh is 'class'...the darji must understand that this is what fashion is all to carry urself well even in a simple salwar kameez.
I watched the rerun of SRGMP today, and it was so disgusting to see the way Kareena was keeping on pulling up her dress........reminds me of kids whose pyjama elastic gets loose, and so have to keep pulling it up!And she is supposed to belooking sexy!!!
Whats the world come to!

Anonymous said...

We got a triangular love story Shekhar loves Megan but Megan loves Neil Mukesh.

So Shekhar is our Ruby James. (For those fortumate enough to not have watched "Aap ka Suroor" that was Mallika Sherawat's character).

- Joules

Unknown said...

Joules, you are on to something. All of life's lessons can be learnt from that movie and all of life's events can be found modelled in it.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, lol

Megan, your new hero is getting rave reviews.

Here is a line from the rediff review of his latest movie

"Debutant Neil Mukesh is exciting. Wisely, he doesn't attempt to mimic any of his generation but instead, uses his brand of understated charisma to get us to like him."

- Joules

Anonymous said...

Yes I love him for his talent and his personality and whats on the inside and his intelligence. Looks don't matter to me. *cough*

Johnny Gaddar is out? That should be a greta movie, its made by Ek Hasina Thi director and the trailor was "mindblowing"

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand the logic of calling senior musicians like Ravindra Jain etc etc to judge the wildcard round...and then finally choosing almost everybody.
The judges chose 4, Jatin chose 1, Sumitra was given a second chance....they could have simply got Mirande and Prantika also to sing, and dispensed with the special episode!

Anonymous said...

aspi, do the review of this week's srmgp and VOI asap pls

i got a lot to say about both shows

thank u

Unknown said...

All righty, I still have to watch the last SRGMP - busy weekend. But I'll do that soon tonight.

VoI is entirely up to Saritha.

Anonymous said...

Saritha, where r u? Waiting to hear what u have to say about the new couple...Sonam and Ranbir!

Anonymous said...

would love to hear from this forum on manipulations of results of wild card , for which news is already out

Anonymous said...

I just read about the wild card entries.. omg it is disgusting.. but so predictable..i aint gonna bother watching this shitty show


Anonymous said...

Sorry yaar,anu!

Just returned from a diff place after attending a family event there.I didn't get a chance to write to Aspi as it was utter chaos at both the places.

I did get a chance to leave a message once when the kids were watching 'Dora' on the PC.I guess U know what happenend next-they threw me out of the room .lol.