Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Three Himesh Reshammiyas (but only one jonar)

Himesh Reshammiya is a triple threat, a multi-hyphenate talent. First, there is Himesh the music director. Then, there is Himesh the singer. And finally there is Himesh the businessman. I'll leave my observations on that last Himesh for another post. Let's take a closer look at Himesh 1 and Himesh 2.

This is purely my opinion, but as a music director, Himesh is dig-worthy. His compositions are wonderful, his songs catchy, some even innovative and despite what most people say he does show a fair bit of diversity when he puts his mind to it. Although I didn't like Banaras, I did appreciate his ability to stretch. And when he did it again on Namastey London, I completely loved the pub crawl vibe of the soundtrack.

But here is where Himesh the singer gets in the way. A while back on SRGMP, when everyone was singing Himesh's songs, they sounded pretty good. Which makes sense because the House of Reshammiya has vocal chords that sound really good only in 10% of what he records. In other words, he is good in only one - like he keeps pronouncing it - jonar. If more of the A or B list of Bollywood singers sang his songs, they'd be pretty awesome.

This brings us to this funny thing that has been happening on the show lately. Himesh's Rock gharana is home to Mussarat - great at sufi songs, ghazals and a few other shababi-type numbers. He's sung Himesh's songs before and they've sounded a lot better than the original. Come on now, you know I speak the truth.

So every time Mussy (or someone else) gets kudos, Himesh jumps on stage and blares out his "original" version. Polite people shower him with taalis which seems to rejuvenate him considerably. And lately Shekhar has been maroaing that chaabi going "wah, wah" and refering to the "jadoo" in Himesh's voice and how wonderful it is. Who knew Shekhar had the devil in him like that?

More phaltu Drift advice for my gujju brother: Himesh relax yaar. Just sit back and enjoy the show when your compositions get rendered by someone else. Like Patelmasi next door - purveyor of my beloved handvas - would say "Besi reh ne chano mano!"

And you really should read the following comments:
Manish analyzes Mussarat's leg breaks
Megan reports on Himesh's new dating agency
qwitiqqx writes the agency's first jingle
Anon thinks Himesh should be a personality consultant
girlie girl mentions his masterful salesmanship
Ritha points us to Mauli's Teacher's Day tribute to Bappida
Leera pays tribute to Bappi's pioneering fashion sense
Mind Rush has a chilling theory about Woh
goof overload dives into Himesh's intricate vote web


Anonymous said...

I believe Himesh's voice suits no actor - not even himself. As for his compositions, every second dong sounds the same. Take his latest tadappp, tadappp from Darling. Haven't we heared this a himillion times before?

As for Mushy Mussarat - watch him closely in his last performance. If Himesh's hands plays the hiss hiss of a serpant, the chela has learnt from the guru very quickly - try counting the number of Abdul-Qadir-leg-breaks he bowls in a single alaap.

Anonymous said...

[b]Singer/Actor/Composer to turn into a Love Guru Entrepreneur[/b]

[b]Everyone's favorite nasal crooner will be venturing into the lucrative dating agency market [/b]

You have seen him serenade people with his sexy singing, give Johnny Depp and Sean Penn a run for their money with his acting prowess and made Hrithik Roshan and Justin Timberlake insecure with his sexy dance moves, now be prepared to see him as an entrepreneur.

Himesh Reshimiya is all set to launch a new company called "MindBlowing Mahiya Ka Suroor". The agency will be dealing in everything that has to do with Love. Some of the services offered by this agency include matchmaking, counselling, breaking couples up and hooking them up with better matches.

"Its all about loving your love, Pyar kiya hai koi paap nahin, Mujhe sabke dil main pyar chaahiye NUFRUT NAHIIIIIIIIIIIN", Himesh was quoted as saying before he burst into a song.

According to close sources, Vishal Dadlani of music duo Vishal Shekhar however was not happy as he holds the copyright to "Mindblowing Mahiya" phrase. He was unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Megan..I was laughing really really hard when I read that...Can I add something to that? You could say that his first client ANEEK DHAR has already benefited from his agency by getting votes and becoming number 1 this week, etc...leaving the rest to your creative mind! :)

Maybe HR will compose jingles for his business and sing them on Saregamapa. That will certainly be a good source of entertainment for everyone.

1 example of a jingle:


[to be sung to any random tune]

{Ok, so my songwriting skills suck majorly. ;-)}

Ooh and Aneek can be the spokesperson and HR could make many ads to be aired on TV with him and Mauli testifying their breakup to HR's agency. Then show Aneek with any random girl and attribute their happiness to HR's agency again. And show Mauli with Aditya/Amanat attributing their happiness together to HR's agency too! Wonder how much HR would have to pay them for this. If it was me, I would ask for about a million USD. Or is that being too cheapskate? ;-)

And something else to increase Saregamapa's TRP: Vishal and Himesh can have a huge fight when Himesh sings his jingle and uses the word MindBlowing in the same sentence as the word Mahiya.

Gosh, with HR around who needs the singers for TRP? He should start his own show. I would certainly watch it when I am really stressed, for a laugh.


Anonymous said...

Aspi your blog site is really great fun or should I say MINDBLOWING. And I liked ur hattrick role for Himmes. He is just getting more and more intolerable with his vote gathering gimmics for Onik, Muss and sometimes even Amanat. And I think the best business for Himmesh is to be a personality consultant. He can teach upcoming telestars to wear unbuttoned jackets on fully waxed chests and talk in Guju in Hindi serials. By the way hoon pan gujarati chchoon pan mari pase topi nathi.

Anonymous said...

Himmy would be a great marketing person...seeing how he has kept mussy on the show for so long! he could probably sell sh*t wrapped up in a golden wrapper and sing you a song while you open it! oh that crazy man...when will he learn that no one really cares for his opinions on that show?!

Unknown said...

You guys are too funny - so I had to link to these comments in the post.

Anonymous said...

That picture and the caption was hilarious! I love your sense of humor, aspi.

Anonymous said...

Mauli's teachers day tribute to Bappi :


Anonymous said...

Most phavourite student - OMG that video is pathetic.

Unknown said...

That was pretty cool. I have to say since I don't watch anything outside the show itself, these vids help me understand stuff a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Damn work computers with their firewalls...I'll definitely watch it once i get home...and of course, criticize the hell out of it!

Sania said...

Wow, I haven't been around for a few days. This place is just a laugh a minute.

I'm glad someone else noticed that Mussarat is holding his mic ala Himesh. I was like, what is up with that?

ppl said...

Thanks Ritha, that was awesomely bad!! Aspi, please do a Bappida post, after all he 'pioneered' bleeng bleeng.

Anonymous said...

OMG that was an awesome video. Mauli should get kicked off the show based on just the video itself. Absolutely TERRIBLE!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are too funny. thanks for the laughs.
BTW, won't it be hillarious if Poonam turns out to be "Woh"?

Unknown said...

Nirupa or Woh! Yeh kabhi nahi ho sakta!

Anonymous said...

thanks for mauli's video - what a terrible clip. i agree mauli shld be out ASAP. Then Bappi and Sakira can go on a world tour.

Anonymous said...

hey just read on the official ZEE SAREGAMA website that Mauli is gone. Is that true? I cant see her go that easily, though I wish she does as she only shouts.

Unknown said...

maulibuster, hard to imagine that the *official* site would throw out a spoiler like that. You might have been to a popular unofficial site like In which chase, what you hear there in terms of elimination is almost always correct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aspi for the clarification. Yes I read it on

Anonymous said...

That site sucks, they steal my caps and put their logo in it and announce "exclusive pics of Shekhar"..

anyhoo *spoiler*

brace yourself for more drama.. when SanjayaBen gets eliminated Bappi throws a major tamtrum fit and walks out of the show... then they get SanjayaBen go to his house to convince him to come back on saturday's show!!!

and he coems back and so does SanjayaBen to perform on saturday's show

but the funny thing is.. people confirmed that there was only one hour dinner break between friday and saturday night episodes hahah

Unknown said...

well i can't miss this week's elimination episode in that case. Have waited too long to see Mauli leave. I felt really bad everytime a good singer left and she stayed on. Singers like Junaid and Joy, even Harpreet were better ones and it is a shame and a sham that they lost it to Mauli. For gossip sake, did Aditya cry to see her leave the show:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey aspi!I must say your blog is very entertaining :D

Here is my theory about HRs love lafda! HR, the businessman doesn't wanna split HR lover crowd between Aneek and mussarat. Instead he created a situation where all HR lovers are going to vote for A and the rest of the world being HR haters are going to vote for the poor kid M, who after HR's constant humiliation or ignoring saga or whatever you call it has earned sympathy galore! This way he is pushing both his chelas

next! the love story to make them win!
now he has votes secured for A and M, so HR started downplaying some serious competition like raja and mauli! he made the world believe that raja is the unbeatable star and that everyone is voting for him, so he doesnt really need your votes (ofcourse the smart and stubborn rajasthanis seem to ignore his BS), then he pushed mauli back in the race by aiding the other girl (woh :D) I guess amanath is a part of the traiangle only because mr.darbar is his chaddi buddy!

So unless everyone starts buying my theory, we are sure to see Aneek and mussarat on the top. Mebbe The (popular) Megan Herald can make the srgmp world take a note of this ;)

yeww, just an afterthought, A getting more votes than M! could mean there are more people who love this HR shit! :o

Anonymous said...

LOL the house thingie was actually shot later on? Wow...wht can i say -it happens only on SaReGaMaPa..ting ting ting

Anonymous said...

certainly seems though it is gonna be an entertaining elimination round. i'll be sad to see mauli go after her great performance last week though. in terms of voting she is sort of disadvantaged cuz texas does not have such a large amt of ppl watching saregamapa compared to the other contestants. i wouldn't be surprised to see her singing for many of bappida's films though.

my friend pointed out to me recently that the people who are successful in saregamapa have a unique voice. like kunal ganjawala, even though he did not win, shreya ghoshal, even nihira joshi has sung for a few films.

in this way only the people with a unique voice might succeed - mussarat, raja, mauli, junaid, poonam.

amanat and sumedha and aneek sing very well but there are already a lot of singers that can sing in the same style. they might be able to sing many types of songs but what sets the others apart is their unique style. like vinit and debojit last time. they both sing well but india is filled with lots and lots of people who can sing like them.

ohh and poonam can't be Woh - she tied rakhi on amanat and she's 6 yrs older than amanat and 7 yrs older than aneek! no wonder her voice sounds very developed compared to the other girls.


Unknown said...

goof overload, fine analysis and magnificant theory. Now, we wait and watch. But knowing Himesh the businessman, this sounds right up his alley.

qwitiqqx, good observation, especially since I haven't seen any SRGMPs before.

Anonymous said...

If mauli is voted out this week,then it might be Aneek,Amanat and Sumedha in the finals - some guessed it already.

The best part would be when Junaid is brought back somehow as a Eid ka tofa from Pakistan - then that becomes a quadrangle like 'Deewana Mastana" movie.
Aneek plays Govinda-short and stout
Amanat plays Anil Kapoor-with moustache
Sumedha is no match to the effervescent Juhi Chawla,but she is pretty.
After all the efforts by the boys to win Sumedha,she will walk into the sunset with cool dude Junaid who will now be playing Sallu.

And that will be the real grand finale for SRGMP.Announcing Sumedha-Junaid engagement.It is going to be bigger and better than Chang-Deepali's engagement(as predicted by mrs.drift)on II3..kyonki India-Pak nikah will create more excitement than Indo-china milan.

oh bother,what ever will happen to my Star VoI...:-(

Anonymous said...

Did u notice Sallu calling poonam "beta" in the episode when poonam shed tears before singing tadap tadap. Sallu was like dont worry 'beta'...LOL....dude i think Katrina is younger than this beti!


Unknown said...

Hey what do you guys think of Katrina Kaif? I heard she was good in Namastey London but I saw Partner recently and I thought she was terrible.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I hope Aneek doesnt make it to the finals. I agree with qwitiqqx, his voice is very Generic and simple. nothing unique and those type of voices are a dime a dozen in India. I would prefer Raja or even Poonam to win...but definitely not Himmy's a$$ kisser Aneek!

Anonymous said...

P.S. thank god Mauli is out of the show. This is one episode that i dont want to miss!

Anonymous said...

btw, heard that Aneek and Muss have the top two highest votes.

I have to bow down to Mr. Jonar's marketing skills.

I will miss Mauli. Now everyone is so good, it will be hard to make fun of them. We still have Himesh and Bappi da....

Anonymous said...

Aneek need to go his entry was a wrong entry in the middle of competition and now he is taking all the praise. KAHA KA INSAAF HAY YEH. Raja has a damn good voice he sings with total feelings

I just pray that Aneek is out and one message for mr reshamiya


Who cares if aneek is in luv or not MERA KHALA KA BETA NAHI HAY KEH MEH IS BAAT KI CARE KARUN.

Himesh jee personal life ko ghar meh hi rakhay sari duniya ko nahi bataye to bohut acha hoga.

Who bloody cares for hr and aneek

Get rid of aneek and saregamapa will become much much better cause himesh ki bolti band hojaegi

Anonymous said...

himesh reshamiya i have onething to say ke aap HERO SAY ZERO BAN WALE HAY VERY SOON.




Unknown said...

What?! Himesh's "dil se" performance in his movie wasn't universally appreciated? Horrors!