Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The best new Bollywood music - 3

In a continuing series, I put myself through listening to countless Bollywood soundtracks, put the best on my CD changer and share the list so you won't have to endure the pain of the rest. Click on any linked title for a listen. Think I missed any you like in particular? Leave me a comment and I'll go back and listen again.

Victoria 203 (Music Director: Viju Shah)
  • Victoria 203 (Dominique Cerejo)
    Gorgeously produced with sweeping keyboards, backbeats and drum machines, there are two versions of this song. Dominique Cerejo's crisp, sexy version is the one worth listening to.

  • Thoda Sa Thehro (Shreya Ghoshal)
    One of the two songs reproduced from the original, its a chance to listen to a vocal star establishing an impressive resume tackle the work of a legend (Lata Mangeshkar).

  • Deedani (Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal)
    Playful, traditional, romanchuk - worth a few spins

Johnny Gaddaar (Music Director: Shankar Ehsaan Loy)
  • Johnny Gaddaar (Suraj Jagan, Akriti Kakar)
    SEL use the basic trappings of roots rock and mix in a number of elements to create a terrific tune.

  • Bhule Bisre Geet
    Loved Geeta Bali? Listen to this.

Darling (Music Director: Various)
  • Tadap (Himesh Reshammiya, Tulsi Kumar. Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya)
    If you can stand that infamous Himesh howl and Tulsi Kumar's screeching, both of which don't last too long, you'll enjoy the sweeping, pulsing violins on this track. And you can kill me for saying this, but our Himanshu does a bravura job with the singing - its right up his jonar.

  • Aa Khushi Se Khud Khushi (Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan. Music Director: Pritam)
    Sure its ripped off, but it has a sharp sense of sleazy fun and a killer hook

  • Saathiya (Adnan Sami. Music Director: Pritam)
    Adnan infuses this song with pain and longing and stuffs less ladoos in his mouth this time.

  • Awaaz Koi (Tulsi Kumar. Music Director: Prasanna Shekhar)
    Eerie, different, pretty cool. Who knew she could sing like this!

Chak De India (Music Directors: Salim and Sulaiman Merchant)
  • Chak De India (Sukhwinder Singh, Marianne D'Cruz, Salim Merchant)
    Its hard to escape this track these days, but Sukhwinder's nuclear powered voice captures the rah-rah spirit of the movie really well.

  • Bad Bad Girls (Anushka Manchanda)
    Excellent chance to listen to the ex-Viva (band, not drink) member on this girl power anthem.

  • Maula Mere Lele (Krishna, Salim Merchant)
    The finest track on the CD: a veritable tear-jerker.

Dhamaal (Music Director: Adnan Sami)
  • Who's the Baap? (Adnan Sami, Amit Kumar)
    Two hyper-competitive alpha-males try to outdo each other. So silly it works.

  • Chal Na Che Shor Machlein (Adnan Sami, Shaan)
    Sorry, but this song plays so much in theaters in India, its seared in my brain. If I don't hear it every day, I feel lost. Plus what's not to love in a song that goes "Let's do the dhamaal, baby"?

Dhol (Music Director: Pritam)
  • O Yaara Dhol Bajake (Mika Singh)
    Mika's lusty work on "Ganpat" finds an appropriate sequel.

  • Haadsa (Sunidhi Chauhan, Akriti Kakkad)
    Great mukhda, average treatment. But anytime Sunidhi Chauhan sings, she makes my list.

  • Dil Diya Dil Liya (Shreya Ghoshal)
    Shreya gets to spread her wings and sing in a different genre.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa (Music Director: Pritam)
  • Sakhiya (Tulsi Kumar)
    Not my favorite singer, but one of the few genuinely listenable tracks on this overwrought album that often sounds like recycled Pritam

  • Allah Hafiz (KK)
    K.K. doesn't always get so enough spotlight since his unique tonal quality has been overshadowed by the clutch of Pakistani singers romping all over Bollywood these days.

Om Shant Om (Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar)
  • Dard-e-Disco (Sukhwinder Singh)
    Hard to ignore a hugely silly title + Sukhwinder having the most fun he's had in recent times

  • Main Agar Kahoon (Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal)
    This song owes a lot to Sonu's innate ability to take ordinary stuff and make it sound extraordinary, but it also contains Vishal-Shekhar's initial dabbles in old-style Bollywood music a-la Shankar Ehsaan Loy recently (Marigold)

  • Jag Soona Soona Lage (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Richa Sharma)
    Not only is Rahat's career on fire right now but its not every day you get to hear Richa Sharma who I dig considerably

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Anonymous said...

Aspi, this post---Very Irreverent, very knowledgeable, very Bull's Eye.
Personally, I love the V-S magic combined with Sonu's voice in OSO.

Anonymous said...

did ya save saawariya for the next lot!

Anonymous said...

I love Johnny Gaddar. Its the best OST of the year. Move your body and title track are my favorite. BTW my baby Neil looks super sexy in that picture.

I like OSO too but it is a bit too mainstream for my liking and I do understand that it is the intention. I love the title track here too and deewangi deewangi, dard-e-disco is catchy. I didn't like jag soona soona, it is very cliched and sounds like a song off Taal. However i still think its the better than most of the crap music on Bollywood these days.

btw a trivia, Vishal shekhar were supposed to do Johnny Gaddar but couldn't because they were working on om shanti om at the time.

Unknown said...

I did save Saawariya for later. I need to listen to it a bit more to figure out what its about.

Anonymous said...

saawariya OST is too slow for my liking but for the last couple of days whenever i hear saawaria title track, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside

Unknown said...

Gosh we should compare notes before the next edition of this post goes out. That track is my least favorite on the CD.

Anonymous said...

M's warm fuzzy feeling is not becos of the track, its becos of the visual of her latest beau ooh Ranbir singing it ...so its Mushy Megan talking:)

Anonymous said...

oops!! *blush*

jab se mere naina is a good song. I love the background music

I wanna watch the movie but rani mukherji's special appearance is making me think twice. I will put on my ipod and close my eyes when her scenes come i suppose. I love sonam but she is going the behenji way..

Anonymous said...

few unknown but on my playlist:
- Tere Sawalon ka (Manorama 6 ft under)
-Sehra (Aggar)
-Ehi thaiyya moti (Laaga chunari mein daag)

Sadly OSO and saawariya didnt live up to the hype for me. Im left with 'what ifs' - what if AR composed OSO as intended; what if ID had done Saawariya.

Unknown said...

Ritha, great suggestions. I haven't gotten to those yet, but I started listening to "Laaga Chunari..." yesterday.

Anonymous said...

wonder what the Niranjan dude from the last post has to say about these music choices?

Unknown said...

Because he doesn't have "knowledge" about Bollywood music, he won't say anything. Heh.

Come to think of it, he hardly read the blog before maroing his comments. He should have collected some more knowledge before saying anything. Tsk, tsk!

On the other hand I deeply appreciated that he didn't pass himself off as an anon and held his line. Bravo!

All good Niranjan Manoranjan if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Aspi calm down don't hate Niranjan cuz he's sexier and smarter than you. or has his own harem of Jagjit Singh fan girls

Anonymous said...

God! So much has been happening in one day......trust its all peace now...I hope Niranjan is not Bhtb?

Anonymous said...

Aspi, is this the type of music you listen to? And you had the nerve to mock Pandit Jagjit Singh Sir.

You call this music, i call it noise pollution. What happened to the music from the golden era. Mohammad Rafi sir, Mukesh sir must be churning in their grave.

Ghoor Kalyug

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a typo, my automatic spell checker changed turning to churning. Otherwise Niranjan never makes any typing errors.

I am so smart I have counted 1 to infinity twice.

Anonymous said...

Niranjan, it is said that counting 1 to 10 is enuf to cool one;s anger.... if u have counted 1 to infinity, then please prove it by cooling down, and enjoying the spirit of this blog......its just fun...

Anonymous said...

Anu G you call this fun? FUN?

i call it FUNeral of civilization.

Darwin, I tried my best but sorry.

Anonymous said...

I guess our ideas clash..,...so its best that u go ahead and make the world a better place to live in, while u leave us un-enlightened folk to remain here and enjoy our 'fun'erals.....atleast we will all be united in having world-peace....I guess thats one point on ur agenda too!

Kanan said...

Aspi, thanks for saving my time and giving these recos. They're of great help. Love the OSO and Dhol numbers and going to listen to Sanwariya now.

Anonymous said...

some visual treat of the towel and the man wrapped up in it


someone funny do a caption on this????

Anonymous said...

Anu Darling!
Sorry to disappoint you Granma! I am not Niranjan! But I like his style. I am sure he says what ever he says in jest and you must appreciate his wit.

Niranjan Dude keep up the good work in Peru, we need more people like you in this Ghor Kalyug!
As Bapida would have said : Niranjan You r my phavorit, I would like to shing two lines for u " Peru sey aya mera dosht, Dosht ko shalam koro....(audience joins the chorus)

Regarding my comments in the drift community,please note that my shrink has advised me to resist from commenting( either as BHTB and or any of my other Avtars)till the saregama finals (Oct 13th). It is good for my blood pressure and Cholesterol levels he said!!

Anonymous said...

Grandson Bong
I am so relieved that its not u.....and seeing the maturity in ur words, I am so thankful that my words have helped atleast one person become more peaceful:).

Unknown said...

Man, Meg, that second towel picture should get the wardrobe guy fired. You can actually see the safety pin holding it all together.

Or is it a safety pin....?

Anonymous said...

safety pin? i didn't even notice but i noticed something in a weird angle and this aint hollywood so that can't be it.

Ranbir is such a sweety

Anonymous said...

Listening to "no smoking" music...unbelievable tht its sunidhi's voice in 'jab bhi' (ref. musicindiaonline). Interesting compositions, was waiting for vishal's music.

Unknown said...

I heard that album ritha and its an interesting one. Sunidhi sounds different because she's singing at a higher octave than she's normally asked to by producers. And there is some voice distortion thats been done.

Anonymous said...

Aspi,I am impressed by the vocal range nevertheless. Every singer sounds a lil diff from their usual elements.
The songs are beginning to grow on me...esp phoonk de and kash laga.

Unknown said...

Ritha, I'm listening to it these days. Which Phook De has caught your fancy? Sukhwinder's or Rekha Bhardwaj's?

Anonymous said...

u know Aspi,i like them both!But ofcoz Rekha's sounds 'smokier' than sukhwinder's!

Unknown said...

Fair enough, the next edition of this post will have your choices up there :)

Wonder if Rekha Bhardwaj is related to the music director for this: Vishal Bhardwaj in any way.

Anonymous said...

oh yea...she is his wife!

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Hey Meg, thanks for sparing Sexy Shekhoo fer me here...:-)
PS:I am only loyal to ma Shekhoo!!