Monday, October 22, 2007

Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa: Bye Bye Hemu

In all these reality contests, if it is one moment that leaves me unmoved its the squeezing of the lemon. This is where the hosts try innovative - and mostly amusing - sobworthy ways of kicking off contestants from the show.

But this week JDJ's kick off was of utmost interest to me.

The bottom two pairs - and I've never watched an entire elimination episode for lack of patience to tell how this works - turned out to contain the most entertaining people on the show.

Mini Mathur and her choreographer Hemu had just performed a terrific all arms and legs version of "Paapi Bichhua" in which Hemu, dressed in a sparkling skirt, had come pretty darn close to impaling Mini in her nether regions with a tasseled spear.

On the other hand, Mir Ranjan Negi had delivered another sweetly nonsensical performance along with his partner - a performance in which he struggled to do a chicken dance step. Come on now, you can get caught up in all this swirling Chak De India hoopla, but I'm saying it like it is.

Yikes! I thought to myself. Go ahead and eliminate all the bad dancers on the show and all you have left is a bunch of semi-good dancers. And this doesn't appeal to my sense of bad taste at all. Why bother watching people dancing well while trying to excel when you can watch people bombing while trying to hold on for their dear lives.

If this trend continues, in another episode Negi will be gone and all we'll be left with for entertainment is Sandhya Mridul and Mika. Shudder!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Funky captions, as usual!

Aspi's what the back story behind Guru Davar? (Since you both are Parsi, I figured you might have inside knowledge.)

I have a huge problem with his lack of Hindi...but that issue deserves an entire write-up.

Unknown said...

Who knows? Mum once organized a show with him and says he was fabulous.

Its not his Hindi as much as trying to squeeze humor out of it, I guess.

Anonymous said...

With my having to deal with everyone at home suffering from Monday blues, esp after a Dussehra vacation, it was great fun reading ur post and the captions.Poor Hemu was so entertaining ki nazar lag gayi!

Anonymous said...

OMG is it just me or are other people having trouble understanding Urmila's accent? Vishalji, please make an appearance.

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Hehehe...yea...did anyone notice Cyrus broacha in dis time's episode...he was damn hillarious!!!

Anonymous said...

uh guys.
didnt watch this elimination episode, was instead watching the rugby world cup final with my home country South Africa. and they won!

So who got kicked out?

Anonymous said...

so this seemed like fun ---- at least the captions and post do. that description of the dance that put mini in the danger zone (in more ways than one!) had me in splits :)

ok, all the NB3 viewers how did shahid and kareena do post the split? were there subtle undercurrents and not so subtle digs or did they play nice? i saw shahid on VoI and there was an amusing moment when adesh srivastav wanted shahid to explain why a kareena number was his fave....??? shahid dissembled awkwardly. does AS not pay attention to the news at all or is the whole break-up just a stunt like anu g speculates?

Anonymous said...

I dont watch this regularly but this episode has to be the worst. What is international dance? All I could figure out was that you have to dance with a "chaddar" and be dis-cordinated.

I feel sorry for Toby. He was partnered with Mona last year and now Sonali. Lifting them must be so back breaking.

But Mika's crying drama was so funny. Funnier was that the judges did'nt even try to look moved.

Unknown said...

anu g, right about Hemu. Sob!

I liked how Cyrus' dance tickled the inner ghaati in Urmila who then jumped down and started dancing.

Bella, Mini Mathur and her partner Hemu bit the dust.

Sidekick, both together on that show! Must watch NB3 now!

Joules, wait a minute, so the choreographers are repeated every year? Hey, I didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Mika is the naughty, rich boy that all the teachers dislike. Not only does he not do his homework, he makes fun of the teachers, thumbs his nose at them. But they can't throw him out of the school or the show. He has too many fans/his dad gave a donation to the Principal.

Anonymous said...

wtf is up with Mona crying her a** off every elimination episode

That is not a good look for a host. WTF hired her?

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who can't stand Bani/Pratchi whatever

she tries too hard to look "cute" "perky" "bubbly"

Does she think she is TV's Ayesha Takia minus the gigantic tatas!!

She isn't 14, she is 18 or 19 or whatever, GROW THE EFF UP... it wasn't that long ago when i was her age and i never acted like her..

"i am only 18" "i am so young" blah blah..why does she have to remind the viewers every 5 seconds.


Anonymous said...

U r right Megan. Not only does she try hard to look young, she also talks like a baby. I have a 13 year old daughter and she hasnt been speaking like that for years!!!

Anonymous said...

heheh yeah!! she is okay when the camera aint at ehr face but when she realizes the camera's on she does that annoying childish smile ugh

i don't like sandhya mridul either. At first i thought she'd be my favorite but was it wrong or was i wrong

never thought she'd turn into a drama queen

Anonymous said...

Sandhya= Annoying

Bani= Very Annoying

Urmila= Extremely annoying.

Mika = Less annoying that (Sandhya + Bani + Urmila) * Almost as annoying as Jeetuji

(and I thought my maths was bad)

Anonymous said...

Is she really 18. How long has she been working?

Anonymous said...

She had been workin since 2 yrs...ever since Ekta kapoor got her as Bani

Anonymous said...

ahhhh thats right she is Bani and she can't act, she always has one expression on her face and that is of no expression.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I thought it was only the singers who used to get the judges on stage. But now its being done on JDJ as well.It seems the parents of the Saawariya couple r doing their PR skills on JDJ this week(we speak about parents of the little champs...these star-parents are going overboard....I think by the time the movie gets released, we will have lost all interest).Jay gets Neetu to dance, and Sandhya gets Anil to dance with them.And Jeetender joins them.Well, atleast something interesting to gossip about.