Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is Om Shanti Om a glass half full?

You'd be missing the point if you said that Farah Khan makes paisa vasool, masala movies. Its more accurate to say that Farah Khan makes movies about paisa vasool, masala movies.

She showed wonderful flashes of her love for Bollywood in Main Hoon Na and in Om Shanti Om, she creates a setting where she can unleash the Bollywood junkie within. Thus, firmly ensconced in her comfort zone, she delivers a first half of a movie that crackles with the kind of affection and energy rarely seen in Bollywood lately.

Om - played by Shahrukh Khan - is an aspiring junior artiste who is in love with Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone). Both meet first, fleetingly at a premier and then, on the sets of a Sholay-like movie and become friends. Meet-cute love ensues...or does it? Shantipriya soon unleashes a secret that shakes Om to the core and sends him spiraling down the love-ke-khandahar type road. As is well documented, both Shantipriya and Om meet their maker before the first half is over. Thats the story - but the devil is in the details.

Making the setting a filmi one allows Farah to pay copious comic homage to 70s Bollywood. She opens with a terrific scene - seamlessly mixing Rishi Kapoor's gramophone jig in the 1980 blockbuster Karz with a wide-eyed Om in the studio audience. Later yet, she has Shanti dancing with and occasionally draping herself around Sunil Dutt, Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna. She tips her hat to the Kapoor-Khanna stranglehold in Bollywood. She takes her shots at fussy stars, on-the-fly scripts and directors barely in control of their projects.

Through all of this, her ability to keep the reigns on SRK as his director serves her in good stead. In a rather hilarious sequence, where SRK fondly mocks the major South Indian actors - he is able to underplay what is essentially over-the-top acting. And there is magic in a director-actor pair who can perform so well together.

Yet OSO is not averse to the Bollywood Curse of the Second Half. Here although she doesn't exactly fall down, Farah stumbles. Why does this happen? Several reasons.

First, she leaves way too little time to tell key parts of the story (starting with SRK's rebirth). To keep the action moving, she is forced to take a lot of shortcuts - which makes the movie feel rushed and chips away at the believability factor (not that rebirths are all that believable - a fact Farah understands and acknowledges in the film).

To make things worse, instead of keeping the rest of the movie simple, she laces it with unnecessary complexity. For example, she makes reborn Om a filmi brat and gives him a phobia of fire - both of which she then has to resolve in hurried ways that barely add to the story. This dents the movie further.

Yet again - and I hate to say this - she makes a mistake by casting Arjun Rampal in a key role. Rampal is a terrific looker, a burnished, polished man who has an excellent screen presence. Unfortunately he doesn't play scared, scheming or conflicted very well. His makeup artists also don't do him any favors by essentially creating a terrible look for him in the second half. His appearances on the screen suck considerable momentum out of the movie.

Finally Farah seems to be operating from a weakly written second half. Her sense of beat within the scenes - especially the ones with thrills (read: dhishum dhishum) - is a bit off.

Yet there are some positives as well. Farah, for one, shows a surprising deftness at handling spooky sequences. She brilliantly executes the scene in which reborn Om connects with his previous life - infusing it with wonder and creepiness.

She invites several Bollywood luminaries to create two delirious scenes - one at a faux-Filmfare awards ceremony and another yet at the after-awards party. Here she digs deep - in one sequence, she has Bappi being interviewed by a reporter - only Bappi constantly sings, something which Bappi's fans will both appreciate and love.

In Farah's journey to become Bollywood's first female legend in the director's chair, a path she is firmly on, this kind of range will only help her. Be as it is now, her latest movie is Om Plenty Om, but still not a glass as full as you'd expect.

The OSO list of stars playing themselves (started by Sania): 1. Rishi Kapoor 2. Dharmendra 3. Jeetendra 4. Mithun Chakraborty 5. Yash Chopra 6. Juhi Chawla 7. Kajol 8. Rani Mukherjee 9. Priyanka Chopra 10. Lara Dutta 11. Malaika Arora Khan 12. Amrita Arora 13. Diya Mirza 14. Rajesh Roshan 15. Hrithik Roshan 16. Amitabh Bachchan 17. Abhishek Bachchan 18. Akshaye Kumar 19. Amisha Patel 20. Govinda 21. Zayed Khan 22. Aftab Shivdasani 23. Dino Morea 24. Tusshar Kapoor 25. Bobby Deol 26. Preity Zinta 27. Riteish Desmukh 28. Rekha 29. Tabu 30. Salman Khan 31. Saif Ali Khan 32. Arbaaz Khan 33. Sanjay Dutt 34. Subhash Ghai 35. Bappi Lahiri 36. Vidya Balan 37. Karishma Kapoor 38. Shilpa Shetty 39. Urmila Matondkar 40. Karan Johar 41. Sunil Shetty 42. Shabana Azmi



Mind Rush said...

Aspi, thanks for the superb review!
I saw OSO with family and hooted and laughed through the oldie touches of the 70's. My favorite portions of the film were the Bollywood spoofs on "overacting" as well as the galaxy of good-humored stars that showed up in the film. I also liked that SKR could laugh at himself!
How did they get so many stars to guest in OSO? That is the question. This movie will have it's place in the Guiness Book for the number of guest appearances.

Rush rating:
Five Popcorns for masaala
4 Popcorns for lookin good!
Half a kernel of popcorn for story

Mind Rush said...

p.s. Be there early if you plan to see the movie. There were 200 Desi folks and kids in line!

Joules said...

Well, I finally caught up to Chak de and Johny Gaddaar.

Got to say SRK is the undisputed king. I know he hams at times like KANK last year, but Chak de reminded me of SRK of the fauji days.

I am sure most of you must have already seen the movie but if you haven't, you have to catch it. One of the finer movies coming out of Bollywood.

Johny Gaddaar is another fine work by Bollywood. A huge leap in direction since the director's last movie (Ek Hasina Thi). The screen play is taunt. All the characters being so negative still were likable. Neil has a lot of potential.

Now expect me to talk about OSO when you guys are reviewing Jodha-Akbar :)

Aspi said...

I've wanted to see Johny Gaddaar for quite a while now. But no DVD yet from the local store :(

megan said...

worst movie ever!

I can't believe I wasted my time sitting between annoying auntyjis who smelt of mothballs watching this crapfest.

Deepika was the only decent cast member and she did well.
Hrithik's 3 seconds cameo > the whole movie

megan said...

i got to see jodha akbar trailor before the movie

that > every single SRK movie except for Swades

m said...

i watched saawariya too and it was JUST AS BAD. But at least it had ranbir and his butt. He was awesome. I can't choose who is better Ranbir or Neil

As Ranbir is a typical Bollywood hero whereas Neil's performance in JG was very retrained and subtle. I dont think i can picturize him dancing bollywood style or doing a typical bollywood hero role.

Sonam is so average in everything sorry I change my mind
Deepika > Sonam

I am sure Sonam will have female fan following who will love her for being so "earthy" whatever that means, where as Deepika will be pulled down for anything and everything she does.

Sania said...

Saw it, liked it, but something felt adhura.

I had watched Main Hoon Na yesterday to prepare for OSO today, and I don't think I liked OSO as much.

Was definitely entertainment, and I had fun with certain aspects of the movie. Loved the score, the background score, and Shreyas Talpade. Want to look like Deepika. Had a total blast with the Deewangi song. Dastaan was fabulous. Didn't think Arjun was all that bad.

SRK's sudden reversion to Om Prakash without any explanation to his filmi father - didn't work for me. Was ok with the reincarnation theme otherwise. First half felt a bit weak on the laughs. Closing credits felt a bit rushed. No Javed Akhtar. Vishal Shekhar were camera shy. Gauri is kind of a MILF, in a bad way.

Overall, MHN for the win.

Sania said...

Thought it might be interesting to document which guest stars we spotted - rumoured to be 41.

1. Rishi Kapoor
2. Dharmendra
3. Jeetendra
4. Mithun Chakraborty
5. Yash Chopra
6. Juhi Chawla
7. Kajol
8. Rani Mukherjee
9. Priyanka Chopra
10. Lara Dutta
11. Malaika Arora Khan
12. Amrita Arora
13. Diya Mirza
14. Rajesh Roshan
15. Hrithik Roshan
16. Amitabh Bachchan
17. Abhishek Bachchan
18. Akshaye Kumar
19. Amisha Patel
20. Vishal Dadlani
21. Zayed Khan
22. Aftab Shivdasani
23. Dino Morea
24. Tusshar Kapoor
25. Bobby Deol
26. Preity Zinta
27. Riteish Desmukh
28. Rekha
29. Tabu
30. Bindu
31. Satish Shah

Hm...10 more.

Sania said...

Oh, I'm a dumbass. Forgot the full monty act:

32. Salman Khan
33. Saif Ali Khan
34. Arbaaz Khan
35. Sanjay Dutt

Aspi said...

Shubhash Ghai made an appearance - not sure if he's counted as a star. How about Bappi Lahiri's excellent cameo?

Saritha said...

I remember,I saw Karishma Kapoor and Vidaya Balan in the promos....not sure though.

Joules Iam with you,will be watching it on dvd,so we both can talk then.

Mind Rush said...

Just read on Beth Loves Bollywood that she's wondering why Ash Rai did not make an appearance on OSO.
Here's my guess, Beth: SRK once threw Ash out of one of his films, Chalte Chalte, because of her turbulent relationship with Salmaan Khan. Well, Salmaan and SRK made up with each other at Farah Khan's wedding. But Ash and King Khan do not speak to each other.

Mind Rush said...

My fave dialogue in OSO:

"Mind it!"

Mind Rush kush hua...muu haa haa...

Aspi said...

Good job Sania and Saritha - I think between us, we got to 41. But I get the feeling I might have missed one or two.

ritha said...

I abs loved the movie! Deepika was suchh a revelation! I was prepared for another squeaky sounding wooden actor, but was mistaken on both accounts. To me SRK hammed in the emotional moments (during the sad song) but it can be overlooked. Supporting cast were all very good. I actually liked Arjun Rampal, he had that quiet sinister aura about him. I thought the time where Om Prakash dies and is born to that Kapoor lady as OK was RIDICULOUS...but then again the joke's on me if I am trying to look for logic in this movie! Must say those unexpected spooky scenes left its impact on me :P. A full-too entertaining movie for me...wouldn't mind watching it on dvd again.

Joules said...

If anyone here is old enough to remember the song "John Jonny Janardhan" from Naseeb, the OSO guest appearances are an homage by Farah to that song.

I like Farah's movies for that reason. She likes to pay homage to Manmohan Desai whose movies were senseless and formalaic (three bros get separated at birth, homeless dad, blind mom who recovers her eyesight half way through the movie) but entertaining and things made sense in that three hours when you were watching the movie.

Infact Johny Gaddaar has a lot of references to Amitabh movies which is a treat for some of us who loved the 70's. For me Parveen Babi's role in Zanjeer was still the coolest main female lead role.

Sounds like I am giving OSO a positive review even before watching it.

anu g said...

I am impressed u all managed to remember names of so many stars.I think u have covered it all.Well, I think that was the best part of the movie!Otherwise it was quite a bore.I was quite impressed by Deepika. On interviews she comes across as quite a staid stiff person, but she managed to act pretty well(I guess thats why they say one must never have expectations.)Theres nothing great to remember about this movie.I watched Jab we met last week, and think that was a much more entertaining movie, though it didnt have a great story.But SRK and Farah will manage to make their moolah, thanks to the 41 guests.

anu g said...

Hey Shabana Azmi was there too!In the pre-Filmfare-Awards-Ceremony scene.

anu g said...

Gauri Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to be in this movie.When did she appear?I have to confess I dont remember seeing Amitabh too?

anu g said...

Would you consider Farah Khan as a star? She was there in the opening song fighting with SRK over Rishi Kapoor's jacket.

megan said...

i am glad aish stayed clear from this train wreck (no offense to people who loved it..maybe i am too dumb for this movie).. she is too good to make a 5 second cameo in a movie like this..she isn't someone who kisses the so called "king khan"'s butt.. like everyone else who bend over backwards to be in his good books.. my other fave kareena wasn't in it either..thank god..

btw he is so effin rude, he was on nanch baliye and called alex a "monkey" but he is allowed to say whatever he pleases because he is a "khan"
and heck the female stars can't even not say anything, people will still put words in their mouth and bash them

SkD said...

from the luks of dis discussion...seeems that the movie sux...wont go fer it..thnks Aspibhai for the post....and yea, I hate SRK....he sux...

meg said...

i feel like every bollywood movie is disappointing me these days.. the last movie i really enjoyed was johnny gaddar.. and before that it was eklavya..

well hollywood too...where are the good movies?

Tania said...

I loved the movie.To like it you have to understand the sarcasm behind it and really be a bollywood ovie watcher from the 70s and 80s.
I think the king butt kissing is allowed by the coterie coz thats what people used to do for AB n years back.A star son's nakhre is pretty well emphasized as we see in bollywood every day. SRK hams , but I didn't mind it.
And if SRK didn't kiss Alex butt coz he was a gora , three cheers for SRK.

minnie said...

i loved the movie....i think all the cerebral people should just watch some Art movie instead of going to a full blown masala movie and then cribbing about its shortcomings...its just timepass with cleverly inserted sarcasm...please dont read too much into it..and it requires real acting skills to play the goof..rather some humour than some pretentious SA'BORE'IYA

carla said...

Very nice review - I enjoyed the movie very much despite all its weaknesses.

Your list of stars is missing Shabana Azmi, who was both in the Filmfare red carpet sequence and "Deewanagi deewanagi".

spruha1 said...

I had a blast with this movie- regardless of the few shortcomings. It managed to keep me entertained and gave me a good laugh through the 70s touch.

I think your list is also missing Govinda. He was in "Deewangi Deewangi".

Aspi said...

spruha1, quite right about Govinda, he appears in that song. He's #20 on our list which you might have missed because I updated that list a few times.

anu g and carla, thanks for pointing out Shabana's appearance. I'll add her before the Drift Memsaab kicks my butt for forgetting her favorite star (and man, I've never seen my wife yodel in a movie but she did when the Azmi showed up!)

anu g, Gauri walked the red carpet in the end. That's the only place I recall seeing her. She looked better than I've seen her in pictures.

And I tried to keep the list down to people who played themselves in the movie (minus the credits sequence). So that eliminated people like Vishal, Bindu and Farah.

Mind Rush said...

I agree with comments made elsewhere. Your date of birth will determine whether you laughed in the movie or not. Most jokes are about older movies.

And Aspi, Anu G, Big B was there at the Filmfare Awards in the film. When asked if OK would win the Best Actor category, he says, "Who's OK?"
That's supposed to poke fun at the cold war between the King and the Baadshah.

I absolutely loved Shabana Azmi and Abhishek's appearances in the film.

girlie girl said...

OMG, did anyone see Friday's Lil Champs? Our favorite srgmp judges, Vishal & Shekhar were on. And get this, there were totally decked out in OSO-type 70's clothing!! It was the funniest thing, EVER!

Parveen Sibal said...

Watched OSO at a packed AMC on Saturday .
Mr Farah Khan was also there if he can be considered a star.
Loved the Tamil shoots of SRK and Deepika was majestic.
Kian Khen and Shreyas were under utilized but over all not a bad movie for a time pass.

Aspi said...

I did see that - need to write it up one of these days.

parveen I was at AMC on Saturday too but thankfully chose the earliest show. I noticed those long lines when I came out. Hope your crowd was as rowdy as ours :)

m said...

who is Kian Khen?

tania, i didn't know "not kissing anyone's butt" meant calling them "monkeys".. that was outright rude of srk and he makes comments like these all too many times..and thinks he can get away with it because he is a so called "superstar" and then he'll just claim that he said it in jest..

what's next? him using the "N" word and then claiming he is allowed because he's a "brutha"..

and I am allowed to complain about the movie, the fact that Farah was directing it, i did not expect the movie to be anywhere near a masterpiece.. but even for a so called spoof, she copied bits and parts from a lot of "sources"..

i didn't know plagiarizing was OK as long as you admit it.

I just hope one of these days these Bollywood directors (farah, her annoying brother, david dhawan) etc get their a**es sued by Hollywood..

m said...

farah copied (umm was inspired by) this video for the akshay spoof

undercover said...

mind rush love guru - how do you break up with someone nicely? someone who thinks everything's going well?

and there is also a third person involved

ritha said...

thanks for the link this is a total second-to-second copy!

Mind Rush said...

Undercover, I am flattered you would ask...

Looks like your name reflects how you handled your feelings in this relationship.

Miss Manners would say that you need to break up in person (no IMs, no text messages, no email, no go-betweens.)

"It's not you, it's me" type dialogue would help. I would keep it short and say it was a change of heart on your part. Leave out messy details for now(namely the third person). Be prepared to sit through your ex's reactions for a while. Then leave.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

headmistress said...

got free tix for this tonight, though was not particular in the mood, given it's monday. Still, having seen both the biggies, consecutively (ugh), have to say I prefer Saawariya. I did like the little guest blips, esp. from Ms Azmi and abishek, and Mithun too, and loved Deewangee, though I agree it should have been cut a bit shorter. OSO did pretty much what it said on the tin I guess, but as much as I like my mindless masala, this got tedious pretty soon. And while Saa... is definitely overblown and risks climbing up its own arse, the whole harharharrr self-referential thing got tiring. There's also a smugness about the whole 'wow we're so democratic making tabloid tripe for the masses!!' thing, which for me is worse than SLB's arthouse pretensions. I liked Main hoon na where it was refreshing and cute, but this was like one of the Scary Movie sequels.
And SRK should keep his clothes on. Used to love him when I was younger, but getting tired of his overexposure and his pompous ego. I don't care how ironic that was supposed to be, it was just gross. The diff between Ranbir and SRK is like one of the Diet Coke ads, and stumbling across gay pr0n on cable. yeurgh.
Maybe I am just grumpy and hormonal, or maybe I am just too young for it? My parents and aunts etc would love this, but then they love Carry On films too...

m... neil or ranbir? woah, that's a toughie. But the bod has to win.

2 shy 2 reveal myself said...

i would do neil and muzammil pn first date. Ranbir, well i would want him to take me out and after a month i will consider it

Aspi said...

Mind Rush, please do a relationship advice column for us! We'll call it Mind Rush's Love Chakkar.

First question: let's say I'm a famous Bollywood actress struggling to break internationally. I've married into a rather famous Bollywood family to a moderately successful actor. However, I'm katti with the most famous actor in Bollywood, who doesn't get along with my sassur.

Should I try to repair my relationship with the famous actor? Or should I let my sassur lead on this?

Mind Rush said...

If enuff people agree I'll do it! But I need more suggestions on what to call my column.

Aspi said...

I vote for the column and the name should be The Love Chakkar. I'll pretend to be famous incognito Bollywood stars asking you for advice.

Parveen said...

Megan - sorry for the typo - I meant to write Kiran Kher !

Joules said...

My vote goes for Neil. Ranbir is too feminine for me. My husband always said Karisma K. looks like Randhir K. in a dress. I feel like Ranbir looks like Neetu S. in men clothes.

Still think he is cute but not dateable.

megan said...

IAWYC, joules. Ranbir is so last week, his cuteness doesn't do anything for me..

anyway eff being incognito, that was me asking for the love advice.. and that comment about my hot guys

parveen jiiii- lol that is one CUHRAZZZZY typo...!! i nominate that typo of the year!

uh huh yeah yeah said...

and yes mind rush do an agony aunt section and we can all ask for your help..fictional and real
and we'll make sure your section has like more than 41 stars fo sho

it will get highest TRP

Parveen Sibal said...

Aspi - My AMC is much North of you but strange that the crowds behaved the same !
Good Luck with your excellent blogs !

Aspi said...

Joules, your husband is a genius. I've always told everyone who'd care to listen: Karishma = Randhir in drag.

Mind Rush: one more vote - and this from a person in the banner. What do you think.

Ozza said...

I loved VS on Lil' Champs! V's genie look is revolutionary.

enuff of meg said...

M is a nut,donno how yo all put up with her

Shekhar said...

I love Meg. Kaun hai be tu?!

Ranbir said...

Shekhar uncle just SMS'd me - I love Meg too!

spruha1 said...

I also went to AMC on Sunday in Chicago and it was the 7:00PM show!! It seriously was like we had taken over the place since they had three shows for Om Shanti Om all within a three hour time frame! The lines were unbelievably long and the crowd was much more rowdy than they usually are during hindi flicks, especially during Dard-e-Disco! It was great though, I really enjoyed it!
And I vote for Mind Rush's Love Chakkar too!

Sania said...

Vishal Shekhar love must die from this blog.

I vote for Mind Rush's column. If I weren't busy writing essays (clearly busy here, na?) I'd give it a name..

nutmeg said...

I'm not a nut, i'm a spice yo

Priti said...

Nah Sania! VS-love must live on and on. I used to find being demonstrative on these filmi loves sooo wierd, it used to side splitting. But I am lovin' it, all the way now. :D
When the flicker of the candle seems to reach a dying phase, the mention of VS flares it, like the phujharies we lit a few days back, and keeps the smile on everyone's (well almost)face.
I just love a "Shekhar" appear here to protect Meg; or his khandaan appear to chide him.
We must also light a few candles for HB. He used to keep our passions high. I almost miss him; no one to vent at anymore! Stumbled upon Sonu Nigam doing a "nasal one" on HB in a "seedhi baat" but lost it as soon. If someone can find that clip post the link pls; its abs hysterical.

Shekhar R said...

Dear All,
Thank you so much for your love and support. I will cherish it all my life.

shekhar r said...


despite me being gay , there are so many followers of me. I am really floored , literally by all the adulation i am getting ... now i have even started to forget karan .. just in zest though , who else can take care of me better then karan

Karan said...

Lol......was that Shekhar or Shahrukh???????? happy wid both of dem...they both r my types...they give me the best pleasure i can ever get..

headmistress said...

Ranbir in drag? tooo goood. Considering I spent most of my teendom chasing androgynous boys with a penchant for glitter and girls' clothes, that sounds fantastic :)

and another vote for Mind Rush's column!

shekhar r said...

considering headmistress's comment i should try my luck on Ranbir .. he is so hot in " On the spot light directions in the towel" . GOD ! how did i missed that one ...

headmistress said...

Oi mate, hands off my ladyboys, if you know what's good for you.

don't know what planet SLB lives on though - round these parts, airing your balls out the window in the morning might just get you arrested.

though maybe there is some leniency for beautiful bums.

Tania said...

Mind Rush
Go for it. I would second Aspi's nomination.
How about Ms. Rush' hush hush advice! for the title

enuff m said...

Spice,ya,right!!! Pile of bollocks

Priti said...

Aspi, was my comment so daft that it got the slip in the round up?
Agreed, there were a few typos, in the rush to post. But getting the miss means its drastic. :(

SkD said...

Just watched de movie....IT SUCKED BALLZ!!!!Worst decision of my life!!! about overhyped movies...dis one takes de cake...sheee...70 crores dey a$$!!Farah wud have been better off donating dis to charity......yuckk..

megan said...

the media have gone overdrive bashing SLB and saawariya

SRK must spend a lot of money keeping these unprofessional "journalists" and "media" in his pay roll.

I didn't like Saawariya too much either and i do have problems with some aspects of SLB's movies. But at least that dude has more talent in his little finger than the likes of Farah Khan, David Dhawan, Sajid Khan etc whose movies media praises to the sky.

i don't even consider Indian critics, critics..they don't know how to write reviews, give away the plot and the ending in the reviews and never have anything constructive to say about the filmmaking and focus on its box office prospects.

headmistress said...

maybe it is just me, but the saawariya bashing feels to me as an attack primarily on the fact that this has been funded by big $$$, while OSO is the more patriotic choice as the 'true-blue' (brown?) Indian film. All these comments about how the set is dripping with dollars, how Sony will think twice before collaborating with Bollywood again, etc. The film does, to me at least, distance itself from some Bollywood conventions, aspiring to Hollywood fairytales, a la tim burton or Disney. Perhaps this pisses some people off? Perhaps I have got it all wrong.

still i wouldn't write off all Indian critics - the bulk do come across as thick bastards with as much understanding about film as a dead snail, but there are some excellent ones out there, in print and online.

headmistress said...

aspi thanks for the link to my review btw!

Aspi said...

Priti, sorry didn't have time to update stuff today - busy day. I will always link to your comments in the round up, but thanks for pointing it out in case I slipped up.

headmistress, my pleasure!

megan, there are some good Bollywood film critics online. Jai is one of them.

Ozza said...

Guys put yours thinking capas on, all the fakes sound like person who frequents this blog....

Joules said...

From my perspective its not the $$$ for the set but Bhansali's obsession of spending so much camera work on the sets that it takes away from story telling.

Even Black had these ridiculous looking stage-ish sets and my favourite moments in black were when the camera was focussed on the main actors faces.

Aspi said...

Ozza, there is one who fakes in known ways that I think I can pick up - that person sticks to SRGMP type people. Then I do a Shekhar once in a while.

Sometimes I don't want to take a chance that I've offended someone and just play ball.

P said...

Finally saw SLB movie that was picked up from a local DVD store for $ 1.
I have nothing to say except that this movie is not worth watching even if given free.
Whay a hype of a blue ovie ( Blue Filters ) , Gondola city and no story !

megan said...

lol it was a fictional world like in Tim Burton movies. Megan approves of it.

The problem I had was the story, it was boy meets girl, she loves an uncleji, boy gets heartbroken

The art direction, cinematography, sets were great but when the screenplay and story is so simplistic, how else a movie will be?

But that is signature SLB. I found Black very shallow and dry too. You were forced to feel for the protagonists with the sound effects etc as opposed to having those feelings come naturally. I don't like that.

Parv said...

Meg - You are a pro and coulld be a serious movie critic.

On the Other hand Bharat Kumar is upset with OSO and is threatening a law suit to SRK and the ilk !

Hamley said...


Im looking for the names of the guest stars in their order of appearence, not the alphabetical list. Anyone able to help?


MonkeyBit said...

I like the "KING (Khan)" pun in "keep the reigns on SRK," and I also like the idea of Farah riding him like a horse (the doppelganger pun. Doppelgangers themselves resonate with this movie.. and now the room is starting to spin from all the layers!). I enjoy your blog!

Aspi said...

monkeybit, welcome to the drift. I've forgotten the bit you mention but I'll watch out for it on DVD.

MonkeyBit said...

sorry, english is my first language and I still get it wrong! the "reigns" i meant is your words (see to the right of the oso3 pic)! I was praising YOUR turn of phrase!

Aspi said...

ok, monkeybit got it now. But it took three shots of vodka :)

MonkeyBit said...

but was the glass half full or half empty?
how did you get it back to your thread title? too clever!

and check this out for "reign it in":