Monday, November 12, 2007

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa: The dance of the whiney

It's not like super important things transpire on JDJ - although you could argue that something magical is happening with Mir Ranjan Negi that will transform entertainment forever.

Yet, its hard not to watch when the players in the game fly at the judges and stomp their feet with disappointment when they don't get good grades despite "working so hard".

First a few weeks ago Sandhya Mridul singled out Shiamak Davar. Then Mika gave everyone a masterclass in carelessly staged whining. Finally, Sonali moaned and groaned about how she wasn't getting good scores. All of this resulted in some decent scores being handed out to said whiners.

This then severely pissed off Jay Bhanushali, that bastion of high class. "Maybe I should whine about the judges too!" he threatened. "Then, I'll get good marks". This was fairly amusing because that Jay (who smiles demurely when people overlook his spotty stubble and call him chocolate boy) has been annoying the crap out of me by grabbing the mike and chatoing anyone with a pulse within a twenty foot radius.

Perhaps this show calls for a different strategy then. In which case, shouldn't Jay blame his own competitive judgement rather than that of the judges?

But enough useless stuff - let's get down to Negi's dance shall we? This time our man came dressed in tight red pants and a red cap, a green T and an open-buttoned white shirt tied at the corners (a knot that kept riding up his belly). He also sported some mawaali type scarves. I was already laughing pretty hard and the dance hadn't even started yet.

And then he danced. Words can't quite describe the resulting spectacle. Suffice it is to say that after several foot stomps, head shakes and an ostrich step, Negi mounted a wobbly scooter and proceeded to twirl his topi while mouthing lyrics to the same effect.

This was unfortunate, because Negi's topi had decided to part ways with his toupee a little earlier. In fact, at one point, it even dangled from his wig by a single pin for a while before Negi decided enough was enough and yanked it off. Thus at this key juncture, without missing a beat, Negi decided to twirl an invisible topi.

Just as much as Negi, I enjoyed Ronit Roy and his partner's dancing to "Mein Hoon Don" - full of little surprises, macho grace and really smart choreography. Perhaps his partner's injury to her calf muscles in both feet has forced him to focus on the abhinay in the dance, but Ronit is now a front runner in the dancing stakes along with Sandhya Mridul.

Finally that jyotish who showed up on Nach Baliye was live in the audience on JDJ. Again, he held me entralled - this time by focusing on star signs rather than numbers. "Fire and fire!" he told Sandhya and her partner "so obviously everyone is seeing the fire!" Obviously!



cool_guy said...

This is the funniest post ever from aspi on JDJ .. Negi sahab really looks like a pot during the dance with plenty of water inside , as much as i enjoyed the dance , i enjoyed the judges being presented with the hockey sticks .. and shimak looked like dumbstuck

Anonymous said...

Jay annoys the crap out of me too. He needs to put a bandaid on his mouth before he goes on stage. And chocolate boy, please, if he's a chocolate boy I'm swearing of chocolate altogether... *gag*

Joules said...

I only watched a little bit of the show and fortunately (or unfortunately) saw Negi's routine and I have to say I enjoyed it.

Seems like his choreographer/dance partner has turned his weakness in dancing to look like comic bits. She is quite a genius.

On the other side why does Prachi Desai talk in such a high volume. When she was speaking to Ram Kapoor (who seems to be ballooning everyday) she was yelling while he was only two steps away.

m said...

i am glad prachi is out, she shreiks so much and always talks in a high pitched voice..and randomly starts shouting..she annoyed me so much

sandhya annoys me too, she thinks she's all that and is a huge drama queen

m said...

i think prachi's ouster is all staged..she is gonna rest for a couple of weeks then they're gonna reintroduce her through "wild card"

payal said...

i agree, presenting the judges with the hockey sticks was one of the funniest moments. The judges expressions were priceless. also pretty funny--when urmila got up to dance with negi-he seemed shocked, afraid, and a little proud that he got to dance with a star! also is it me.. or does sonali always have someone stop on by the show to root for her. it seems like she always has more guests come to the show for her than the other participants.

Leera said...

This was a very 'educational' episode.

I learnt that 'jeetuji's' real name is JETeendra.

Negi is the new ChiChi.

Ronit Roy should never ask for votes not for himself or anyone else, he gave the kiss of death to Prachi along with the amiable Ram Kapoor who looked more like a doting uncle than an onscreen lover!

Mind Rush said...

The hockey team dance was something else! Reminded me of North Indian weddings and drunk "baaraatis".

Jeetu, Shiamak and Urmi, please note: Pearl Vision offers free eyesight testing. Surely your contact lens prescription is in need of updating if you gave Negi such high marks. He is LOL but not for his actual dance talent.

I thought Ronit Roy was awesome! He has managed to amaze me with his dancing. Nicole (Ronit's choreographer), if you read this, please consider teaching dance in the US.

Harsh & Raw said...

Okay, that Urmibai pic reminded me to it now fashionable in India to use your saree aanchal to cover 28.75% of the right boob and 100% of the left one (as was the case earlier)? If so, why? I've tried it and somehow never get the proportion right. You could either claim that it's not needed and that we wear plenty of other outfits without a dupatta or similar accessory (valid claim, IMHO), and do away with it altogether, or do it in a way that's easy for aam junta like me to emulate and that's impartial to both boobs. Why the partiality?(Sorry, Aspi! Feel free to delete my comment but I had to ask someone!!)

Bella said...

Ronit is soooooooo good! that is one talented dancer
is prachi out? hmmmmm, then i guess it will be wildcard for her. All these reality shows r staged! i hate that!

Joules said...

Harsh & raw, I have thought about the same thing too. The palla seems carelessly thrown on the shoulder. I like the look when I see it but can never get it right.
There is a fine line between doing it on purpose or just not being aware of a slipping palla.

Mind rush, Maybe their eyesights are impaired by all the colored contact lenses they have been wearing. Which is one of my pet peeves about Bollywood these days. Drop the colored contact lens. Makes your close ups look like you are blind.

Aspi said...

H&R, saree discussions are welcome just like everything else. In fact, just the other day the Drift Memsaab and a friend spun into a discussion of the many ways pallus were being used to decorate the body.

I feel completely educated and ready for the boob cover discussion. But I don't have an opinion

m said...

ya they only cover one boob with the saree these looks so nasty..
if you really gotta show your skin wear a see through sari or somethign


Harsh & Raw said...

Oh I get the "carelessly thrown" part....that was what Deepika did when she came to SRGMP. I'm talking about the "careful to cover one boob and expose most of the other" fashion, like Meg said above.
Pictures to make my point clear:
or OMG this:

Harsh & Raw said...

Oh I get the "carelessly thrown" part....that was what Deepika did when she came to SRGMP. I'm talking about the "careful to cover one boob and expose most of the other" fashion, like Meg said above.
Pictures to make my point clear:
or OMG this:

Joules said...

H&R I get it. I still like it sometimes, depends on the blouse though. I guess blouses are getting so fancy, its a shame to cover them up.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of sarees. Try wearing one for a prolonged time or try dancing in one of them specially the way the pallas are these days. Almost keeps one hand occupied holding the palla.

I know most Indian love sarees but give me a lehenga-choli anyday.

With that many designers in India I am surprised they haven't come up with a saree lite version which is more wearable.

Rupal said...

Well, I respect Shamiak as he recognizes the effort that the choreographer puts forth. There are times when he has acknowledged the fact and at times it even gets edited.
Nicole- She directed the dance very intelligenty, when he calf muscles were injured.
Maricsha - She is the real star as week after week she manages to make Negi look cool so the judges can hand him a perfect 10.
Mika's partner, what her face...She has put up with star tantrums. I want to say hats of to her.

My favs on JDJ for various reasons, none of them are the stars.

Negi's partner -Humble and sincere, talented as well
Nicole - reminds me of Rani Mukherji

m said...

if you wear a fancy blowse then wear a nice see through sari.. that is how it should work because it looks tacky when they only cover one boob.. it looks odd to me

and also whats up with everyone dressing up as an auntyji in bollywood.. with those long flowing selwar kameez that looks like something str8 out of mughal e azam

Harsh & Raw said...

Sorry for sounding smart-alecky and stating the obvious, but the "lite" version of the saree is called a lehenga choli :-)

Seriously, think about it. You wear a skirt, a blouse, and instead of draping 4.5 meters of cloth around the skirt (for no functional purpose) and THEN using the remaining as a chunni, use a regular chunni that can be worn any which way and that doesn't have to stay connected to the skirt.

Completely whole-heartedly agree with you. I'e always found chiffon/net sarees quite sexy. Showing one boob is just slutty/cheap and so OBVIOUS. Those long flowing outfits are 'in' these days....they're called Anarkali salwar-kameezes (that's what my Mom said, don't hold me to it). So you're spot on with the Mughal-e-Azam reference. I do Kathak and we wear something very similar for the urdu pieces, so I kinda like it, except I think in B'wood they've made the top part extra super short and tight which makes it look funny. If stitched the right way they do look sort of regal. An ill-fitted one will of course look like a cloak.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day in Hyderabad, young women (mostly Telugu I think) used to wear a shortened version of the saree called the half-saree. Among us boys, it used to be referred to as the parachute :-). Anyone know what I am talking about?

BTW, it's cool to know that some of the drifters are from Austin.

-- Texan

Saritha said...

Parachute??whoa!tauba re tauba.

That is called 'Pattu Parikini' in telugu and is worn by girls - not for married women.Iam not sure if girls in hyd,prefer that anymore.I wore it maybe 2 or 3 times,I wish I had done it more.Sarees,Jeans,Salwar,lehengas,ghagras-you can wear all this stuff at anytime,but Prikini comes with an expiry date and one has to wear it
at the right age.(teens and early 20's).ah,I miss them so much.

Joules,for you -

Aspi said...

Saritha, terrific link! Who are all these sexy south indian actresses we don't get to see in Bollywood?!

Joules said...

h&r, my point that I was'nt very clear on was that the saree has not evolved over centuries. Lehenga cholis have been around for the same amount of time too but you have different cuts of the lehenga which gives them the updated look. You could wear it without a chuni which makes it look more like a skirt with a top.

I do agree that the boob-pallu-look looks slutty but sometimes slutty is the look they are going for :)

As far as the anarkali salwar suits are concerned I think they are the offspring of the baby-doll dresses that were the fad during summer.

Joules said...

Thanks for the link Saritha. Wow, I did not know about these.

Actually, the actresses look cute eve if the clothes look ridiculous :)

H&r, btw even deepika wore the look on SRGMP. Here's a pic

Saritha said...

Aspi and Joules,

The girl in that video is Trisha.A girl from Chennai who was a model and also featured in a Phalguni Pathak music video with Ayesha takia.Well,without the mumbai connection,they dont qualify to be South Indian heroines.Thats a tragedy.And now we are so tired of these'imported' heroines (and villains too) that I jenuwenly want to see a telugu girl as a heroine.

It's a diff issue that they look very good in Parikinis and Kanjeevaram sarees - besides the western ensembles that is.

Sidekick said...

after the discussion on sari-pallu styles, heres a look at goris in saris.