Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa: The Strains of Fun

Several strains of fun are emerging on JDJ - although the show still strains a lot. What are those strains?

First, As far as I am concerned JDJ is Mir Ranjan Negi's world - everyone else just lives in it. His performance last week was magnificent in conceptualization and execution. How so? Well, we've seen week after week just how terrible his dancing is - in a funky good kind of way. Its not that he isn't graceful or anything - although he isn't - but its in the way, for example, he remembers at the last nanosecond that his hand needs to be facing the other way and makes adjustments.

This aen waqt par saves remind me of driving in Vadodara where you are pretty sure you are about to wreck your scooter but something magical happens at the last moment and you have to pinch yourself for assurance that you survived.

Dressed in a honking pagdi with a mustache to match, Negi imitated a wooden puppet, thus making sure that his dancing actually looked tremendously appropriate. And he sang Khaike Paan from Don, one of my favorite movies to boot. His partner did something energetic on the sides dressed like 80s Sridevi, but I'd be surprised if anyone noticed - so magnetic was our man. He got perfect scores from the judges - who were possibly dazed into submission.

The emergence of the SRK of TV. Now Ronit Roy comes across as unbelievably humble when he's on the show. He finds the perfect words to say, he's super nice and his dancing has been heartfelt. The guy is too shy to appeal for votes for Pete's sake.

None of this I doubt he really is. But we also saw him chew out his dance partner early on and virtually kick her out of the next performance. This week, with his partner's shins bound from injury, he executed a rather tender dance and carried her around everywhere. Is he just ambitious and driven? Does he have a dual personality? The mind boggles.

Bad Boy Mika. A few weeks ago, Mika ended almost every performance by grabbing the mike and singing some god awful song. Clearly our man can only communicate properly when he's singing. He tried really hard to chato the judges into giving him points. And when he failed miserably he gave up on them. "I don't need you" he said. Then he declared he wanted to leave the show. Mika is a man who hates to lose and so he deals with it by pretending he doesn't give a damn - kind of like my ex-roommate who kept telling me Jaya Prada would never be accepted by his family so he wasn't trying.

Forget Sajid Khan, Jeetu is the new king of PJs. Often Jeetendra will maro a completely off color joke - like the one that involved wife-beating. On occasion, he'll maro a completely innocent groan-worthy joke. But my favorites are the occasions when he comes up with an utterly meaningless analogy to describe a performance. Please, producers, don't assign the man a writer!

Shiamak Davar as the hurt prince. He's called the dance guru on the show - the one people fear and respect.

Turns out a few weeks ago, Sandhya Mridul launched a rather brutal attack on the dance guru, accusing him of handing out ill-thought out judgements. (This also happened on Nach Baliye in the same week only Vaibhavi Merchant shut it down in a heartbeat). Clearly, since then and given the Mika episode, Shiamak looks hurt and sullen.

In a hilarious moment he grabbed some girl called Prachi (Ok, I don't watch that much TV so I have no clue who she is and why people refer to her as a bahu) and splayed his hands. "These are ugly hands!" he admonished. Delicious!



Anonymous said...

Ok so it's just not me who thought Sonam's dresses remind me of maternity wear.Now who is mimi?

Aspi,why have ypu changed the banner again?ur caricature on the left has disappeared and I join sidekick askinyou to bring him back:)

Deepu said...

Mika was in such a hurry to chato the judges that he left his dance partner flayed out on the floor with nary a glance as he ran to do a sarcastic 'namaste' to Shaimak. Hilarious.

Aspi, bring back the cariacature

ppl said...

Ranbir and Sinam were awkwardly used on the sahow, SVOI did a much better job. They didn't comment on much and left abruptly.
Every time I watch JDJ it seems that it starts off promising and then fizzles out prematurely. They need Himesh lessons!

Unknown said...

I like that caricature but I've already got a picture up so felt it was too much Aspi. Plus, Manish didn't give me any ears and way too much hair.

I'll find a way to fit it in. Manish's basic structure is still there in the header and I also have his sketch.

But I do plan to change the header now and then just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush has a deep sense of duty...
After laughing hyterically at Aspi's comments I feel compelled to bring out my inner psychoanalyst re: this episode of JDJ. I had been itching to go at it...
1) Ronit and Veronica's connection left me feeling deeply uncomfortable. Dancing on stage, no matter how sensual the moves, is cool by me. Picking up and carrying the woman all the way to the green room is a bit much. Is my "Mind" working overtime or did others see some Daal Mein Kaala stuff too? Too much intimacy, methinks.
2) My man Mika---this guy is unbelievably arrogant. He has what I term "Overcompensating Syndrome for being Overshadowed" also known as OSO. Must be hard being Daler's l'il bro. I feel sorry for his choreographer.
3) And now on to the judges. For all his Anglicized posturing, Shiamak Davar is just another Parsi (Mama's) Boy. I quite believe that his judging decisions are influenced by fear of mom's wrath.
4) Megan, finally, some major analysis of your behavior. I've figured out why you adore Ranbir Kapoor. It's ok, you don't have to fire your psychoanalyst and hire advice is free. Ready? Drumroll...Megan likes Ranbir because he looks like Shekhar Ravjiani's younger brother. And Megan, if you deny this, I will have to declare that you are in denial....
Oops, time's up. End of our session for today.

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, fabulous!

Parsi men are deeply aware they should never disappoint their moms. And they aren't afraid to talk about it :)

Anonymous said...

well i am currently having a love/ no love relationship with ranbir. He is EVERYWHERE..

fark i am scared to have coco pops in the morning just in case his picture is on the box.
i tremble with fear in classes just in case he decides to give a lecture on why we should watch saawariya

Anonymous said...

no comments on sudha and her trying to be sexy with her flabby parts showing and her doing a "sensual" dance"???

Anonymous said...

Anybody here , Is it true that sudha chandran got a wooden leg , if that is the case .. she sure is a great fighter , show of flab apart but kudos to the lady for showing the courage to dance , how many of us can think of dancing in that condition

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush, just when i was starting to miss yr 'Notes fm the Couch', you make it worth the wait! Now just for Shiamak Davar, I feel must watch this show ---- fm everything I see here abt him, he comes off as being a PG Wodehouse character with immense comic potential!

O, Oh!.... sonam kapoor desperately needs a stylist. her fashion choices are abominable - esp the fugly dresses with the black hose! btw the SLB propaganda machine seems to be in full josh which has me convinced that there is nothing more to Son-Bir than marketing mirch masala.,00180012.htm

cool_guy, Sudha Chandran does have a jaipur foot. that was the entire plot of naache mayuri all those years ago. I'm with you on this --- if the only criticism against her is directed at her poor fashion choices, then it is defi an endorsement of her courage and grit :)

Anonymous said...

Aspi, the anecdote abt yr friend with the jaya prada fixation was hilarious! Loved the captions as usual --- btw did jeetendra really spew something akin to that batavada rhyme or was that just yr brilliant captioning skills? seems a little 3 stooges like minus the slapstick!

Tania said...

Aha, Aspi comes with his weekly dose of JDJ.And the feature on Negi is hilarious as usual.So is he your next bakra after Hemu,Aspi?
I feel Son-Bir are too overhyped as is SLB. The Bong that I am, I hated his interpretation of Devdas.I cringe to switch to Sony these days , all I see is fancy sets in some godforsaken lala land and Neetu Jr in his towel.grrrrrr. He is cute not the six packsy guys, and should cover up.I know Megan will get my throat for this but then Megan and I always disagree. :-)
coming back to JDJ, why were Sonali and TOby doing the border ke is paar and us paar dance when they knew that failed for Ex Jdj Pooja in NB?
Sudha can wear whatever for all I care but the lady can dance and I was very dissappointed that the audience thought she did not deservea few more weeks in JDJ and kept Sonali in.
And whats with Shiamak and his Angrezi? I was a big fan of him in college days, but Parsi boy can talk in Parsi if he can't talk in Hindi( which I think he can).
I loved the psychoanalysis of Mika and Shiamak.Toomuch overshadowing in the family, methinks.

Unknown said...

m, the Drift Memsaab says its best to stay away from Sudha Chandran. Humor and jaipur legs don't mix. I thought her dances were terrible - but her courage did touch me as also the fact that she seemed to have a very respectful relationship with her choreographer - not easy for a "famous" dancer like her to do.

Sidekick, its true! Jeetendra did make that comment and he managed to fit it into a plane scenario if you'll believe it. You'll often catch him on the show looking strangely at the monitor - kind of like Gulshan Grover.

Malz said...

Hi All,

I have been reading this forum for a while and this is my 1st comment.I love the funny captions on the pics n also like reading the comments..

I used to look forward to watching JDJ only to watch Sudha dance. I think she is fabulous. As far as her costumes are concerned I was just wondering if the participants have any say in it once they are given a theme..

Anyway hats off to her and as her choreographer rightly said after they got eliminated, she doesnt need to win any competition as she's a winner in life..

Anonymous said...

Aspi, this is so funny and bravo for watching the whole show. I kept switching the channels so much that I missed out on the few and far between funny parts. I did see Shiamak talking about Prachi's "ugly hands". The bahu is pretty but needs some personality.

Last year it was a treat watching Shweta Salve. This year none of the dancers are very good and the drama, as much as Mika tries, is not that exciting either.

And Sonam needs to stop giggling. When actors in their interviews say they can't say anything about a movie before its release, there is really not much to say about it.

Ranbir is still quite cute for me but then I have always loved Rishi's acting style and use to love watching Rishi and Neetu together.

Anonymous said...

yeah the whole SonaBir love angle is so fake. SLB makes them do appearances holding hands.

Sonam tries too hard to appear sweet and angelic. But apparently she's not that innocent.

I don't get her dress sense? is she trying to be different? like does she aspire to be Chloe Sevigny of India?

Shekhar Ki Deewani said...

Hehehehe...funy episode dis seriously loved de way shiamak bawa commneted bout prachi's uglee hands...ehehhe....n mann i HATED sonam's maternity outfit...ycukkkkk....i think de gal still thinks shes fat...dis is called post drastic weight loss depression....even i suffrered from it...:(....and mika...mann...he again reminds me of was he tryin 2 do.
??.hated his dance...n i just admore sudha's will...she sure has porved that disability is in the mind of the one suffering...
...and guys...i feel that sonam n prachi r so similar in their own wannabe cute ways...n dey luk similar to...
and Mindrush....Ranbir DOES NOT look like Shekhoo's younger bro...:-s..cuz how come i dont like him???

mimi said...

Prachi has ugly hands? Maybe Ekta Kapoor can wangle that into a surreal new storyline featuring some long lost sibling and freak bodyswapping accident.
Not on JBJ cuz I no longer have sony, but on Ranbir - his bare booty-shakin' scene - where he's frolicking aboot in that towel - has been chopped off the final cut of Saawariya. O Sadness.

Anonymous said...

it will be in dvd release i hope cuz i'll be watching the movie on dvd.

on elimination episode Prachi had 2 ponytails like WTF? she is overdoing the "i am cute little prachi and only 18" act

but annoying junta will make her the winner, i bet.. GRRRRRR

i can't stand sandhya either or Jay

in fact ronit is the only tolorable person on that show, but even he gets into my nerves at times

Anonymous said...

what exactly is a parsi?

anyone who's of Zoroastrian religion? what language do they speak?

Unknown said...

joules, I have a DVR so I can skip a lot when watching :). This has helped keep my sanity on many occasions.

m, a parsi is a zoroastrian who emigrated to India zillions of years ago. The main language is Gujarati.

Anonymous said...

and the word Parsi comes from Farsi...which means Persian...yea..dey came long back...not zillions of years ago Aspi..:P...from Persia because of the Muslim invasion...dey also got their holy fire with them, which is still burning in Navsari...dey adopted the local language of the land dey took refuge in, that is Gujarat.

Unknown said...

There is a pretty good roundup of the religion and the origin of Parsis on Arzan's site.