Friday, December 07, 2007

Nach Baliye 3: Judges and Losers

Vaibhavi Barkha IndranielSince I'm such a laggard and Mind Rush's terrific column is awaiting - I'll keep this short. Last week's Nach Baliye raised the interesting question: how strict should the judges be without crossing the line? And its a question that begs closer examination.

With the contestants on NB clearly raising their level with each passing week, the newly inserted jodi of Barkha and Indraniel stuck out like sore thumbs. On the first show two weeks ago, the judges dug into the newbies with relish. So on last week's show all eyes were on that particular train.

Rakhi SawantAnd bhais-ki-pooch if the two didn't come out and do a curiously amusing circus-like routine where Barkha got lifted and twirled around like a trapeze artist. It wasn't that they didn't try hard. Barkha looked all pumped up and ready to go and executed some promising moves. Her partner Indraniel on the other hand has a bit of a hangdog aura. And his laid back demeanor during the dance pissed Vaibhavi Merchant off no end.

So it was that the judges railed on Barkhaniel. And sent poor Barkha into the crying room. Funnily enough, although I felt terrible for the fresh jodi - imagine bombing after such hoopla - I felt that the judges handled it rather well. So how did they do it?

Vaibhavi Madhuri Dance Aaja NachleFor one, no matter how much they pretend on screen, they tend to vote en masse. Its hard to tell if they compare notes during the performance because on NB more than any other show the camera stays focussed on the performers throughout. But this block voting seems to keep one judge from collecting all the bad vibes and sends consistent messages.

Second, Vaibhavi does a terrific job of explaining why she's marking people down. You don't always agree with her (especially in the case of Karan-Amita) but she isn't afraid to pull someone up and more importantly, does it clearly and concisely without any co-dependent beating around the bush.

Aamir Sanjeeda DanceIn all of this Madhuri's presence was a winning one - I like how she goes for the drama in a hugely game fashion (Saritha's observation also on VoI). For her to take Vaibhavi on in the opening dance sequence was bold. Measured against Vaibhavi's wonderful compactness but somewhat over-rehearsed jhatkas, the duet showcased her unhurried grace.



Anonymous said...

The captions were superb as usual.Lol!I think theres something about choreographers...I have noticed Farah,Saroj Khan and now Vaibhavie,they all talk their minds, and are very strict and loud-mouthed(cant get a nicer-sounding word for it).I guess they litererally get the stars to dance to their tunes, so they r left with no patience or urge to be sweet.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, 2 posts in one day - what a treat ; a bonanza of hilarious captions!

Thanks to Madz, I watched this one - my first (and I think last) NB! Madz was a kick-ass judge and of course her dancing was lovely.

After all of the comments here abt Rakhi the drama queen, I was seriously disappointed - ek choo bhi nahin!

The waif-like Sanjeeda and the genial Aamir were all elegance, but the guy who really impressed me was Krushna. His AN dance was fantastic. Fortunately for him he seems to share Unca Govinda's affability and sense of rhythm but unfortunately he also looks a little like him --- sort of providing evidence that man descended fm the apes! Sorry, Govinda fans - I admit I was hugely impressed by his guest turn on II3.

Saritha said...

hey I like Govinda's style of dancing - 'Kisi disco mein jaaye' and 'kya hai mobile number' type of songs.Never liked him in collge,but now I see him as a great stress-buster,those hugely silly numbers are hugely fun too.and I agree,I totally loved his II3 stint.He can talk and talk sensibly.

On to NB,
Indraneil aimed at the exit every time Vaibhavi adjusted her mike.The poor chap always looked at his partner,for instructions, before moving his leg,just like a school kid would keep his eye on his PT teacher during Drill.

For someone like me who watched prob,2 and half episodes on the whole,I have my favs,so I don't expect others,like Leera who've been watching this show rt from the start to warm up to the new jodi.Whoever thought of introducing this 11th jodi-this was one lousy idea.

Anonymous said...

totally unrelated...but yipeee Hazaaron khwahishein aisi *may* get a sequel....with chitrangda in it!

Unknown said...

Ever since Govinda started doing that massive combover my attention has never strayed below his chin. I think all the entertainment is up there - especially when he gets his head wet.

In any case: enough being mean. I've found it curious that all the girls are better dancers than their male partners except when it comes to (semi)professional dancers like Rakhi and Kashmera. In that case, the men are better. Hmmm....where is Mind Rush?

Sidekick I'm with you: Rakhi Sawant is a bit of a damp squib - but she taps into some sense of girl power entitlement that I can't fully understand (which I suppose is ok - I'm happy to take it at face value).

Unknown said...

Hey, Ritha's back! I'm always trying to review a CD here and there to make sure you join us.

Anonymous said...

iss zaalim duniya ne rakhi ko badal diya hain,varna Rakhi Sawant aisi nahi thi.

Jab my sach bolti hun toh log kahte hain ki moophat hai,jab ache se rah ti hun,sirf aap ne kaam pe dyan dethi hun to kahte ho 'daamp shib'.uska matlab bi mujhe nahi pata phir bi Rakhi Sawant ko kuch pharak nahi padta.

Mujhe sab ne istamaal kiya hai.agar mera naam leke aap ko aur free publicity milti hai to Rakhi Sawant tayyar hai uske liye.

Unknown said...

Rakhi, aisa mat kaho - mein tumhe publicity ke liye kaise istemaal kar sakta hoon. Aap to meri behen jaisi ho.

(Note: that line has bailed countless men out of trouble so I thought I'd try it here)

Anonymous said...

Aspi ji,aap ne aaj mujhe aapna behan bata kar mujhe itni izzat di hain.main bhi aaj poori duniya ke saamne kahti hun,jaao mere bare mein kuch bhi liko.aakir ek bhai ka hakh banta hai aapne behen par.

Mujhe bahut kushi hogi agar aap mere saath dance karenge toh.Itna toh maang sakhti hun aap ne bhai se.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aspi, am here...wht CD u have in mind? BTW the spice girls' concert are getting good reviews...r u goin for it???

Anonymous said...

talking of music reviews...did u do one on khoya khoya chand? I've looked around and couldn't find it.

Unknown said...

ritha, pretty much anything on the Drift iPOD section is what I'm listening to.

I did listen to KKC but never did have time to review it - which is a bit of a problem with reviews these days. I might just do a Best New Music and synch up with some CDs.

Unknown said...

Nahi, Rakhiji, sammaanit to ham hue. Aakhir meri koi behen nahi hai to aapne mujhe iss tereh se gaud le ke mujh par bahut bada upkaar kiya hai.

Yeh ehsaan mein kabhi nahi bhooloonga. Aur aap ke saath kya, mein mere birader-in-laa Abhijit ke saath bhi nachne ke liye tayyaar hoon.

Jaise Madhuriji apne sequel mein kahengi: Chalo Nachle!

Anonymous said...

Abhijit ke saath kaun dance karenga,pagal kuthe ne kaata hain?uss ka naam toh *sharmaatey huye* Abhishek hai.

main toh chotti bachi dikhti hun aap ke saamne main kaise aap ko gaud loongi,baiyya?

Unknown said...

Arre, rakhi behen, maaf karna. Aapke saamne sab log Abhijit hi lagte hain.

Waise Abhijit ke sar pe jo nai bunai hui hai uske baare mein aapka ka kya khayal hai?

Anonymous said...

Mujhe woh pehle achche lagte the.Abhi hum log agar kuch doctor ka help lete hain kisi bhi cheez ke liye,toh woh samaj mein aata hain.Kyunki hum hamesha camera ke saamne rah te hain.

Woh to recording studio mein gaate hain toh inke gaane ke saath baalon ka kya taaluk hain,mujhe samaj mein nahi aata.

Abhijit ji, main aap ko bahut like karti hun,yeh toh Aspi bhai ne poocha toh maine bata diya.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA............WTF!!!!Rakhi, and

Anonymous said...

Aap Drift ji ko "rakhee brother" making? Aspi has lots of tazurba with this...All cute choris making him rakhee brother as a kid...

Unknown said...

Rakhi behen, Abhijit ko chatne ki koi jaroorat nahi hai. Woh jyaada se jyaada kya karega? Tumhe gaud le lene ki dhamki dega, na? Chinta mat karo!

Jeetu did mention on JDJ that he used to be a totla but he overcame it and still became a "hero". That might not be related to his slurred speech although he always sounded like he does today to me.

Anonymous said...

i thought jeetendra drank too much...hence his slurred speech. Even dharampa's speech is like that nowadays.

Anonymous said...

One of things I like about Govinda is - the guy is humble to the core.

And like Saritha I enjoyed his popular numbers.

Anonymous said...

Raakhi, Aspi: very funny :).

I guess I'm not very good at figuring out who has had cosmetic work done --- I wouldn't expect that Shabana had for instance. She has such an arresting face that its almost irrelevant to me that she is not conventionally beautiful. For someone like her, I'd say signs of aging like lines on her face only add to the strength of her forceful personality.

Anonymous said...

Ritha, good to see you back ...... :::waves:::

Great news abt HKA and Chitrangada. I loved the movie and her performance.

Did you listen to KKC? The title track is my fave right now. also enjoyed yeh nigahen and thirak, thirak. i think the album is a winner.

Anonymous said...

hi sidekick :) Thank you. I like KKC. When I first heard it I was extremely dissapointed that so many songs esp. 'Yeh nigahen' sounds exactly like one of those jazz songs. Turns out it was intentional as all the songs had to sound similar to the songs of that era. My fav is the slow sad song (forget its name) and also o re pakhi. Shantanu Moitra has plagiarized quite a bit in the past, hence i am not too ok with his overall achievements.

ppl said...

Wow I am a little late to this party, but it sure was an interesting read, especially the comments!

On this week's NB, Saturday's kids special theme was a nauseating farce. I barely fast forwarded my way through the exaggerated performances gagging every now and then when I heard someone baby talk.

Rakhi and Abhishek were the least offensive.

Its almost as if these couples were never kids and someone showed them a whole host of star plus kiddy shows and asked them to copy the lisping actors.

Anonymous said...

Hey Saritha, didnt u mention earlier that u like Sanjeeda.I just read that she and Aamir are the first finalist couple of NB3.
If u recall this week, Sanjeeda and Rakhi both did solo mujras.Rakhi got more marks but I think her dancing was too loud and in-your-face.Sanjeeda danced more elegantly and with 'nazaakat'.
Hey Aspi, not garnering enough support for ur Rakhiben?

Anonymous said...

I just saw a news clipping giving details of Rakhi;s wardrobe malfunction.Did this happen earlier cos I missed a few episodes. If it hasnt , then this is news for u. She got it fixed, and returned, but couldnt back into form...thats what the news says.

Anonymous said...

Ok, as per a telly buzz article its Sanjeeda vs Rakhi in the finals.

Saritha said...

yay.....thanks for the info anu.I am so happy for Sanjeeda.She deserves to be in the finale.I agree with mujra act,didn't quiet go bonkers over Rakhi,but Sanjeeda as usual was grace personified.Of course,by the end of the song(which is one of my favs),without going for the mukhda again,they could have infused a kathak piece.No doubt,Sanjeeda could have easily pulled it off.