Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2007: War and Peace

Priti notes the escalating competitive sourness on the show with dismay

When a game becomes a war, when the sports arena looks like a battle field, when a creative competition becomes cut throat, the very ethos and spirit of the game takes a beating.

The winners gloat - remember Aneek’s expression of disbelief on being declared a winner? - and losers break down - Rakhi and Abhishek’s walk out on the recent NB3 results, and Rakhi’s subsequent tirade alleging the channel had manipulated them to ensure the TRPs of their show even as they ensured people from their channel’s serial win – “They have ruined us! I did nothing but concentrate on working for months for this show”, and Abhishek’s wail of “there is no reality in the reality shows!”

Such moments make these competitions such a sham. Aren’t the participants prepared to lose even if they have dreamt about winning? Do the channels actually promote these conflicts to raise the TRPs, as most losers would have us believe? Or is it just a case of sour grapes?

When this gets extended to a show that involves kids, one feels like rushing to protect those little lovable ones - from elimination and in the case of SRGMP Lil Champs even from their own parents!

These parents seem to have set no limit in realizing their dreams through their children. The very adults who are supposed to inculcate sporting spirit in their wards, seem to be a role model for exactly the opposite. Win! By hook or by crook!!! That seems to be the message they are driving home.

The Dec 21 episode saw this bitter sense of competition echoed during the results. But before that a peep into the little darlings’ performance - Vibhore’s roaring “Dardi rab rab kardi”, Rohit’s “Kawa kawa kawa”, Amir Hafeez’s “Soniye”, and Tamay’s “Jhooth nahin bolna” were superlative. Rohanpreet seems to look so much more relaxed now and his singing has improved manifold. But I wish Vaishali didn't act sooo precocious and was a little more her age. Vasundhara also pulls my sails down with her “Oh my God!” naatak each time she exults over something.

My all time favorite though is Amir Hafeez. His “Saawre” and “Teri diwani” were absolutely divine. Also Vibhore with his mop of thick hair and toothy smile is lovable. The unpretentious Sahil getting back in the game is great too. Actually each of those kids is ever so cute.

Result Time

There were to be four eliminations this work. I waited for the results with bated breath – not sure if I wanted to see anyone, least of all four go away. Even Sonu seemed to be bracing himself when he remarked that they would be sad to see some of the kids go. They had become like their own kids he said. Richa Sharma, the guest on Friday, announced the results - Sagar, Barbie, Sayon, and Loria could not make it.

Aisa Kaise

With so many kids going, the parents voiced their disappointment. Sayon’s mother wanted to know each kid’s individual vote count.

Loria’s father was the most vociferous. He demanded to know how there could be a total of little over 2 lakh votes when they had themselves set up special computers in various places for sending in more than one lakh votes, and had spent more than 70k on SMSs!

Loria’s was taken aback at this“admission” by her father. If she had her way she would’ve rushed across to him and gagged him. Aditya informed him that only one vote from a computer was registered. Mr. Doshi’s shameless demand of why they were not told of this had the judges shocked.

Sonu had to tick off Mr. Doshi with “achhe sanskar sikhao, sharafat se jeetna sokhao”! Suresh Wadkar and Richa Sharma, the guest of the evening were in agreement. Also a spot for drama, the judges staged a walk out! A tiger doesn’t change it’s spots! So the script writers furiously wrote the drama, that was subsequently enacted on the show.

I wonder if those kids can really enjoy the winning or losing with such overwhelming pressure from their parents. I thought the advantage with children is you can’t keep them down for too long. They get over their adversities far quicker than adults. But can they get over quickly enough carrying their parents’ baggage?

Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

WTF???Is that Doshi dude for real????spent effin 70k for votes??? im wudnering whether Oink won dat way...:-s

Unknown said...

How does one spend 70k on SMS anyway. I'm curious - you just hand out cell phones to people and have them SMS for you?

Saritha said...

Priti,excellent post!I am all curious to see this one.That girl may not have gagged her father now,but she's going to do that in future for sabotaging her chances of being popular.

uh-oh aspi!They actually do that.Last season II2 showed Sandeep's uncle,who seem to have appointed several young boys and girls to send sms's for Sandeep Acharya "raat aur din"(he said that).We could see the groups as well.

With Karisma,what exactly was she expecting at a press conference.Her sis is more popular now and it's obvious that jounos would ask her abt Kareena's current love-interest.I am not sure if she was guarding her sis's love life or is palin J that she didn't get this kind of coverage when she was a heroine.May Santa give both the sisters some happiness and few pairs of earrings.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I missed some very eventful spisodes last weeked. Have to catch up this week.'
Priti, very interesting write-up.I was quite impressed that these kids were having a lovely time and bonding really well. Its a pity that the parents jut in and bring in such a terrible atmosphere on the set.
I am glad Sahil is in(for reasons I mentioned earlier), I hope he sings well.Priti, U r right about Vaishali,I find her too irritating.
Aspi, I am told people buy lots of prepaid cards, and give them to their friends, and ask them to use the cards only for voting.This is in addition to asking their friends to vote for them.
Saritha, I think Karisma is J. I mean she could have just passed off the 'no comments' if she didnt want to speak about her sisters personal life'.Was this walk-out shown on the episode? I have a very bad opinion about these two sisters already cos they kept these kids so confused last month that finally they didnt perform well when Ashaji came.

Unknown said...

Surely there has got to be an easier way to pump fake SMSs into a system other than use prepaid cards :) But that would be an illegal business.

One of the best ways to guage the stress level around an issue in a celebrity's life is to see how they react to questions around the issue. If its something positive or going well, they'll spend all day coming up with cute things to say. Otherwise its a snap and a shuffle.

Anonymous said...

Priti, I just managed to catch part of the Friday episode. I think loria knew what her dad had done...cos as soon as they announced Sahil's name, they showed Loria looking at her dad, and putting her finer on her lips (Dad, dont u let the secret out). Poor dad who became emotional couldnt resist.If its true then thats terrible. I like Sahil;s mom. She was so composed and behaved very maturely(even earlier when her son got out).And when he sand badly at the end of this episode, she was so ambarrassed, she had her head down all the time. This proves that she understands good music, and is not the pushy mom who says that her child is the best irrespective of the performance.
Saritha, u r right, I remember how Sandeep got so much support from Rajasthan, while we Hyderabadis were sendign 5-10 votes each in favour of Karunya, thinking that it would make a great difference.
Anyway one thing is clear after the showdown on Lilchamps, people will continue doing all this for vites, but they will never dare admit it on camera. Poor Doshi didnt realise that telling the truth doesnt always help!