Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs: Setting a few new trends

Tania enjoys this show and tells us why

SRGMP L'il Champs can boast of one thing: it is definitely REFRESHING. It sets a few new trends.
  1. The judges actually focus on music and analyze each performance honestly

  2. The guests till date haven't just walked in to add to the glamor quotient

  3. There are no true favorites of the judges
  1. No regional sympathy garnering...yet

  2. The annoying "Time Please" instead of SRGMP's "Yudhviraam"

  3. The amusing report card grades

A few things have still remained the same
  1. Head's omnipresence - which is a good thing if you ask me

  2. The name calling as in "Pune ke kaanchtor cricketer!" or "The poetess from Assam!"

The guests have been a refreshing change and there is no unnecessary chatoing going on during the show. Credit is given where due and the criticism is fair.

Last week featured an old and a new face. The original Item Diva Usha Uthup and the hatke superstar Aamir Khan. Usha was as energetic as ever and gave some good advice to the kids regarding singing and life in general. Aamir came to promote his directorial debut Taaren Zameen Par but I won't get into my "stars as guests promoting their movies" bashing because I've been a huge Aamir fan since his QSQT days.

Aamir was surprisingly down to earth unlike the snobbish image that is portrayed in the media. He was floored by his star fan Sonu Nigam and their mutual admiration was far fetched from the usual "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" scenario. Genuine exchanges like this makes this show worthwhile for me.

But what bothers me is Sonu - being the huge singing star that he is - results in less face time for Sureshji. I love to hear the good natured banter between Sureshji and the guests as well his fabulous critiques. I also want to see some Bs and B+s on the show instead of As and A+s being handed out like candy at Halloween. Unlike the bade bacches, its the chhutkus and chhutkis that are quite good at handling disappointments.

A few things to watch out for, with public voting starting. The sympathy factor and regionalism will likely be the trump cards the producers will start the SMS mania with. I am hoping the drama between Sonu and Sureshji will be limited - but hey, its reality TV, so expect a few things that will wow you and a few that will hit below the belt.

I haven't picked my favorites yet, but Aamir Hafiz is one kid to watch out for. And Anamika Chaudhury from Assam is another rising star. I am not sure about the already risen ones as they might fade away sooner that you expect.



Cinderella said...

Public voting??i think that would be a li'l too tough and unfair for the kids to take!

SkD said...

Wadkar Eggpressions!!!!!!ROFL!!!!

ritha said...

o god! the eggspressions are MINDBLOWING!Lollll

Saritha said...

Aspi,the eggspressions look so much better with your clever caps.lol.

Thank you(A Big HAPPY face)

Saritha said...

btw Tania,

I can't seem to access a lot of sites today,so will watch this show later and come back to talk abt it.I've never seen Lil Champs,but how can I miss Aamir.

The gist of your post suggests that we are now back to the good ole SRGMP days when Sonu was hosting it-too healthy for my heart/mind,so I am going to watch it:)

Tania said...

Hey Saritha
The eggspressions areawesome. Where did you get them from? A pre - easter decoration? :D
You have to see Aamir. If you are an Aamie fan, he looks delicious, very much like your eggspressions.
Let us see how the rest of the show plays out.
And Aspi, A BIG THANK YOU for posting this.

Aspi said...

Tania, thank you for writing for the drift. And Saritha for her lovely egg work.

Saritha said...


A weird idea that came to my mind just before making an egg curry.The credit,infact,goes to Sidekick for coining the phrase-He's such a good egg.

Ofcourse anu provided enough evidence to prove that he's not that good,but will be called an egg,nevertheless:P

anu g said...

Saritha, Oh yes, Suresh can still be called an egg...eggs can be rotten too:)....actually he is not all that bad. I have somehow enjoyed watching suresh and sonu.
Wow,ur eggspressions were so funny.

anu g said...

Tania, lovely write-up. U must write more often.Its so refreshing to read news about Lil Champs again....Its one of my favourite shows, and I think everyones doing a great job.
Though I think things r going to get heated up when the public voting begins. I am against it personally. I think its not fair to get kids to try and be politically correct just to garner votes.(Saritha was mentioning that some drama was staged on Chotte Ustaad).
Its also very disheartening for the kids who sing well but cant impress the voting public. I think they should just get some more judges and let them decide.Sigh, I guess that wont happen cos how can they make the moolah then:(.

anu g said...

I know I am going to get hatemail from the lasses who swoon at John Abraham. I watched Goal this weekend. And I realised that John just couldnt emote....He had the same expression when he was happy/sad/angry/in love......I kept remembering an earlier post of Aspi's captions with fotos of Suresh Wadkar with his various emotions....and I kept chuckling there..My kids were quite surprised cos they found nothing funny. Now Saritha's eggspressions are making me laugh all over again.

Sidekick said...

Tania, nice job! I completely agree on the high quality judging and drama free entertainment where the kids and their music take center stage. I love the show and have got kinda emotionally attached to many of the kids! I felt terrible when Loria was eliminated.

Sonu playing fan-boy to Aamir was touching. I also enjoyed Sonu mimicking Usha Uthup. He's a first rate mimic with a range clearly beyond impressions of Udit Narayan and Anu Malik.

Saritha, the eggspressions are superb, fantastic, outstanding, mind blowing :) .... truly inspired. although for me the shine is off Suresh W, he still qualifies as a bad egg or not-so-good egg if u're feeling charitable.

Anonymous said...

anu g, i think its possible to appreciate john abraham as eye candy and also acknowledge that he's from the plank school of acting :P

Mind Rush said...

Eggcelent! You all are so creative! How about a Him-mess Besharmiya "ego-collection"?

BTW, on this show I will be voting for Aamir Khan.

Sidekick said...

Mind Rush ---- back at ya, nice play on words :)

I'm leaving for India later today and will be gone for a month. Coz I'm addicted to the site , I'm sure I'll check in but I'm not sure how often I'll get to comment. Just so I don't miss the chance, I'd like to wish all the drifters a fabulous holiday season and the very best for 2008. My life got considerably more masaledaar in 2007 because of all of you --- thanks! Lets party on at the drift in 2008 :D

anu g said...

Sidekick Bon Voyage! Hope to see u active on the drift even in india.

Bella said...

Aamir looked too hot in Fanaa, i could watch that movie over and over again just for him


Saritha said...

See ya,Sidekick!

Tania said...

Anu and Sidekick and others,
Thanks for the compliments. I will be a regular churner of LIL Champs titbits for Drift, though my forte lies more in poetry.
Saritha, thats very creative and why don't you take Mindrush's idea and come with a Himesh "ego collection.Maybe you could use a rotten egg or two in the process.
Sidekick, Have fun in India.

Saritha said...


Rotten eggs and Himesh's ego.....LOL
Terrific idea.

Let's digress,before Aspi sees it.

Aspi said...

Himesh ki beizzati! Aur woh bhi iss blog pe. Nahiii!

Sidekick, have fun. Come back and say hello whenever you get the chance.

I'm off to mera gaon mera desh as well starting tomorrow.

Tania, so you are good at limericks/poetry na? How about doing one for SRGMP Lil Champs one of these days?

anu g, I tell you - you could start your own blog called Bollywood Breaking News and it would be wildly popular!

Joules said...

Wow, Aspi, two trips to India in a few months. How do you manage that?

Sidekick, have a blast :)

anu g said...

Oh no thanks Aspi. I am very happy sharing whatever info I have with my fellow- drifters(thopo-ing it on u guys, whether u like it or not).

anu g said...

Tania, how about a poem on Lil Champs..that will be a wonderful combo.

anu g said...

Aspi, Bon Voyage to u too! And welcome to India:).

Tania said...

I will surely oblige with your request for a poem on the Lilchamps.
I usually churn out my stuff at
It has some of my old poems and I will add some new ones too if you are interested in reading.

anju said...

Anda Anda Anda
Anda Hum Sab Ne Dekha Hai Kahi Baar Dekha, Par Kya Kabhi Socha Hai Is Ande Ka Funda Hai
Yeh Kitna Gehra Hai Is Takle Sar Ke Ander Ek Brain Sunehra Hai
Yeh Kuch Samjaata Hai Yeh Kuch Sikhlaata Hai Zara Gaur Se Suniye Ga Hum Gaa Ke Sunata Hai

Anda Anda Anda Anda Anda Anda Anda Anda Aao Sikhao Tume Ande Ka Funda
Yeh Nahin Pyare Koi Maamule Banda
Aao Sikhao Tume Ande Ka Funda.

I love it, sooooooooo cute Andas.
hey aspi can we get scoop on Tare Zameen Paar.

anu g said...

Hey Tania, I just checked out ur poems. Wow!Awesome!Initially I very hesitantly went to ur blogspot cos I am not the literature-sorts who can go deep into the feel of the poem and analyse it etc etc.(Hint,Hint.....if u have now graduated to very meaningful poems, then please dont ask me to read them and give my opinions cos I will fail miserably at understanding the deeper meaning :)). But I thoroughly enjoyed ur poems. I wish I had watched the Angad serial, then i am sure I could have enjoyed the poem better.Given ur style of poetry, i am sure I will love ur poem on Lilchamps. So pen it down soon:).

Aspi said...

anu g, many thanks for the welcome!

anu, wah wah, kya poem hai! The kind I really like. Tania will respond with one of her own soon, I'm sure.

If I see Taare Zameen Par, I'll be sure to review it. For now, no concrete plans due to upcoming travel.

anu g said...

Hey wheres megan?
Did u watch the Friday episode of Lil Champs? Megan and I were the only two who felt so bad when Sahil got out of the Lilchamps earlier. He was like this little boy who was totally untrained being from a poor village (I assume), who felt totally lost and scared on the stage.But he sang beatifully. I thoughtit was a boy like him who deserved to be trained and polished.
I was so glad to see him transformed this week. Its obvious he is a very nice human being too, cos all the kids love him.
And I appreciate his mom who is not like all those pushy moms who make their kids behave like adults.She is from a simple rural family,and it was so nice to see the simple pride on her face when her son was apreciated.
I surely hope he gets voted back. He neednt win the contest. Atleast he should be given a chance to polish his skills.

Beau Selecta said...

Aamir was kind of hot in Fanaa. I watched it today, and Chand sifarish is possibly my favouritest song (of that genre) ever.

Anonymous said...