Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Bappida recently gave an interview that was published in the India Buzz section of ToI. I'm a huge fan of the Girly Voice (Abhijit's idea not mine) and miss him desperately since he left Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge - taking that awesome sideways clap with him and leaving a considerable void behind.

Low Cal Diet Bappi LahiriIn fact I whooped so loudly during his brief appearance in Om Shanti Om that my wife and kids pretended to not know me in the theater.

And thanks to Ritha for treating my Bappi withdrawal in such a timely manner. Its a fascinating interview and I'll summarize what Alokesh had to say about life and stuff.

On Bappi
Children are specially very fond of me. They find me really sweet....
The way I talk and carry myself makes me an ideal subject for mimicry.

On personal style
My style sense is much inspired by Elvis Presley. Around the world I’m known as bling-bling Bappida.

On his son, Bappa
I want him to be the torch bearer of our family.

On his daughter, Rema
[She] is trying hard to make her presence felt in the industry

On his nemesis Abhijit
he is one person on this earth, whose sight I cannot stand....I think Abhijit Sawant is more famous than him.

On current TV projects
Today, I’m really happy judging shows like K for Kishore and Bathroom Singer.

On SRGMP Roji Roti
Aneek Dhar, Amanat Ali, Raja, Mauli Dave and Sumedha are singing for me. They have done a great job.

On International Fame and Fortune
I am planning a few things with Boy George and Apache Indian.



ritha said...

LOL! Where did you get that awesome pic from?

sidekick said...

...awesome caption too! the pic looks like a b4 one used in a miracle weight loss pill ad. if bleeng-bleeng eats that size of meal regularly, my guess is we'll never see the after!

btw, whats the origin of the abhijeet-bleeng bleeng dushmani? was it simply rivalry on reality shows (the youtube clip has been removed, so i'm missing on some entertainment) or is there some deep dark bong saazish?

Aspi said...

ritha, most pics that are not screen caps are courtesy Google.

sidekick, I'm dying to know the origins of the rivalry myself. In the interview Bappi indicates some issue from long back but stops short of revealing. Some saazish for sure.

payal said...

hah! I totally forgot about the sideways clap-great observation! and i can't wait to see what he comes up with in his collaborations with apache indian and boy george. that will def. be interesting!

Mind Rush said...

LOL! I had completely forgotten about bleeng bleeng's comment that Abhijeet was "thud class." :-)

Mind Rush said...

Folks, on an unrelated note, how come everyone is so sane and happy this season? This is downright depressing....

Mind Rush is itching to give some Love Chakker advice. Surely there have been some serious scandals recently? Holiday heartbreaks? New affairs in the New Year??? Please pour your hearts out.

Peace Lover said...

Mind Rushji, aap ne bulaya aur hum chale aye -- to the pop psychologist's couch.

I'm a glam, hip and happening model-turned-actress. My debut film is a smash hit and has broken all kinds of box office records. My career is going swimmingly....but yeh kambakht ishq!

I have lots at least 2 dashing GenNext cricketers vying for my attention. My heart though belongs to the one who is a prince amongst cricketers. My "well wishers" tell me I ought to dump him because he is all flash and no fire and his bad attitude and inability to deliver in the ultimate test (cricket) make him unreliable and unworthy of me.

I'm torn. What should I do?

Aspi said...

peace lover, brilliant! Mind Rush shall return to help set your life straight.

In the meantime, I suggest we change your name to D(eeply) P(uzzled).

Peace Lover said...

Aspiji, Shukriya. You bring Shanti to my troubled heart. I will agree to change my name to D(eeply) P(uzzled) if Mind Rushji can assure me that it is numerologically, astrologically and illogically sound.

Joules said...

peace lover, you can change it to Deeeeply Puzzzzzled. Add as many e and z's as your numerologist recommends. I am sure you have one.

This reminds me of the movie Mission Istanbul where they are changing the spelling of Istanbul to make it numerologically sound. Talk about ridiculous!

On a side note, why does Ekta Kapoor always have that big tilak on her forehead. Makes her look like a daku. Is there ever a picture of her without the tilak?

Joules said...

So whenever I see Bappi, I can't get the song 'Pyaar Bina Chain Kaha Re'. I wonder if it is secret crush I have on him. Mind rush please help!

Joules said...

I meant to say "the song out of my head".

Saritha said...

hey Sidekick,how are ya?


Don't tell me,bappi sang 'pyar bina...'Wow!Now I know why he's loved so much....hmmm

They played that song on my mama's wedding and we,kids,around 20 of them jumped on to the stage to shake a leg.Even the most reclusive ones couldn't resist,leaving no space for Dulha and Dulhan....LOL.

Saritha said...

btw,isn't that 'Yaar bina...'?

Aspi said...

Bappi premis unite - here is the song in Joules' head.

And I've wondered that about Ekta myself. It does make her look like Tilak Raj, but on the other hand she stands out as a no-nonsense bandit queen.

girlie girl said...

I agree with Mind Rush, all of Bollywood can't be sane!! We have to have more drama than this!!

Aspi, Kudos on the Bleeeng-bleeeng (i thought i'd add more ee's for cause of my numerologist's sake!) write-up! LMAO!

Spruha said...

Aspi and Drifters,

Below is a link to an article about the whole Abhijeet-Bappi controversy which happened when both were judging SRGMP and VOI, respectively. Abhijeet went on record to call Bappi "besharam" and then Bappi said he'd sue him. I'm trying to find the vid of the interview because I remember it being some intense stuff!


Joules said...

Thanks Aspi. lol!!!

I had forgotten how good the video was. I miss disco years....

ritha said...

In love with the pic...I looked for the original article that had this...and sure enough, theres more fodder for us! "When Bappi flashed to be recognized..."

Aspi said...

That's pretty hilarious too! Bappi is a complete entertainer.

girlie girl said...

I loved how they kept telling us exactly what he was eating!! lol!

Joules said...

This article can keep in splits for a while. Bappi is on a diet and is eating: Kesari Pulao, Shahi korma, lachcha palak, kesar phirni.

He should write a book on his diet.

Aspi said...

It will be called The Bleeng Bleeng Diet: How to eat food of every color known to man.

girlie girl said...

Dont forget the lal dahi!! Jeez!!

Aspi said...

What the heck is lal dahi anyway? I wondered about that.

Mind Rush said...

Lal dahi sounds like beetroot raita to me.

sidekick said...

bleeng bleengda sure has given us for food for thought :). for every kind of fine dining experience there is mastercard, bleeng bleengda's "DIET" priceless! Ritha, glad u unearthed that article.

lal dahi i think is just another name for mishti doi. the caramelized sugar and thickened milk turn the dahi red/brown ---http://www.angelfire.com/indie/bestconcepts/sweets.html

saritha, ::::waves::::
hope u had a good holiday break. usually i return fm india kicking and screaming, but this time the wedding festivities wore me out so i was glad to come home to the states! i return in considerable awe of the amazing consumer power and willingness to spend in india. if i never see another sari or jewelery store in my life, it'll be too soon for me ;)

Dhakan said...

Can some one amongst the talented Readers write about Blingo's travel - How he manages airline seats etc.

Bella said...

hey Aspi, how abt adding some Bappisms, like 'purformance', etc.
my mind is blank right now, cant think of others but i'm sure there are tons

Aspi said...

Dhakan, he probably flies business class for the larger seats. I know of some people who have to do that. Otherwise the airline makes you purchase two seats.

Bella, Paarphormans is a great one. Here are some others I can think of:

Bahoot acha laaga

Tumhara low notes ko saambhalo. Tum 'Aaaaaaaaaa!' ke baadley 'Aeheeeeeeee!' gaon.

Tum India ka [insert phoren celebrity here] hey

Mey tumko India ka [insert phoren celebrity here] banaya

Akshay ees my phavoreet

anu g said...

Saritha, even i heard a song recently which happened to be sung by Bappida (i just cant remember which) and it was sung by him....very melodious, and he sang it beautifully.Poor guy we keep teasing him for his dress-sense,accent and now diet, but he is actually a pretty good singer/director and a bholu person.

Saritha said...

I know anu.When Aspi kept saying that he loves anything sung by Bapppi,I was not sure that he ACTUALLY worked as full time singer besides singing 'Chirodini' in bangla.Now,I want to search Google for his other popular numbers.

Bappi's line-

Mey India mein pahla baar yeh (western/disco) beat laa ya.

Tum bahoot butyfool(as in handsome) hon

Saritha said...


I am happy to know that you had a blast in India.About the Consumer power there,tell me abt it.My mom's always talking abt it and I simply can't seem to process most of the figures(in terms of rupees) she's talking.

Aspi said...

Saritha, I actually wanted to quote that line but couldn't find the exact words. Fine job!