Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January Linkology

Rakhi Sawant's new show explores sensitive issues. Like sex. And extra-marital affairs

I don't take money for films - Sonia Singh interviews SRK

Why Farah is pissed with Deepika (from anu g)

The Begum meets Bappi (from leera)

A special award for all Drifters (from headmistress)

Jodhaa Akbar: the boycott begins

SRK ropes in Vishal Shekhar for the theme song for his IPL cricket team (from anu g)

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai baby girl makes her way to a saas-bahu serial (from Sania)

Someone called Rozza leaks the latest pics from Tashan. Why? Don't look at me (from Joules)

L'il Champs sing for Bhootnath

What do you have that Himesh doesn't? The Sonu Nigam interview (from anu g)

SRK and Preity buy cricket teams

Akshay Kumar sponsors wrestlers (from anu g)

What's the top Southie Superstar make per movie?

The King of Bollywood wins a tremendously weird sounding French award

The new Drift addiction: Spotted!

How much weight can Priyanka lose? (from Joules)

The pressure on those L'il Champs (from anu g)

Is my Qaidi Number lucky for me? asks Govinda (from Spruha)

Want to look like Salman Khan? (from Joules)

Any word on these new shows? Kaho Na Yaar Hai and Say Shava Shava (from Sidekick)

Aamir Khan's read-worthy blog (from Sidekick)

Why do I make so many movies with lesser known film-makers? John Abraham answers his own question on his web site

Vishal-Shekhar on CNN-IBN (from leera)

Saif's Kareena tattoo and all about tattoo removal (from Sidekick)

TV audiences for hire (from anu g)

Really, watch this! (from Saritha)

Himesh Reshammiya loses weight, gains hair (from Saritha)

Why is Rekha wearing Sindoor? (from Joules)

Rekha's sindoor is purely ornamental (from Yajnaseni)

Bappi works the media (from Ritha)

Bappi's awesome Pyaar Bina Chain Kaha Re

The Abhijit-Bappi battle begins (from Spruha)

More insights into the Bappi (from Ritha)

Lal Dohi - that thing Bappi can't live without (from Sidekick)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Now when Saif wants his tattoo removed he would know where to look for.

Unknown said...

Now: WWKD or in other words, What Will Kareena Do?

Anonymous said...

Great idea Aspi(linkology). But as regards the font colour....Was it always pink? Seems different.My personal view....maybe a dark blue or something would look better. I love pink(i think this is magenta),but magenta with orange and green seems a little govinda-style.No offence meant....just my personal opinion. If u and the other drifters like it, please go ahead. its not going to keep me away from the drift under any circumstances.

Unknown said...

All right, anu g. I changed it back to the original (I think) which works better.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I didnt realise that filmstars have their own blogs and have the time to pen down their thoughts. Frankly I thought it was the fans who make sites...anyway, a great site for john-fans...unfortunately I am not one of them!

Anonymous said...

aspi, love the linkology. u're quite the blog guru :)

anu g, i think stars are getting into the blogging game seriously. aamir khan seems to make all his major announcements only thru his blog. the press seems to have been marginalized - they report news fm his blog!

aspi maybe u shd hold blogging lessons for the sitaras :)


Anonymous said...

Aspi, this colour looks wonderful.Thanks for considering the change. tho I feel a tad embarrassed for pushing u into changing the colours.But as a reader, this colour looks much brighter and better than the pink.

Anonymous said...

leera, :::waves::: --- good to have u back. begum sounds intriguing --- maybe u shd post on it to whet our appetites :)

also, thanks to anu g's many india-forums links i saw news on 2 new shows --- Kaho Na Yaar Hai on Star (the opener features Sonu N and Mallika S) and Say Shava Shava
(another music reality show with Karan J and Simi G as judges) on the newly launched NDTV Imagine. Drifters, any first impressions?


Anonymous said...

Sidekick, I saw the Shava Shava show for a few minutes last night, and I must say it was so terrible. there was this guy Manish Goel, the runner-up of NB2, and he sang so badly that we had such a great laugh. But then cricket-news is so spicy these days, that it took precedence.I would like to know how Sumeet Raghavan sang.( Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is one of my favourite comedy shows).Drifters, any comments?).

Anonymous said...

Sidekick, thanks for the link to the amirkhan blog. He sounds so different from the aamir we have heard of.I hope (atleast for the sake of his fans) that he desnt stop writing his blog now that his movie has got released and been declared a hit.
As for me I cant go ga-ga over one hero, I am very happy here at the site discussing (I'd rather not use the word gossipping) everyone with my fellow-drifters:).

Anonymous said...

I read Aamir's blog often. At one point he was writing from the sets of his new movie (remake of Ghajini) and had all kinds of behind the scene tit-bits on it. He also had a lot of insight about the making of lagaan. I am a sucker for "behind the scenes" write ups so this was just up my alley.

Anonymous said...

Wanna look like Salman Khan?

Salman is penning a book on his fitness regime


Saritha said...

yup,Aamir's blog is great.(I luv Aamir,so...)I discovered it few mths ago.It's good to read all abt the production process,the real people behind the camera,how ideas take shape and all.It even features some of the pics taken during a music bhaitak for 'Ghajini' in Rahman's studio in Chennai.It appears that Rahman saab is a night owl,he likes to work during nights.

Aamir started this to connect with his Lagaan fans.He then realized that this medium gives him a chance to connect with his fans directly.So he started a new blog after his name.Nice,na.

Unknown said...

anu g, nonsense. You - like the others - are entitled to ask for changes in the blog design.

Sidekick, I'm glad you like it. This way hopefully if you have something to say you can say it here without having to wait for a post from me about something related.

Read Aamir's blog - pretty good to read. But no RSS feeds?! Someone needs to talk to Chintu.

Unknown said...

Joules, I'll be the first to check out Salman's book. Why? Because he has an arty side to him that surprises me. I saw some of his (alleged) oil paintings a year or so ago in a newspaper and they were very good.

And right after that I changed my mind about him as being an actor full of himself to an actor making fun of an actor who is full of himself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

spruha, thanks! i'm a huge fan of sonu's singing - i think he is the best we have. that said i like amrita's thumb rule on sonu - to walk when he talks! but the show does sound like some of the "odd couples" may be fun to watch. mallika S always seem to play to the ready-to-be-shocked gallery, so she is rarely boring. hope u'll keep us updated if future episodes are promising.

Anonymous said...

While looking for anu g's sa re ga ma pa link, I found this:


I always thought Priyanka was on the thinner side but the picture accompanying the arcticle tells a different story. I guess she has packed some pounds but she would be the last person I would think needs to loose weight.

When the whole craze for exercise and dieting started amongst bollywood actresses I rejoiced. Visiting Delhi everytime I was amazed by the lack of exercise and the intake of food/drinks by delhites.

I am not sure anymore specially when my younger cousins thought Ash looked better than Bipasha in dhoom2 and Bipasha looked fat. I hope the Angelina Jolie look is not what people are aspiring for now.

Anonymous said...

http://www.mumbaimirror.com/net/mmpaper.aspx?page=article§id=30&contentid=20080121200801210314342183013d796&pageno=3. This might answer Joules' question about Rekha and sindoor

Anonymous said...

Here are some pics from Saif-Kareena's latest movie Tashan. These pics were leaked to the press


Sania said...

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai baby girl is now going to be on a saas-bahu serial - link: http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/article.asp?id=1757

ppl said...

Ok bappi lovers, this interview is bleengda at his warm and fuzziest best.
1st part

ppl said...

Wow aspi your above analysis of Salman's behavior makes a lot of sense!
Maybe that's why his interviews are erratic, annoying and endearing all at once.
hey back sidekick. Begum has not disappointed yet. They could tighten it up a bit, but that will get better over time. So far guests have been interesting and much intended and unintended hilarity has ensued.
The guest profile is diverse. She's had Sajid Khan/david dhavan, Bappi/illa arun, Mahesh bhatt, Soha ali/Abhay deol, Rohit roy/mona singh.