Monday, January 28, 2008

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs: Parent Pressure

I can see how it all happened on last week's SRGMP LC. Someone at Zee TV called the SRGMP office and left a message. "Let's have a desh bhakti episode for Gantantra Divuss. But let's make it impactful by adding a lot of violins. Make the necessary arrangements. Regards, Pappu".

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Sonu NigamAnd the SRGMP producers turned to each other and said "Pappu Sahab ne kaha hai we need a lot of violence in the episode". And so on a family show, with kids singing, we were regaled with shots of dead soldiers often with arms and limbs ripped off and occasionally being blown to bits. Why I think I even saw a javaan, having lost all function below his waist, dragging himself with his elbows across a landscape strewn with dead bodies just as a kid was hitting a high note.

Boy, that was the first desh bhakti episode of any kind that left me severely depressed.

This was particularly sad because the weekend had started off with a bang as the producers magnificently recreated a train station with all kinds of fake props - even sticking a bridge crossing on the set (a construct that Head tested at least once by swinging precariously from).

Now normally, taking some sane advice from anu g to heart, I stay away from commenting on the kids and their drama. But on this occasion, I feel compelled to.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Suresh WadkarWhat happened? This: one of the two remaining girls on the show - the promising and talented Anamika - cut herself short mid-song and announced that she'd like to quit. Apparently the previous girl Smita's elimination had sent her father to the hospital with a surprise heart attack and Anamika was afraid her father would follow suit when she was eliminated.

Call it mounting tension at home, fear of success, setting yourself up for the fall: but everyone was left hakka-bakka at this turn of events. Sonu Nigam tried to manaofy Anamika. Head refused to let her quit. Anamika stood her ground (and made a fine point if you ask me)

And in all of this what does Anamika's mum do? She tells her daughter if she quits, she will end up hurting her parents the most. Talk about piling on more pressure! Hey, can anyone not take a broad hint from a kid around here?

In the very next show, a chastised Anamika returned and order was restored in what was to become the Arms and Limbs episode.

Despite all this avoidable drama, there were several things to enjoy in the shows.

Suresh Wadkar sang a Marathi chant, er song. This not only sounded terrific but made me happy because I deeply miss Marathi being spoken around here.

Bipasha Basu showed up and supervised a rendition of the national anthem. Despite being thrown in cringe-worthy situations galore, she handled herself with her usual grace and talked to the kids like a proper adult should (unlike Lampshade Farida Jalal). I also noted that her presence resulted in Suresh Wadkar being the most animated he has in weeks.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs Bipasha BasuHead's big-brotherly banter with the kids has now been fined tuned to the point where it sounds organic and serves to remind us that these are kids we are watching and not adults.

And most juicily, Sonu Nigam took a dig at Himesh Reshammiya and Ismail Darbar when he made a pointed reference to how Lil Champs did its best to avoid drama and jhagdas on the show and yet racked up the best TRPs.

Good point Mr. VIP Banyan - but guess you won't be singing in Karzzz.



Anonymous said...

ok, Sonu's digs on Himesh are coming off as a little bit whiny now. Sonu should let Mr. Wadkar carry this torch for a while otherwise its going to make him only sound jealous.

Anonymous said...

Was Bipasha just there because she was free that day or was she promoting a movie? I felt like her make up looked a little better than in the past. Megan's comments have definitely made a difference.

Unknown said...

I don't think Bips has anything to promote - except that Cash-lookalike movie (I forget the name). But she didn't mention it and didn't come with a clip either.

And now let's speculate on what work has been done on that face and body like intellectual people should: I think that nose has been fixed.

Anonymous said...

Definitely nose and lips. I think she has done her eyes also. Right after her first movie her eyes were looking funny. (one of them was a lot smaller than the other).

For lips I think she has the same surgeon as Urmila.

The most amazing makeover has been Karisma Kapoor's. Would love to hear what her change regimen has been. She still looks quite amazing.

Regarding the SRGMP kids, I still like Tanmay a lot. He is cute as a button.

I am getting sick of the telly actors reality shows. Almost seem like they are whoring themselves for more money. This has become for telly actors what performing in arab countries/weddings was for bollywood actors.

While I am on a bitching spree what is this about being brand ambassador's for a product. Where did the term come from? Do they ever use that term anywhere else and do people really buy provogue because Fardeen is the brand ambassador?

Anonymous said...

And the movie is called Race. Apparently has a steamy scene with Saif and Bips. Does seem like Cash, Dus, Dhoom, Tashan etc..

Anonymous said...

Aspi, these kids dont seem like normal kids. so I guess its ok to comment on them,but as Sidekick once mentioned,gently!.
U were right about the gory scenes. My daughter was horrified and I had to tell her it was all acting-scenes taken from a movie.
Joules, I thought Bips got the Miss.Something Title years ago cos she had lovely eyes?She was supposed to be a typical Indian dusky beauty?
Aspi,Loved the captions.

Anonymous said...

Heyy bhagvaan!

Who on Zee TV thought up those gory backdrops on a PG show? If this was Amreeka, heads would roll (pardon the pun). I definitely vote for that exec to be "eliminated."

Is it just me or do others find it harder to watch these kids getting sent off the show? Their crying is truly sad. Aspi, thanks for the gentle touch.

Incidentally, I thought Anamika had fear of failure not fear of success. LOL captions, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this episode cuz i was out with my potential new boyfriend
anyhoo bipasha most likely has had quite a few procedures done. She has had abdomen lift for Dhoom 2, there were pics of that from some runway where you could see the stich marks..i wish i had bookmarked those pics

and then she had boobs implants and she refused to pay for that service..the plastic surgeon had to take her to court to recover that money

skin bleaching etc.. and yet she still looks like that?

anyhoo Tanmay and Rohanpreet rock! and Vasu too, so what if she cries, she's someone who's never seen what people's expressions are or how she looks, she does look like she tries too hard to supress her emotions..other kids just are able to fake it better... when i was a kid i didn't like being told off and I'm sure these kids feel the same

gosh Anamika, i hope she's next to go, what a drama first i sympathized but despite her mom saying all those things and sonu and suresh, she was adamant so that dad getting a heartattack was just an excuse, she wanted some sympathy

Anonymous said...

also what is up with another republic day.. i was like whoa what the..cuz didn't we have one during srgmp 2007 where raja sang maa tujhe salam and preetu sang rang de basanti chola? someone tried to explain why there 2 two republic days in india but it got too confusing for my little pea brain

Unknown said...

Joules, seriously, I haven't bought a provogue shirt since Fardeen has been on it. Come to think of it, I've never bought a provogue shirt.

meg, how do you know these things about Bips. You're killing her for me :(.

BTW, SRGMP was on Independence Day - that's when the Brits gave India back to us. The Lil Champs episode celebrated Republic Day, which is when we finally got the constitution all hammered out and become official.

The basic philosophy in India - very dear to me - is: why have one holiday when you can have two.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Himesh Reshamaiyya Khichai - One has to see the new movie SUNDAY and Irfan Khan brilliantly made mockery of HR.
The movie is worth a watch for Irfan / Arshad & Ayesha Takia.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't planning to watch Sunday, the title song annoys me and desi comedy are too lame for my liking

but megan ka fan, since you seem to have awesome taste, i might catch it when its on dvd (weeklies)

Anonymous said...

i missed the episodes this weekend. Who got eliminated?

Anonymous said...

i missed the episodes this weekend. Who got eliminated?

Anonymous said...

Bella, it was the chatterbox chimney,Vaishali.

Anonymous said...

I read an interview with Shatrughan Sinha who says his wife is acting as Hrithik's queen-mother in Jodhaakbar.I never knew she acted. And since there is a controversy going on in india as to who deserves the bharat-ratna more(finall nobody did) Sinha believes Rakhi Sawant deserves it themost cos the provides wholesome entertainment:).

Saritha said...


that Shatru bit is funny.Rakhi ben it is.I am pretty sure there'll be less controversy over her nomination for Bharat Ratna than anyone else.

I just saw 2 or episodes of lil champs and I think Vaishali is very annoying.But I guess she was there to add some entertainment value or trps.The more you hate someone on a show the more are the chances of increasing the trps.

Unknown said...

anu g, I read that too. The interview can be found here. And here is a picture of Shotgun's wife - Poonam Sinha.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda glad Vaishali is gone...she was cute but that girl could talk! damn! I love Tanmay! I'm kinda annoyed by Vasundhara but she can hit the high notes so i dont mind her that much. But i agree, Anamika should definitely be the next one off, I mean she can sing, but i think with drama like that, she belongs in the regular SRGMP...with the likes of Himanshu and his buddy ID! She will fit in perfectly on that stage!

Saritha said...

Star Screen Awards-

1)Shahid performed with a sloppy hair,looking much older.He got to do something abt his skin,when he smiles there are too many wrinkles on his face.

2)a)Sajid,the host,decided to tone down his PJ humor a bit,just like his body(the guy seem to have lost 19 kgs in 2 mths bcoz he's tired of looking old and fat) and was less annoying this time.Sagarika Ghatge (Preeti Sabarwal of Chak de.. )and Shreyas Talpade accompanied him and they all did a decent job,thankfully.

b)Sajid said that the two superstars Sharukh and Akshay Kumar brought in 1000cr revenue into the industry by the year end.And didn't mind saying that Akshay was the only star who gave 4 hits in a single year-the last time it happened in 70's.There are fewer times when Akshay gets credit along with the Sharukh.I doubt if KJo would have said this.

3)They had Aamir's cut out placed at one of the tables as the actor refuses to be part of any award function.

4)Katrina and Ritesh have injured themselves during the rehearsals but went on to do their bits rather well-Some professionalism there.

5)a)Deepika and Ranbir were shooting for Yashraj film in Australia and so this AV
was shown.They look cute together.

b)Rishi Kapoor who received this award on behalf of Ranbir,said he thinks Neil deserved it equally.Lets face it,Ranbir was launched on a larger scale and has that Star quality all written over him,but Neil was a revelation in 'Johnny...'.It's just the stardom that won here.

6)How can Sharukh not perform?His act was well choreographed by Ganesh Hegde and for once the backup dancers,esp,the girls looked stunning.

7)'Sharukh-Deepika' won the best jodi...pls... they shd have won the mismatch of the year.What happened to Shahid-Kareena in 'Jab we met'.

8)Tisca Chopra of 'Taare...'loses 'Best Supporting actress' award to the Chak de girls.Yes,they handed over one to all the 16.Bindiya(I don't know her real name) asked if they would get one each or if they have to make 16 parts of it.To which Sajid replied that they wont get any more and this award will obviously be placed in Yashraj's office.

9)Sajid,finally did some mind reading before the last segment(by now Yash Chopra won the best film award for 'chak de')He said "Yash ji was thinking,if I don't get this award this year,I am going to start my own awards the following year" I assume,it's an inside bit of info-if Ekta can launch her awards this yr then why can't Adi do it the next yr?

10)Finally I would like to thank Aspi,anu,Joules,Sidekick and other drifters for my daily dose of Gossip and the sites they have introduced me to,our gossip partners,Indiafm,mumbaimirror,mid-day,india-forums and others.You all helped me put this together.

Anonymous said...

Wah Saritha, what a lovely round-up of the event. I watched a few minutes of it, and was wondering what all I missed.(I now realise I also miss ur write-ups on VOI.Cmon u need to watch more tv progs and give us entertainment).
Its so good to see u back in form that i am inspired to give some of my comments too:
1.I think Shahid Kapoor has suddenly lost weight and thats why the wrinkles. It happened to a friend of mine who went on a crash diet and lost about 15 kg. Now she looks thinner but much older.Dont u think Shahrukh also looks much older. i guess M is right.The pretty lasses resort to the knife to cover up the wrinkles.
2. I read somewhere that Sajid says the award guys must boycott Amir Khan since he has boycotted awards. He obviously hopes he will get the award then!
3.I have always wondered what happens when two people share an award.I assumed two would be made.
Or would they decide 6 months each.If so who first? How do they sort it out? And now 16 people?Thats about about 22 days a person?
4. I saw the part with sajid showing doing the towel dance. i was not too amused but Rishi and Neetu wer. i think she said 'How cute. Gosh!Sajid and cute!
5. Finally I watched a speech Amir gave at aJaipur Literary festival where he was asked why he boycotted Indian awards while he tok Lagaan to the Oscars. He said that he didnt like to give 'rishwat' or 'logon ko khila-pilaofy'.In the Oscars, u just show ur movie , thats it!! Well, well, if thats the case, no wonder the reality shows results r also following suit.

Saritha said...

wah,anu!Great going.Loved ur part.

If this article is anything to go by(and if there's any truth in it) then I guess Awards are not really jenuwine.

Malayalam Actor Thilakan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Saritha. The AV is good. I am glad Rishi gave a nod to Neil Mukesh. The guy was totally awesome in Johny Gaddaar. I think they should have given him an award as well.

I always want to ask the movie stars, is it really fun for them to sit there for hours and watch their colleagues lip sync and dance on the stage. Its got to be boring. The Big B. always looks bored sitting in the front row. Sometimes these stars are not that well rehearsed and sometimes the stars are not even dancing to their own songs.

Anonymous said...

On Ekta, heard that she dropped Prerna (one of her favourites) from the nominations because Prerna could not attend the award show.

Prerna's loss has been my Bhopali girl's gain. Divyanka tripathi has been picked up as the replacement nominee.

So tells you how much manipulation goes on in these award shows.

I always was a fan of Shatrughan Sinha's answers to readers questions in filmfare. It use to be a regular feature when filmfare was available online. He was extremely witty.

Anonymous said...

wow! this place is back to full steam ---- welcome back, megan. the extra zing is back at the drift :)

Aspi, so glad u're watching SRGMPLC (now that sounds like one of Tanmay's companies!). I just caught up with the show--- love disco fauji wadkar! Also, I think the pitch on the kids was just right - gentle but funny :)

Vaishali was annoying -- bcos of overkill, otherwise she is cute. I fear Tanmay is going that way too. I actually thought the Anamika drama was sheer panic and stress - these kids have been under the microscope for a while now. Shes 12 years old --- I don't see that tantrum as scripted. I'd be sad to see her go. In my book, she is the most polished singer on the show - its not even close.

Saritha, Anu g --- thanks for the update on the awards show. u 2 made it sound fun; i'm wondering whether to source it. i'm usually bored to tears by the awards shows.

anu g, i agree that folks that lose weight suddenly do look older - case in point Kareena! I thought that pic on the filmfare cover tipped her straight into nicole ritchie/olsen twins territory.

can i just say i'm in total awe of all of u who can tell exactly what cosmetic work the actors have had done. i always assume they're naturally gorgeous unless its something super obvious like sridevi's nose job! At some level it scares me that we expect so much in terms of physical appearance and so little in terms of the mind.

Anonymous said...

Meg, missed ya! Welcome back.

Now, please fill us in on the evil actions of most of Bollywood and also the recent happenings of your fave Shekhar. Can't wait for the juicy stuff!

Also, if you want to get serious about learning Indian history, may I recommend "India After Gandhi" by Ramachandra Guha (2007)? Only slight issue might be that it's 900 pages.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this show!! I agree with Sidekick completely about Anamika. I think with the amount of pressure that these kids are under, they've been considerably mature and its easy to forget that they are only 11-12. I find it very acceptable that she had a moment of weakness and came back with a bang on Saturday. She clearly has the strongest voice in the competition at this point! I am so glad that Vaishali is gone. Not only did she get on my nerves, but because she had been getting so much excessive attention, even when her singing has been bad the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mind I will pass on that book. I have no patience for reading.

Juicy stuff about bollywood peeps? i dont know rly, i haven't been following much last few months.. and Shakky well he is busy at home doing pujas and havans that his wife organized.. and doing some charity work selling his chest hair for the cancer patients who need human hair to have wigs made for them

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Anamika. when she was doing her drama, i didn't see a stressed kid, she was going on and on about her dad even after his mom explained that her dad is not that weak etc. What a spoiled kid. She went way too far with the charade. I hope she gets voted off.

Anonymous said...

OMG picture of Rohan jii and Tanmay jiii together

such QT pies!

Rohan is a G aww

SRGMP's air guitar world champion

Anonymous said...

On the cosmetic work I was just playing along. Personally, I doubt if these actresses have gotten that much work done. Botox, lip plumping etc.. are easy cosmetic work and I assume most actresses are getting it. However other things require complex surgeries and has huge side effects. With the busy schedules these actresses keep, I doubt if they have time for such surgeries and recovery.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick, I agree with u on the unfortunate fact that looks r given more importance than the mind/nature.Its a pity.Heres some news on the current beauty-queen,Deepika.