Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dhoom Mache De: First Look

My only excuse for watching Dhoom Macha De (NDTV Imagine, 8:30pm) is that I am an enthusiastic subscriber to the general awesomeness of Richa Sharma.

And yes, I'll admit, the previews seemed to indicate that the show should have been called "Who's sleazier: Malaika or Anaida?", a premise that men far more mahaan than me would have been unable to resist.

You see most shows talk about those TRPs but with Dhoom Macha De its all about FPM (Flirts Per Minute). Almost everyone on this show - with the exception of Shankar Mahadevan majorly itraos.

The worst offender is Malaika Arora - who showed up looking fine in the opener but then proceeded to produce numerous coquettish twitches with her facial muscles.

But one can't complain much, her presence is extremely entertaining except for the part where she signs off before a commercial break with the words "Keep Rocking!" - something I'm not sure how to do seated on a couch with a remote in my hands.

There are three judges: Prasoon Joshi whose job is to be insightful (he's Javed Akhtar-lite), Shankar Mahadevan who is supposed to provide the expert musician's insights and Sharmila Tagore, whose job is to be milquetoast.

The objective of the show is to let the audience decide who is the best live performer. As the judges proudly announced, various genres of music are represented. Why I myself witnessed several: the Sarso-da-saag genre, the one-hit-wonder genre, the cookie-cutter indiepop genre and the sexy-exotic non-singer genre - and that's just half the show.

Artists come, sing, then chat with the judges. They are asked to sing something for an encore. Then they leave but not before revealing something to endear them to the viewers (think "classy" vote appeal). There is some fun to be had here.

Take Jaspinder Narula for example: she came wearing enough makeup to plug a leak in the Hoover Dam and enough jhatak-matak to break a camel's back. And she also wore honking eyelashes. While she unleashed her wonderful voice, some glitter released from the top settled on one of her eyelashes and refused to budge. Thus bedecked, Jaspinder then told us about her new Ph.D. in Music.

Later (or was it earlier) Baba Sehgal came out, did his Vanilla Ice "remake", executed a dance move that can only be described as an air hump and honestly enough admitted that he was on the show to promote his comeback CD. And he barely flinched when Prasoon Joshi referred to him as Babaji.

Richa Sharma did perform - looking terrific and singing really well, although well below her best. If I could, I would vote for her.

And of course, Malaika.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha!That was really funny.I am glad I never saw the programme, cos u made it sound such great fun....much more than it actually is I am sure.Wonderful captions too....Made my day!

ppl said...

I have to admit I liked the show.

Brought back some middle school memories of pirated mixed tapes with all the 90's indipop flashback. Richa sharma always a plus, though diva jaspinder might outshine her.

Sharmila Tagore looked lost but dimpled on with all the sunny grace she could muster, Shankar had fun and kept it light but Prasoon Joshi could use a little coaching from Judge Javed on how to hone his 'gyaan' delivery. Maliaka made me wince everytime with her 'Sunehriesque' hinglish hosting, one wonders where she left her original sultry voice.

I have a soft corner for babul supriyo and Suneeta Rao was powerful despite the freaky makeup. Anaida's splits were impressive, not much singing though (figures). Baba sehgal and devang patel were fillers, as was Taz. I like Jassi, he brings the party with him.

This could work. Note to producers you are on the right track, ditch the tacky costumes, don't force a cool vibe and don't make your hot mommy host to play a 16 yr old stripper.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! ...I remember reading Malaika's interview where she mentions that she likes being called 'yummy mummy':D

Anonymous said...

aspi, i agree with anu g - i'm sure i won't enjoy the show half as much as i do yr post. sounds like there is enough tackiness here to keep you happy. and --- this is the kicker---- leera gave it the thumbs up which means you have to persevere with the show :) . all u need to figure out is how to keep rocking while supine on yr couch --- that was hilarious!

aspi, given yr love for judge javed, u're making it seem like prasoon joshi can readily morph into the great one! maybe lyrically he can, but on every other dimension, i say JJ is unique. first off, he is a fighter cock --- he is needlessly and frequently in pitched battles with everyone and secondly whenever he unleashes that disarming wit of his, you can see that the person who enjoys his humor most is JJ himself. Take that Prasoon Joshi!

on a separate note, when did "rocking" become modern urban india's version of the american awesome? --- i.e. ubiquitous and indiscriminately used.

Saritha said...

Indeed,you made my day,Aspi.The caps are totally hilarious.

Indipop and Bolly singers on one stage,this one sure sounds like something unique.Well,I hope it turns out to be one.

btw,from the caps,the one on the left looked more like Shveta Salve to me.

Unknown said...

leera, terrific review.

sidekick, I like that description of JJ, especially the fighter cock bit. He does seem up for a rousing argument just about anytime. I need to find some time to check him out again on MU.

Saritha, that Jaspinder Narula cap?

Sania said...

Hm.. NDTV Imagine - is that the channel that is going to show Saroj Khan's new show? I haven't been able to figure out if it's on yet - can't find it online! But extremely interested in hearing thoughts if anyone has seen it!

Saritha said...


One standing next to Anaida,first cap.

Unknown said...

Ah that one - you think Shweta Salve would show up in a bikini top and skirt with a cloth strips holding the two together? :)

Unknown said...

Oops, forgot. Sania that show is called Nachle Ve. Downloads available here although I haven't tried it yet.

If you do, let us know what you thought.

ppl said...

Sorry Sania, saw an episode of nachle ve and was bored. No drama just dance ki seekh. I guess I was expecting fiery saroj khan ala NB2 but alas it was fell short.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Lol- i wish I could watch this show- must get Indian TV - asap.

Just stumbled upon your blog- I love your writing!

Unknown said...

Shweta, welcome to the drift. You can watch the show if you have a broadband connection from here.

Anonymous said...

Lol, a lady thinks Malaika has been robbed on the way to the studios, thats why she hardly has anything to wear:).