Saturday, February 02, 2008

Diablo Cody is so now

Since Diablo Cody's movie was mentioned on the Drift a few days ago by Megan I thought I'd link to her story here in which she explains how she got that awesome name of hers (no, it wasn't when she was still stripping for a living).

Just for reference, Cody wrote Jason Reitman's Juno after being offered the gig via her blog. Juno is making its tiny presence felt considerably during this awards season (4 Academy nominations including Best Picture) - propelling Cody's career to red hot.

Cody is also embarking on a periodic column for Entertainment Weekly (which I read cover to cover regularly). In her second witty installment she picks out women characters in films that she's taken a shining to despite their vanity. "Since when is a dab of beeswax a concession to the patriarchy?"

More: Cody's myspace page, on Letterman, Juno on RottenTomatoes


Anonymous said...

very cool! aspi, thanks for the posts and the links. in general i'm not a huge fan of iconoclasm for the heck of it, but cody's brand of sassy, quirky humor is pretty irresistible.

i have a friend who swears by people magazine and you seem to favor EW. i've always wondered how these entertainment/celeb mags stack up - any thoughts, drifters?

Unknown said...

The difference between People and EW is right there in the title. EW caters entirely to Arts & Entertainment whereas People cuts a broader swathe.

And EW has some pretty decent writers, particularly their film critic Owen Gleiberman who everyone loves to hate it seems. He's been a major influence in terms of how I deconstruct a movie (in my own amateurish way of course).

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, checking in and I see that the drift is going great guns.

Attended a wedding in delhi. Was amazed at the colors and styles of saris on display. There must be 200+ women at the wedding and not two sarees were the same.

Unknown said...

Yoo Joules! Sounds like you are having a good time there. I've attended precisely two weddings in Delhi and I remember eating way too much at both.

Anonymous said...

Joues, 200 plus is a very small number.Just keep looking out.....u will find the count in 1000s. Aspi, eating too much at a wedding, is a very 'indian' occurence. And the more ghee and sweets in it, the more appreciation the hosts get. Joules,if u intend attending more weddings, u'd better keep some antacids in store..Have a great time!