Saturday, February 16, 2008

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: An elementary review

Nine year old Motorsandal reviews a book that is a rage in his Elementary school

This book is so popular in my school that whenever it is available, it gets checked out in three seconds.

When we went to Borders bookstore recently, I was checking out some picture books and suddenly I saw a shining red book that looked familiar from school. I immediately realized that it was Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I took my Dad's hand and yanked him over to the shelf. I said: "Can we please buy that book?" because I wanted that book really much. So then my Dad said "You can always have a book"

The main character in the book is called Greg Heffley. Greg has a mean big brother called Rodrick.

He also has a little brother called Manny who always gets him into trouble. One time Greg tricked Manny and showed him a ball of thread and said it was spider. He pretended to make him eat it but Manny went crying to Greg's mom and complained that Greg made him eat a spider.

Greg had to go to sleep at 7pm.

Once his Mom showed Manny a grape, a seed and a raisin and asked him which was closest in size. So Manny went to the refrigerator and picked out an orange.

Greg also has a friend called Rowley. Rowley has a video game at home and the only game he has is called Formula-1 racing.

The story mainly tells about Greg's days in middle school.

The book is very funny. It has lots of jokes in it. There are cartoons in the book.

There are some bad words in the book (like Stupid Moron - Aspi). They are ok to enjoy to enjoy in the book but you shouldn't use them in real life.

This book only took me 2 days to read. It taught me that school can only get worse (note to self: stop those automatic withdrawals for college fund - Aspi).

But its just fun to read! I would like to notify other kids that this book is great to read and they should read it.


Anonymous said... father like son. Nice job, Baby Drift!

Ummm, I guess he can't really read my comments or this blog coz then he'd learn some really "bad words."

But this book sounds like good PG fun. They should make it into a movie.

ppl said...

Sweet. Looks like kids books are getting more interesting with their range of characters.
btw love the aspi notes.
Keep it up motorsandal!

Anonymous said...

Bravo,Aspi Junior.That was a lovely review.I have a son who is a few years older than you. He was so impressed by the story that he wants to read the book.This proves you have done a good job. (Hmm I wonder whether it is available in India. )
He loved Greg the most because he is also a naughty boy (but not mean like Rodrick).I think he wants to learn new ways to bully his sister:).
Looking forward to reading more reviews from you.

Anonymous said...

Aspi,the notes were really funny....though I have to confess that I had to double-read it when i read "Stupid Moron-Aspi":).
I can see your chest all puffed up with pride.
I have preserved all the drawings(scratches) and writings of my kids.When we shifted back here a few years ago, I found all the stuff I had collected,and showed it with great pride to my kids.My daughter was thrilled to see all that I had collected. But my son looked at me strangely with a look of 'Mom,is something wrong with u', and said 'Mom,whats so special about all this ?".. I was left with no option but to come up with a typically filmi dialogue 'Tum ab nahin samjhoge.Whe you grow up and have kids of your own, then you will'.
Hoping to read some more reviews, and get my son to enjoy reading books other than Harry potter which he has read and reread thousands of times, that if he has an examination on Harry potter, he is sure to top the class!

Anonymous said...

This was a very good review! Aspi convey our sentiments to motorsandal...btw y do u call him that? You should get him to write more articles on your site. Its cool to see young kids involved in literary activities.

Unknown said...

Motorsandal will be chuffed that he got read. Thanks!

ritha, I call him that because its a term he invented that I think was kind of cool. Occasionally he will say things that are perfect nonsense but sound really good. Like once he said "Dad, lets cancel the walls".

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA! I'll have to check this one out. And I can't really argue with Motorsandal - school WILL only get worse. Sad but true. College is tons better though.


Anonymous said...

haha Aspi, motorsandal comes up with some cute phrases. Tell us more!

Anonymous said...

Amrita, I will pass that on to him. Hopefully he'll keep faith in that.

ritha, I will on occasion - I usually note these things down in a diary.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - probably best to use openid when posting to non-blogger sites.

Anonymous said...

That was a great review motorsandal. You are lucky that your dad put you on his website that is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading this review everyone. I always look at the world map on my Dad's website. Its cool.

Anonymous said...

drift junior, terrific review.... maybe writing is in the genes after all :) . hope to see more from you.

aspi, love motorsandal's crazy funny phrases. hope u'll share them with us when he is inspired to create them :)

Unknown said...

Hey Motorsandal - that was a real cool review. AM so tempted to read the book myself. You have so motivated to start doing that with a vigor, and not hide behind the "professional reading" crap! :-)
Keep going...

Aspi, that's quite a kid of the ole block! You must surely be a proud father!

Unknown said...

Priti, Motorsandal just finished part 2, for which I think I'll do an interview/review. There are insights that he throws out about schools every now and then that are worth learning about.

Unknown said...

That'll be great Aspi. Am sure Motorsandal is incisive and his perceptive comments about school (and maybe other things, who knows)will surely be an eye opener. Look forward to it!!!

Anonymous said...
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