Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does the world need Mimoh?

When I was a kid, that ridiculous Jimmy Aaja song from Disco Dancer (later sampled in a hugely misguided move by the normally excellent Brit-Lankan-Tam MIA) was a source of torment for me for quite a few years.

Why? Well, Dad's name was Jimmy and for no good reason, various kids would tease me by singing that song in my presence. And because it applied to Dad and not me, I would feel my cheeks burn.

Now I understand the whole homage thing, but here is Mithun's son - the curiously named Mimoh - prancing around in a song called Why Not Jimmy? Well there are a zillion reasons why not, but it must be said I'm developing a huge fondness for Mimoh - or as I like to call him Chhota Mithun.

Here are my reasons:
Here is wishing Mimoh luck. Entertain us, I command you!



Pitu said...

All I shall say is "Tere bhi din aayenge pyare.. kudiyaan tujhe dekhake joote maare" gahhh!

payal said...

hmm..i see more of a ricky martin and fabio combination. either way, definitely entertaining and cheesy!

Anonymous said...

Heh - Husband walked in on that Why Not Jimmy song and asked why Fabio was now in Hindi movies!

It's ridiculous how popular that Jimmy Aaja song was - my Chinese colleague, who knows VERY little about India and Hindi movies asked me about this song - said it was a huge hit in China when she was growing up!

Is Mimoh his real name or the usual Bengali nickname thingy?


Joules said...

Mimoh is a nickname. Mahakshay is his real name. (I am embarassed to even acknowledge, I know this much about him) I swear, bengalis have the funniest nick names.

Regarding Mithun's popularity he was extremely popular outside India. Besides Raj Kapoor he was the other actor loved by the Russians. Apparently one of the times when he visited Russia a huge crowd showed up and everyone was calling him Jimmy.

Mithun was'nt a bad actor. He won national award for Mrigaya which was his first movie. He got slotted in the B-grade category though. I remember what use to be said - Mithun was the poor man's Amitabh Bacchan and Govinda was the poor man's Mithun.

girlie girl said...

That is a great picture! I can't believe how much he looks like Fabio! lol!! I remember people use to say Mithun was Gareebo ka his son is known as Gareebo ka Bobby Deol?! Like father like son, I guess. I haven't seen his song yet, but i'm terribly curious!!

and what's with the name? Have we run out of normal Indian names?? or is he really trying to be like Fabio?

girlie girl said...

Joules, I swear I hadn't read your comment before I wore konw what they say...great minds think alike!

Pitu said...

Mimoh = Michael Jackson + Mohammed Ali.

Yes, Mithun is nuts. You can say it.

"Mimoh" (Mind) Rush said...

Why not Mimoh?

He has pedigree.
He has a bod.
He can shimmy.

Watch out Ritwick!

A couple of years from now, we can all say that we first got hooked on Mimoh on the Drift.

Mind Rush said...

On the subject of nicknames, sorry to sound like I am stereotyping, but no one beats the Sikh community in the arena of creative and amusing nicknames.

In my very distant childhood I have known kids named "Dolly", "Prince", and "Pretty." There was even a documented case of one Punjabi family naming their son "Sky-Lab" in honor of India's satelite launch.

So Driftji, think of how bad those kids had it, compared to the Jimmy song!

Aspi said...

Mind Rush, I can see where you are coming from because I find it hard to reconcile a grown man with a huge pagdi and flowing mooch-daadi who calls himself Bunny.

Nevertheless this I find endearing.

Joules, this is why the Drift is so nice for me - I get all kinds of information that I normally would have no chance of getting in my life.

Bitterlemons and I now are whole lot smarter than before.

Joules said...

That is so true. Infact, Punjabi males even flaunt female names with aplomb. I have a male friend whose named Dimple.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Bengalis come up with the nicest of names that they then butcher into the worst of nicknames! (Stereottype much, me? :-)) But Mahakshay is a beautiful name...they got Mimoh from that???

Asked Chinese colleage about Mithun Mania in China - she says most of his movies were available there (Guangdong) and that Indian movies meant Mithun movies for the most part - she didn;t know any other actor except him!

Raj Kapoor's Russian following I'm familiar with, China somehow seems more out there!


Pitu said...

Bitterlemons, I read in an inteview that Mimoh is named for 'Mi'chael Jackson and 'Moh'ammed Ali because Mithun is a huge fan of both.

And I was made to listen to a Mithun song in a Chinese resto near our house. The waiter in question was Mongolian. Ajit still shudders when he remembers the waiter 'singing' the Mithun song. The memory is so painful I can't even remember what he sang.

meena said...

So.. when is his movie coming out and what's it called? Just remembered that I made fun of the likes of SAif and Karishma when they first came out.. So I will leave the third world fabio alone.

Funny about the Jimmy song Aspi, if you only knew the songs that my name has figured in ..totally lending itself to be hummed by would be romeos ..ughh.

megan said...

yeah like Happy Singh, Lovely Kaur, Mango Singh etc

we don't have them in my immediate family tho..

Aspi said...

Hey if anyone hears someone of Chinese origin sing a Mithun song, please capture it on some vid - like even a camera phone vid. YouTube beckons.

Meena, like Eena, Meena, Deeka comes to mind. BTW, that movie is called Jimmy. Not sure when it comes out but it will be a Himesh Reshammiya moment.

Come to think of it, if Mimoh had gone by Mahakshay, he would have given Akshay (Kumar and Khanna) a complex, no? Its like calling your team Kings and then having a Super Kings next door.

Joules said...

meena, agree with you on both counts. A friend of mine and I use to laugh at Ritesh Deshmukh when he first came out. He has steadily become one of my favourite supporting actors.

Also, we had a friend in engineering college whose name was meena. Boy, the 'meena aagaya tera deewana' was all she heard during five years of college.

Aspi said...

Also if anyone finds a Japanese doing an impression of Rajnikanth (because he's so popular there and all that), please video it.

If anyone can find Rajni singing Eena Meena Deeka, please video it as well, because you know with Rajni's flourish, that song takes on a whole new meaning.

Pitu said...

Ahahaha I actually enjoyed Mia's Jimmy version lol! Now I can't get it outta my head!

m said...

omg how could i forget my most favorite name evaaaarrr

Butter Singh heeheehehe his real name is Brahmjeet

Bobby's real name is Vijay Singh Deol
Sunny's Ajay Singh Deol

Aspi said...

Ok, that's the forerunner as far as hilarious names go. I only have Lovely and Bunty.

Pitu said...

Eeks that's awful! I have Mitthoo (Mahendra Singh to offer)...

Mind Rush said...

Folks, your comments are geting more and more LOL! This is dangerous as one can't read the Drift at work any more. Co-workers wonder why the reports I am (supposedly) reading are so hillarious....

Keep it up, Drifters!

Aspi said...

A post must be done! I'll have to think of something.

m said...

Mimoh has the potential to be an internet cult hero!

We should come up with MimohFacts! like the chuck and vin diesel

Anonymous said...

Ah, if we're talking ridiculous names, I offer up sisters named Pinky, Rinky and ...wait for it...Kinky! This was in school - the authorities called in the parents and politely informed them they needed a diff name for their youngest...

But really, Mi+Moh? Ouch!

Aspi, I do have a recording of my colleage singing Jimmy Aaja...but don't feel right posting it anywhere, so shall refrain...


Lin said...

About China and Hindi Films.

I remember a few years ago reading an article about how the older films at one time were big in China. I forget the exact ones, but I think one was Awaara and there are a few other black and white movies. I'll need to try to find it when I have time.

It was around the time when that Chinese bharatanatyam dancer was first making news. Anyway, it was the older generation.

Lin said...

And Japanese Rajni stuff. I don't know if this has been linked

But this is the most precious one.
Nothing to do with Rajni--at least I don't think so. Maybe the song was in one of his movies.

And a bunch of Japanese kids dancing to Tamil/Telugu songs. The Related videos section has all kinds of gems.

Lin said...

If I knew how to link, I would. :)

Lin said...

Sigh. It's late. Sorry. I left out the last link. Excuse the 4th comment in a row.

And a bunch of Japanese kids dancing to Tamil/Telugu songs. The Related videos section has all kinds of gems.

Aspi said...

Lin, you did the right thing. Normally everyone can't edit the links. Although I wish I could figure out a way for everyone to do so. People stick them in the comments here and I put them up as soon as I can.

That Rajni fan link was pretty cool.

m, I love Chuck Norris facts. Someone recently tried to pass them off as Rajni facts in an email chain. I had to shut him down.

girlie girl said...

Bitterlemons, I've never heard of school calling parents to have them change their child's name!! that's priceless!!

I agree with Mind rush, reading your guys' comments is starting to get really dangerous at work!! Not complaining though!

Andrei Kozlov said...

hello friends
I am Andrei, great fan of Mithun da the hottest n da greatest dancer and actor and humanitarian and superhero.

I named my first born Shankar after his character in Shikari and many other gr8 movies that he starred in.

I also named my second son Mithunda.

I am looking forward 2 watching Mimoh live up to the family name by performing spectacularly in his forthcoming movies.



Love and kisses from one Mithunda fan to countless others,

Andrei Kozlov
St Petersburg
Member of the Russian foundation for Mithunda appreciation.