Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bald and the Beautiful: Splitting Hairs

Our resident analyst Mind Rush has much to say about the Drift's favorite musicians (and one tough director)

After pulling my hair out during the Nirupa Roy attack of JJWS, I had some deep insights while watching this week's episodes. The three venerable judges have very distinct styles. And I am talking about their hair styles.

Although no academic research is published on this topic, Dr. Rush is convinced that your hairdo is a window into your 'Mind'.

Are our three favorite judges dealing with stresses? Let's decide, based on their tresses!

First up, Judge Vishal

Observation #1: He has a shaved head. This indicates a man's deep confidence in himself. He has no need to hide behind a comb-over or a hair implant. Men like him value transparency and honesty.

Evidence: When making judgments, he calls it like it is. He dislikes false diplomacy and can be blunt and straight.

Observation #2: He has a bit of facial hair. His beard gives him a unique look. Men who wear off-beat beards can truly live life on their own terms and in the moment.

Further Evidence: When deeply moved by a song, he stomps and whistles and "lets his hair down" in a heartbeat.

Verdict: Straightforward and bindaas personality.

Next in line, Judge Farah

Observation #1: She has shoulder length hair, and it looks like it has been straightened. Women who wear their hair neither long or short are looking to achieve a balance between various parts of their lives. The hair straightening represents a need for control.

Evidence: Farah juggles multiple gigs, not to mention multiple kids. (That also explains the need for control)

Observation #2: Farah's bangs are flipped off her forehead and outwards. This symbolizes a no-nonsense comfort with her own authority. She is definitely not a submissive wall-flower.

Further Evidence: She can wield a lot of power in her comments to the contestants. She keeps them in line. Even though a non-musician, she holds her ground against the two musical giants on her left and right.

Verdict: Balanced, competent, authoritative.

Finally, Judge Shekhar

Observation #1: His hair looks casual but has been cut and styled carefully. Men who take care of their hair are very aware of their image especially in relation to the opposite sex.

Evidence: Hordes of female fans...need I say more?

Observation #2: Shekhar's hair partially covers his forehead. This type of style is favored by people who are somewhat shy or private.

Further Evidence: Arey! He has to guard his private space, na! Hordes of female fans...need I say more?

Observation #3: He has this stubble thing going on his face. Men who sport this look are either the artsy type or too busy to shave. Either way, it drives women crazy!

Obvious Evidence: Hordes of female fans...need I say more?

Verdict: He has hordes of female fans. More Shekhar on the Drift


Aspi said...

Mind Rush, hilarious. I like how you mix fact and playful fiction - (nerd alert!) kind of like that opening scene in X-men.

But how come you gave Shekhar's manly chest hair a miss? Surely there is something to be said about that!

Mind Rush said...

Driftji, Shukriya!
To your point re: Shekhar...I gave certain topics a miss because-ahem, the privacy factor!

Aspi said...

Just wanted to mention: thanks to this post my gmail is now showing me ads for hair loss.

Lin said...

Shekhar's female fans--do they mob him on the show as they do (or are planted/instructed to) Aditya Narayan?

I didn't know he had such a huge following, though I can understand it. He is a cute enough and seems pretty nice to the contestants.

Hah-you're going to include me into his hoardes of female fans now, aren't you?

And LOL at google and g-mail.

m said...

i am the original shekhar fan.. i was the first heh

BTW my youtube account has had way over 1 million hits..

Cinderella said...


That was hillarious!!!!!especially the one on Vishal!! perfectly Bindaas!

i din't know there was so much to do with hairstyles!!

Cinderella said...

And does Abhijeet Sawant have some problem with his right ear??
his facial expressions are so peculiar when someone is saying something to if he is straining to listen....

Anonymous said... honda

Anonymous said...

i did him in the back of a VW Beetle and a Mini Cooper
and on a shopping cart
on the beach
at the forest
in a stadium
full of people

Anonymous said...

with him I mean both Vishal and Shekhar

top that

Anonymous said...


Shekhar said...

ok all 3 of u. i think i paid u enough that time. stop messing my image. im a very private person u know.

anu g said...

Mindrush, that was really funny:). And so well-written its as if its a true analysis of a psychologist(atleast to the aam junta). Aspi, wonderful captions, esp the Vishal one:).
Cinderella, Abhijeet is just trying to impress upon the person talking that he is really really listening:)).
Farah does come across as a no-nonsense type. She asked Neha to just stop all the nakhras. And when Vineet went on and non chatting while she was giving her comments, she asked him to just shut up!
I saw a pic of the launch party of Neha Kakkar's new rock album called 'Neha the Rockstar' or somthing like that. I didnt know she was that good.???? Heres some frivolous info. Her sis is Sonu Kakkar who sang the 'Babuji zara dheere chalo' song.

Joules said...

Bang on, Mind Rush. Now I am starting to wonder what my hairstyle says about me. (I spent too much time and products on my hair).

Mind Rush said...

You use a lot of hair products?
You have a deep seated yearning for more in life. You are an idealist.

girlie girl said...

Wah, Dr. rush, Wah!! That's some deep psychological analysis! Like joules said, I'm curious as to what your opinion on my hair would be...No products, but I do straighten it semi-regularly. either it looks great, or is just there...

analyze away!!

Mind Rush said...

Girlie girl---
You are flexible, open to many different perspectives but could at times vacillate when making decisions.

Pitu said...

Awesome post Mr Mind Rush! You could hit the big time as a hairstyle consultant :-) So, what does my ahir say abt me?

Waist length, very wavy, allowed to air dry, only natural shampoo used, zero straightening/curling/dyeing. Sideways bangs..

Aspi said...

All right you fakers. And how do I know that? All of you have done V-S but not one of you have done Farah? That doesn't sound right.

Mind Rush, at this rate we insist you do a Bollywood-wide hair analysis. Let's start with Amar Singh and Amitabh Bachchan, but do a separate post on that.

girlie girl said...

ooh how about one on the ever-changing hair styles of Aamir Khan...I'm curious to see how you crack that one

Mind Rush said...

Your hair description would make you relaxed, fun-loving and non-judgemental.

bollywood boy said...

Post=ROFL, LOL!!
OK, this is getting pretty hair-raising, Mr. Mind Rush! All you ladies/Drifters, is Mind Rush's ananlysis accurate???Now I am scared to tell you about my hair.

But meanwhile, please "read" Aspi's hair personality for the regulars.

Pitu said...

Mind Rush, that sounds like me lol. Also, main apni favorite hoon a la Geet in JWM. Which is why I love my hair as it is :-p

I agree with Aspi, you absolutely need to do a Bolly-wide hair analysis!! Pls include my darlings SRK and Bebo :-)

Aspi said...

Fair enough - here is my hair profile.

Short (no more than half an inch) long hair that covers back and sides. Only enough hair on top to trip the occasional ant.

Prone to growing facial hair but for short periods of time because kissing family isn't the same.

Years ago shocked family and friends by cutting hair hyper short - dismissing visions of combover and eliminating the need to hold head strategically to cope with wind exposing bald spots.

Joules said...

Mind Rush, from the one line description I gave that is quite close.

You may have a new career on your horizon :)

Mind Rush said...

Dear bollywood boy,
Don't be scared...I don't bite! Now relax and do confess all about your hair...

As for Aspi's hair---I have noticed that some of it has "drifted" away. The the quirky blog photo symbolizes a wicked sense of humor. Aspi is not afraid to laugh at himself. The picture with the beard accompanying the comments suggests a deeply intelligent man with many talents.

Pitu, and all, I will think about a wider hair-analysis post on Bebo, Big B, SRK and all....

bollywod boy said...

i may regret this but have been hypnotized by the hair is curly and a bit wild. Still have my hair intact-meaning no bald spot. What do you say mind rush?? that i have confessed i feel lite headed. Going to bed.

Cinderella said...

Mind Rushji,you analyze mine too????

hmm...straight, a li'l below my shoulder,very dry these days[partly because i stopped caring for it,actually].

i have this horrible habbit of going and getting my hair cut when i can't control my temper!LOL!!and most of the time they end up being cut so badly that,for many months that follow, i regret having done it.heheh

Mind Rush said...

Well, for starters, you are not Goldilocks!

Jokes aside, you like to have things orderly in your life. You tend to hold in stress. You can be emotional and impulsive.

Mind Rush said...

And dear bollywood boy,
Glad you got over your fear! However, that helps us establish that you have a little fear of intimacy....As for your hair, you have a rebellious streak in you. You dislike too many restrictions and prefer to create your own rules.

Anonymous said...

Liked your post. Great pictures! i enjoy the show because of the songs and judges equally. they really try to encourage singers. Toshi is great!

m said...

lol mindrush i can email you pictures of my numerous hairstyles over the last year for you to analyse if you wish..

OMG i have got a new interest now, (of the romantic kind) but i didn't realize that he was a natural REDHEAD EWW until I saw his Facebook profile

WHAT DO I DO? i mean i should have known since he got so many freckles and his brows are ginger too! OH gawd why do i always fall for the wrong guys

anu g said...

Hey Mindrush,u seem to be bang on with all ur analysis. Wow!I am impressed. Does it work in the reverse too? Tell me which is the ideal hairstyle for a person to be happy and at peace, and then I can get my hair styled that way:).
M, I can guess what Mindrush is going to say about ur changing styles, but I leave it to the Master to describe it in technical terms!

Bella said...

ok ok

my turn now :)

i have fairly long hair, around mid back. its a bit wavy but i dry it straight and i keep it layered in the front a little bit...

bollywood boy said...

mind rush--lol!
Your analysis 'bout me is right on the money.
In my teens i grew my wild hair long to get revnege on my poor parents coz we disagreed all the time. now it's my signature style and goes with my work.

you should start a new consulting job in this line. serious.

Aspi said...

Mind Rush got everything wrong about me except for the intelligent and talented part. Heh heh.

Lets see if the good doctor nails Bella.

Aspi said...

m, for a true analysis of your new interest (and I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here), Mind Rush will need a description of the length, texture and style of hair.

Tania said...

Kya fullto hair raising funda hai boss!Looks like we can have new branch of psycho analysis -the hairy one!
BTW , what does your hair say about you?

What happened to autorickshaw confessions?

Mind Rush said...

Your "hair-language" suggests you are gentle and sensitive with those close to you but you also value professional competence.

Mind Rush said...

My own hair is healthy and wavy. My style tells the world that I am thoughtful and analytical :-)

Mind Rush said...

Anu G--
What a deep question:
How to get from Hair to Happiness?

Please wait for my paperback on that topic :-)

m said...

my hair's now black with a hint of red in it..and length is shoulder length and its wavy naturally but i always either straighten it or curl it, i have side bangs

i always get my hair colored and use a lot of hair products, never leave it natural..

ok new guy

he's a natural redhead but dies his hair black, its short and he makes it look messy..he wears organic hair gel ..

Rupal said...

Wah Mindrush ... The post was hilarious, so were the comments.

now, in Debojit style

Aspi said...

Hey Rupal, long time no see.

m, the obvious joke here would be to say your hair says you are high maintenance. Heh heh, but then you'd deck me.

Congrats on the million hits though. I'd tell you what my site does but then I'd feel like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers when he says "one meelleean dollars".

Mind Rush said...

Dear m,
You have used up your quota of free advice from Dr. Rush so I am invoicing you for this one...
-ok, just kidding. You have given me great fodder here.

Your hair actually tells a great deal about you. First off, you are open to new experiences but within reason (not too wild.) You have a mischievious side to your personality and a bit of a trickster. You are unsure about what you want in life but are not ready to decide either. You can be oppositional just for the sake of being stubborn. You are a loyal friend.

Now the New Guy: He's forward thinking, passionate and lives life to the fullest. Deep down, he's less confident and more vulnerable than he might appear on the surface.

That's $150, check or cash, thank you!

Cinderella said...

emotional and impulsive!that's me!great!thanks!!

and yeah,u should open a new business.

and talking about hair,i was watching Priyanka Chopra's red hair is 'Lovestory something...eww!!awful!!

girlie girl said...

yeah, she CANNOT pull of the red-hair look at all. I cnat think of very many B-wood actor/actresses who can...


Bella said...

"Your "hair-language" suggests you are gentle and sensitive with those close to you but you also value professional competence."

Wow, pretty spot on, i must say :)

Joules said...

Read an interview with the designers of "LoveStory 2050" and they said they were trying to give Priyanka a futuristic (comic book) hairstyle. They considered the color platinium but then went with red. I would have liked to see Platinium on her. I am not sure I like the poofy bangs either. Some side swept bangs would have looked more stylish with the color.

Joules said...

Priyanka is one of those actresses that takes the least amount of risk about her looks. So maybe she put her foot down and wanted to look like herself.

Aspi said...

Mind Rush is a genius! I can't wait for the Bappi and Himesh edition of this post.

Joules, you are our resident fashionista. You should do a post for us like New Bollywood's Top 10 Style Icons.

Pitu said...

I always associate Priyanka with 'big hair' maybe that's why she kept the bangs so poofy. And I agree, platinum would have been way cooler. Halle Berry carried it off nicely in X men.Sorry, I can't think of anyone who'd look good with red hair except maybe Kangana Ranaut.

Aspi said...

If Bips did that spiky hair again, she'd even look good in orange hair if you ask me.

Joules said...

Aspi, you are as big a fan of Bips as Megan is of Ash. Have you ever said anything bad about Bips?

Joules said...

Top ten Bollywood style icons: Sounds like a good idea. I will try to work over it this weekend. Just a warning I am not a writer.

Aspi said...

Joules, I partly overdo the Bipslove thing to get in Megan's grill. But otherwise I'm not THAT big a fan.

Great on the post if you can make it happen!

Cinderella said...

Bips looked so masculine in Race.she wants to compete with John Abraham???
i like her anyway...there's something about her eyes:)

Joules said...

Aspi, what is the best way for me to get a post to you? Would emailing you a word doc. work? If yes, where do I email it?

Aspi said...

Yes, emailing a word doc will work. Email is ahavewala at gmail dot com.

Pitu said...

*Prays fervently* I hope Joules mentions Sharmila, I hope Joules mentions Sharmila..

Joules said...

ok, Sharmila is in. Here is an adorable picture of Preity and Ness

Pitu said...

Hurray!!!!!!!! Thankee :-D

btw joules, hubby and i are planning a fortnight visit to northern italy (lake como, venice,florence) this summer and have 3 days in tuscany penciled in. i'd love to be able to ask u some questions about your itinerary.

Rupal said...

I do stop by once in a while and try to catch up... Thought had taken a break from reality TV, what do you ... Gettin addicted to JJWS.

Need interesting tidbits for water cooler discussions and Aspisdrift is the blog to go to.

Joules said...

Anytime Pitu. You can email me at calimishra2007 at gmail dot com. Btw Cali is my cat's name :)

Pitu said...

A cat lover! Now I like you even more! I am owned by 2 kitties- Pippa and Pillu :-) Pillu's a tortoiseshell and Pillu's a white and grey DSH :-)

Will shoot you an email, thanks!

Pitu said...

err Pippa's a tortoiseshell

Aspi said...

Ah this triggers a (peripheral) turtle memory. We once went to dinner at one of the princesses of Vadodara's house. Princess came out carrying two tiny turtles to entertain our boys. "This is Radha and Krishna" she proclaimed.

One of her guests turned out to be a botanical expert of sorts and stammered "Er, Krishna is actually a female".

Names were promptly changed to Radha and Meera.

Pitu said...

LOL. My cousin has a cat, imaginatively named 'Boy'. She's actually a gal ;-)

Joules said...

For the first time I could catch most of the show and immensely enjoyed it.

Amey has always been my favourite since the Indian Idol days and his 'Laagi Laagi' did not dissappoint.

I liked the whole champions vs. challengers setting specially when the champion and challenger were singing the same song.

Having said that all of these guys style has gone out of the window - Amey's hair style is wierd, vinit and toshi look all hair, Rahul Vaidya was in a magenta shirt, Rex needs to loose some weight.

The only one who faired better in the looks dept was Neha Kakkar and glad she dropped the whole 'Jai Mata Di' act.

Shekhar looks cute. The more you watch him the more you like him. Now I understand his deewani's.

Aspi said...

That was a good episode wasn't it? Vishal is getting to be disarmingly funny. And the singing is getting to be good. Bechari Neha Kakkar - well, she was the weakest singer (along with Mr. Muscles Amit Tandon - who is still around much to my amusement)

Spruha said...

Aspi, Amit Tandon was eliminated two weeks ago.

Mind Rush said...

I love it when Vishal-Shekhar come on stage and sing. They have such great energy! It's infectious. I know I am sounding like a ga-ga-fan but seriously, they spread joy when they sing on stage together.

I am more and more intruiged by this pair. How do they make their partnership work???

Cinderella said...

i don't know about Himani but Debojit's fiday's perfomance was outstanding!he almost made me was awesome.i am beginning to like Debojit more and more with every perfomance.i just hope he dosen't go.
i never liked Neha Kakkar.i was happy she was gone....

and was it just me or was Toshi's 'dil haara' bad?i just cudn't enjoy it!!it felt like noise to me..u know..all 3 of them singing it..had i heard toshi's version before the original one then i would have probably hated the song[unlike aneek's main agar kahoon].i was so glad when VS sang that song,i felt i'm safely back to my senses!

and yeah,Mindrush,they should sing more often.every song in their voice seems more beutiful and enjoyable.and how is Vishal managing to stand on his toes???poor guy.i hope he gets better and starts jumping again:)