Monday, May 26, 2008

The Best (and Worst) Dressed Divas in Bollywood

The Drift's resident stylista Joules tells us who impresses her and who doesn't

The Best

1. Preity Zinta
Always appropriately dressed whether it be jeans and t-shirt at IPL games, wearing a business suit while bidding for an IPL team, a dress and a hat at the race track or a beautiful blue gown at Cannes. Preity's tastes are almost impeccable whether it's her boy candy Ness Wadia or her collection of birkins. Ms. Zinta is one of the few bollywood actresses who changes her hairstyles constantly and even when she ends up with a ridiculous hairstyle like in Armaan or Lakshya, is spunky and confident enough to carry it off.

2. Katrina Kaif
In a world of actresses trying to achieve Size Zero, Katrina's curvaceous body is her plus point. A beautiful dew fresh face helps too. Born in western culture she always carries western clothes with élan. However, she surprised everyone by not only looking gorgeous but also carrying herself well in a saree at the premiere of Race.

3. Bipasha Basu
The only Bollywood actress who can look sexy without looking slutty, Bips is the ultimate sex symbol. She is a trend setter, first to be spotted in the baby doll dress at the Indian Idol finale and the Wendell Rodricks maxi length dress at the Race premiere. Unlike Preity, Bipasha is not loyal to her designers and manages to look sexy in traditional as well as western outfits. Advice to Bips, lay away the hair extensions. Your natural hair is more beautiful.

Aishwarya Rai Cannes4. Aishwarya Rai
Rai for me blossomed into a style diva at the premiere of Provoked. Since then she has moved steadily up the style ladder. This is no easy feat for an actress who is not inherently stylish or experimental with her looks. Aish has a penchant for wearing similar outfits and colors. However, she pleasantly surprised her critics by wearing a range of colors at Cannes and looking mostly gorgeous in them. Advice to Aish, stay away from the cutesy pink dresses.

5. Karisma Kapoor
The surprising transformation that started with Raja Hindustani is still going on. Tells you that plastic surgery, an exercise routine, a good designer and money to buy brands can transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Whether it is her oversized shades, chanel bags or the black dress with the serpent brooch Karisma sure has turned into a style diva.

6. Kareena Kapoor
Our very own Victoria Beckham (NOT!). For someone who was a plump Kapoor kid to turn into a size zero actress is admirable. Kareena is not considered stylish and edgy by the fashionistas but the youth love her. Whether it was her jackets as "poo" or her lehenga in Bole Chudiyaan, or her t-shirt salwar look in Jab We Met, girls all over have copied her style. The girl tends to sometimes go wrong as we saw her orange-tanned look at the Zee awards or the horrible golden dress for Don's Yeh Mera Dil.

7. Rekha
At 53 Rekha is still considered a style icon by many especially when in traditional Indian clothes. In 2004 Rekha won the MTV Style Icon Award and in 2006 was listed as one of the sexiest woman by a British magazine. Rekha has gotten more beautiful with time and her secrecy around her private life makes her retain her aura. But she sometimes takes the diva thing too seriously.

8. Sharmila Tagore / Hema Malini
Both are Queens from yesteryears and both are known for their gracefulness, class and beauty. Unlike Hema Malini, Sharmila was a style symbol in her prime. Her bouffant hairstyle was copied by many so was the style with which she draped her saree. Hema was a late bloomer but what a bloom!

9. Malaika Arora
Her flat stomach and her confidence in her body are two things that make Malaika sexy. Malaika's style is edgy and racy and borders on the raunchy at times. That is her signature and she takes it seriously. However she has had her faux pas as was evident from her dress choice at Lakme Fashion Week.

10. Deepika Padukone
Her height and her eyes are her asset. Deepika is a newcomer on the style stage. Her style is a little humdrum and her sweet girl image needs to go. But I believe unlike Sonam this girl has potential and will be moving up.

The Worst

1. Jaya Bhaduri
Jaya was never a style icon but had this girl next door style to her. She has dropped a few notches with her bag lady look at Cannes. Being short and portly she should stay away from outfits that have a lot of fabric.

2. Gauri Khan
Gauri needs to tame her harshness, avoid fake tans and get rid of those pink lipsticks. We know she can look beautiful as we saw on the cover of Vogue. She is a good example of money can't buy style.

3. Rani
What happened to the Rani Mukherjee of Chalte Chalte? An absolutely beautiful face spoiled by horrendous hair styles and excessive weight. Unlike her cousin Kajol, Rani seems to care about her looks but somehow doesn’t seem to get it right. Being short like Jaya, she is limited in what she can wear (no Anarkali suits for example). But she can look cute if she loses weight and wears clothes that suit her body style.

4. Konkana Sen Sharma
Ok, what is wrong with this girl? Yeah, "the serious actress doesn’t care about fashion" bit can only take you so far. But in an industry that is so visually oriented the girl needs to lose some weight and pay attention to what she wears.

5. Kajol
Not seeming to care about her looks, her weight or her unabrow, Kajol has always bucked the trend. She seems to favor black and white outfits. Mix in some color, girl.

6. Soha Ali Khan
You would think one who grew up in the Pataudi household and has the gorgeous Sharmila as their mother would have a better sense of style. But not this lass. Her jeans are too short and her hair is bouffant. Even her pictures in Maxim don’t improve her image. Soha, please see a stylist, pronto.

7. Esha Deol
The girl's tried a number of times and it only tells us that style is inherent and something you are born with. Some actresses have acquired it through designers but it’s not our Esha. Her style is too tomboyish, too thrown together at the last minute and she never looks comfortable in it. I don't think seeing a stylist would help her much. Some people are just not meant to be divas.

8. Madhuri Dixit
A beautiful face, a beautiful smile, a talented actress but not a style diva. Unlike her peers (Karishma, Shilpa) she has not tried to move out of the 80's. The curled hair has got to go, so do cakes of makeup. It makes her look older than her age.

9. Shilpa Shetty
Exaggerated is what I think every time I see Shilpa. Whether it is her hour glass figure, her make up, her hair, her inclination to carry Louis Vuittons (we know she is the brand ambassador but please she doesn’t have to carry the logo purses all the time). Shilpa is what we call BTM (Behenji turned Mod)

10. Priyanka
Nothing wrong with her style but she plays it safe all the time. Whether it is her hair, the colors she chooses, the image she portrays on and off screen, she always looks the same.



Unknown said...

All right Joules! Terrific and entertaining round up - I'm now going to look at those premiere and muhurat pictures in a whole different light!

Also I noticed you balanced out the list with people who look good in both western and ethnic wear (except for perhaps Rekha). Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aspi. The links and pictures are spot on.

Bee's said...

very nice write up..not sure abt rekha being in the best list though..she should avoid the blood red lipstick and the over the top make up..nevertheless great entertainment..
you should do one of these on men as well..

Anonymous said...

Fantastic write-up Joules! Loved it! Totally agree with Priety being numero uno.

I do disagree on putting Ash in the Best list of course.

As far as Madhuri's curls are concerned, I agree that they look a bit dated and it's repetitive but unfortunately I don't think straight hair looks good on her. The scenes in Aaja Nachle where she had super straight hair I didn't like it one bit. The only film I can think of where straight hair looked good on her was Dil to pagal hai and even there the hair was not poker straight. So, I dunno. Better to look gorgeous albeit dated than ornery.

Also, I am curious. I know everyone says Karisma had plastic surgery but I am not sure where. Did she do her nose?

And I agree with Bee. Rekha's vampire lips are annoying and she always looks like a chalta firta jewelery shop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pitu and Bee. Yeah, Ash was a hard one for me too. Although her style (or lack of) is the most talked about on the web. Youngters (20+ girls specially non resident indians) love her style and look upto her so she could not have been ignored from the list.

Rekha, I think is a style diva because she has created this aura of herself. She is unique in the way she drapes her sarees, covers herself with jewellery and the way she maintains her hair. Also she is one of the very few actresses who look good in Kanjeevarams.

For Madhuri, its not just the hair. Everything about her looks dated and I personally cant put my finger on it. Even when wearing the anarkali suits during the promo of Aaja Nachle, she looked like she had walked out of the 80s. Maybe its her nicey-nice demeanor that makes her seem like she is from another era.

There is enough chatter about Karisma getting plastic surgery on the net but nothing concrete. I usually doubt that is the case for most actresses (besides boob jobs, botox etc..). I think she may have just lost the baby fat on her face and just learnt how to enhance her features.

Anonymous said...

Also, I love curly hair when done right. Preity's hair in Dil Chahta hai was awesome. Also I like the way Mallika Sherawat does her hair. Its not straight but not the big curls that Madhuri and Shilpa favor.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great observations. Awesome write up, and comments! Very entertaining and informative post. Thanks!!

Next post...the Best and Worst Dressed Men????

Anonymous said...

Joules, and now the disagreements..

I was disappointed to see so many references to actresses' weight, such as: "...a plump Kapoor kid to turn into a size zero actress is admirable.." None of these women, (Kareena, Rani, Kajol, etc.)
Best or Worst, is truly overweight and I personally disagree with the Size Zero obsession.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, MindRush. Actually for Kareena I meant more of her pre movie years. Kareena was always called Karisma's plump sister when she showed up on the sets.

I personally think Rani and Kajol don't look their healthy best. I dont have an obsession with size zero's but I think Katrina and Bipasha's curvaceous body is a result of some good genes and spending time in the gym. I dont see the same in Rani and Kajol or Konkana.

Anonymous said...

Joules, good point reg. Mads. I get what you are saying and I think it's her total lack of spontaneity. She is always 100% PC. If you notice, actresses from previous eras (notable exception: Shabana Azmi) are exactly the same. I remember one yawn worthy interview of Sridevi where (literally) every question that was asked was answered with 'No comment'!!! Hema Malini, same. In her interviews, Mads does come across as guarded and rehearsed, so it's probably that.. With the curls, she doesn't have the big curls in the pic Aspi put up (KWK peach sari pic).

I understand what u meant about Rekha. But honestly, how I long for her to at least somewhat replicate her Silsila look. She looked EXQUISITE in those chiffons with the poker straight long black hair and the mauve lipsticks!!

Karisma- true. It's so obvious that Sridevi and Shilpa Shetty have had nose jobs and Sush and Bips have had bust enhancements. But with Karisma, it's either all natural or done rly rly rly well.

Mind Rush, I think it's about time our actresses started hitting the gym and stopped traumatizing us with their rolls and gobs of fat. It's not the size 0 thing, but come on, who wants to see love handles falling out of someone's (Aishwarya, Raveena, Madhuri, Sridevi, Juhi,Rani) ghagra choli??

Anonymous said...

And I do think actresses shd be held to a different standard than regular folks because regular women won't wear certain outfits unless they are in shape (tube tops, strapless dresses, hot pants, skimps ghagra cholis, minis etc etc). But actresses have to routinely wear such clothes in their films depending on the character they portray. A woman with Rani's figure would never wear the stuff she wears, in real life eg the tiny miniskirts and tight tops from Ta Ra Rum Pum.

And if Rani likes her figure, ok. But then pls wear jeans and long skirts.

Anonymous said...

About Katrina, she's worn Sarees in other events before. I guess maybe Race was the most high publicity ones, but way before Race saree lovers in the BW forums have commented on how WELL Katrina carries off a saree.

About the weight issue. I hate Kareena's anorexic look. I don't think there was anything wrong with her in It's Rocking.

"t's not the size 0 thing, but come on, who wants to see love handles falling out of someone's (Aishwarya, Raveena, Madhuri, Sridevi, Juhi,Rani) ghagra choli??"

When it comes to Indian outfits, when tailored to size and worn right, it doesn't matter. It IS realistic. And they don't look so bad, imo.

A perfect example is Richa Sharma in this clip.
Her waist/abdomen is showing. But (and I hate having to say this, and I suck for saying this and am being a hypocrite since I'm so defensive about actress being bashed for their weight, but I'll do it to make my point) but if anything it's her double chin that's more distracting than her body).

Anonymous said...

Lin, Richa didn't bother me at all. And that's coz her ghagra was very conservative. Plus all she did was sing on a stage, and she not being an actress, I don't judge her by the same standards as our Bolly heroines.

When I said skimpy ghagra, I meant the 'no dupatta, navel showing' stuff. Add a buncha thumkas and latke jhatke and well, it easily goes into dangerous territory.

The stuff that bothers me is the following kind-

Anonymous said...

hmm i wouldn't call Bipasha stylish by any means. She wears ghetto skank wear most the time.

And to show her "style" that picture just contradicts everything imo

Over Rated said...

Nice Post Joules ....
All observations are spot on .. love the ones about BTM and Mads ....

But no one deserves to be more on the worst dressed list than Vidya Balan? ... :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks over_rated. I totally forgot about Vidya Balan. Yup, you are right. She should have been at the top.

Unknown said...

Mind Rush, thanks for starting what I think is a hugely interesting debate. Given how much women love Indian clothes and how forgiving they are - I think the Indian fashion industry can take style places other industries can't.

Over Rated, I knew someone was missing but I couldn't quite figure it out. Turns out Vidya Balan is the right answer.

m, I've rooted for Bips pretty much after that Kaali Billi comment by Kareena. And I agree with Joules in that Bips almost always looks good to me unless she has those ridiculous hair extensions. I've even forgiven her for looking like a drag queen in No Entry.

Unknown said...

Also with regards to Karishma, its hard to say if she has had work done. Maybe more chemical treatments rather than surgery - I'm no expert by any measure.

But what she has done is this:
1. Work on her eyebrows and replace the jhaadu-savarni look with more sleeker lines
2. Reduce the total volume of her by 80% thus making her look classier instead of tarty
3. Make sure her glamor shots are all air brushed

All of that is part of the transformation. And that's even before she got to her clothes.

Anonymous said...

i won't even call Vidya Balan a diva,forget being badly dressed!!she looks just like my next door aunty.

I'm with aspi on Bips.she looks good to me in anything[except for that masculine look of hers in race].

Anonymous said...

and does Rekha have a whole wardrobe of yellow/golden coloured sarees??!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the write-up Joules! I agree with most of it...I don't know about Rekha on the best list...maybe the back-in-the-day Rekha, but now, she's looking more and more like a drag queen and that's canceling out any diva-ness she had in the past. I totally agree on giving Ms. Zinta the #1 spot...Also, dont konw if I agree with Malaika Aurora on the best list...she's always spotting a skanky look.

Definitely agree on the Worst list though...maybe even add a few people on there, i.e. Vidya Balan (as someone already mentioned), maybe even Mahima Chowdhry, or the other Aurora sister...

You should totally do one for the men though...

Anonymous said...

oooooo speaking of Vidya in the Worst list, maybe Kangana cud have been in the Best list? That one is uber stylish!

Anonymous said...

I too am voting to bring Vidya Balan on the Worst Dressed list.

Analyzing why Karishma looks better now...I am with Driftji. It's her straighter hair, toned down colors and straighter lines in her clothes. The jhatka look (female Govinda look) is bye-bye..

Anonymous said...

Also with regards to makeup- I have never seen anyone 'create' an entire upper lip the way Karisma has. In her close-ups, you can see how overdrawn her lip pencil is (on the upper lip) and how 'concealed' her lower lip is.

Anonymous said...

Kangana's problem is that she looks good until she opens her mouth.

The two people that I wanted to add to the list but was sure that may not get mass acceptance is Lara Dutta and Mallika Sherawat. Lara because I love how clothes look on her and Mallika because of the confidence she oozes even when wearing the ridiculous outfit at Cannes. (What's with Cannes bringing the worst out in people)

Bee's said...

so agree with joules's comment on kangana..
BTW who do you yhink will feature in the men's list? i am guessing govinda, salman and little B to be in the worst list..please do the one for men soon..:)

Anonymous said...

maybe they try too hard to look good at Cannes that they actually end up looking pretty bad:)

Anonymous said...

LOL Kangana does belong to the Madhu Sapre category. Beautiful chick but she'd open her mouth and she would sound like a drunk man (Madhu, not Kangana). Having said that, she certainly has far more style than say Bebo (whom I adore but don't emulate).

Ok, I am glad you didn't add Lara and Mallika! Would you believe it, my mom really likes Mallika Sherawat. And yes, she has seen Murder :-p Then again, my mom likes all outspoken ppl. (Rakhi Sawant, my mom likes you, too :-)

Unknown said...

Lara Dutta used to look horrific to me. I might have blanked it out but I probably cried during Aisa Jadoo.

However in Partner she looked too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

Joules, great lineup and very entertaining read.
enjoyed everyone's comments.

Only one thing...
I have to agree with girlie girl, I wish you would take rekha off the list. She is overly made up (so shoot me!) I dont think she looks good in her signature look anymore. She carries it too far and ends up like a christmas tree with a fake demure demeanor. she pioneered her make up look in the early eighties and has not updated since.

what a pity about Jaya B. She was a trendsetter in her day too. Her natural look was a breath of fresh air when compared to her contemporaries (Asha P, Sadhana, Sharmila). I loved her look in Abhiman and uphaar. Air dried and braided hair, cotton saree and an irrepressible smile. I remember when I was ten, my young aunts totally adopting her no-jewelry simple sari look. LOL this riled my grandmother who was all for drenching them in jewelry especially for parties.

Anonymous said...

One last thing in my defense on puting Rekha in list #1. She is 53 and still has managed to look gorgeous. Although next time I may bump her for Sridevi. I think Sri is looking quite graceful these days.

Meena, agree with you on Jaya. I think the drifters are aware of my love for the old Jaya B. so that was hard on me. Although I think except for that one appearance in Cannes Jaya may not have made it to list at all.

If Aspi still wants me to contribute, maybe next weekend I can come up with a list of male actors. That is going to be a hard one - to find top 10 well dressed actors.

Anonymous said...

Ya, it's going to be hard. Off the top of my head, only Anil Kapoor and SRK impress off-screen.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Can't wait to share this with the Bollywood Fugly writers and readers!

I don't agree with everything posted, but it sure is fun to read - and look at the very expertly linked examples :) Well done, Joules!

Unknown said...

Joules, you can write for us anytime! I enjoyed working on the post and having it up here.

Pitu, perhaps you weren't around for our Anil Kapoor coverage on Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa :)

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeep I take it back! He looks like a bewda in the JDJ pics. But he always looks so well turned out at premieres! Bah!

Unknown said...

Not to mention he boasted about how he kissed Manisha Koirala multiple times and then told the world she was way heavier than she looks.

He's always a party, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

oh the things bollowood actors say when they get old!! IT's great entertainment for us, that's for sure. I think SRK should be on that list, maybe even the new and imporved John Abraham...not the JA from a few years ago when he used to walk around with a freakin wife-beater...but now, he seems to have a great sense of style.

Kanan said...

Joules, that made an entertaining read!

How about Sushmita? I think she would be in the former category than latter.

Also, I like Tabu's style (well, most of the time she looks great I think), she's like our modern day Jaya B - simple yet elegant.

Soha's Maxim photos were... I can't think of a word "eh" nothing special. She can't even come close to her mom even if she tries her hardest.

Hahaha @ Shilpa the BTM. :D

Now waiting for the next installment on the Boys of Bollywood.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kanan on Tabu. She is gorgeous! I love her hair, her figure, her elegance, she rocks :-)I wish she'd do more movies tho, the last thing I saw her in was The Namesake'.

Cine Masala said...

Posted this link in a social bookmarking site.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Oh pleeeeeease do the male actors! Gah, I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I did consider Sushmita. The problem is since Main Hoon Na (where she looked delectable) I have not seen her in any outings (movies or otherwise). She does not seem to come to award shows. There are rarely pictures of her at social events.

Tabu, yes has a unique style and carries herself quite effortlessly. Her style though is very casual and she does not change her style or her hair often (Kareena is another one who does not experiment with her hair). She is one of the few actresses who seems like an intellectual without trying to be one.

Unknown said...

Someone who watched Koffee with Karan recently told me that Tabu came across as a partial ditz.

Haven't really seen or read any interviews to make a call myself. Anyone have any links let me know.

Sushmita was hot for a while. Before she went all whacky on everyone.

Anonymous said...

Whaaa? Tabu a partial ditz? I saw the KWK episode and she was awesome. She's never been a sparkling conversationalist, and she's certainly reticent but a ditz? No way, yaar. Sush on KWK (Sanju baba episode) rly got on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Aspi, watch the KWK epis (Mira Nair and Tabu) here-

Btw Chabukwali is also on the last bit ;-)

Anonymous said...

I may have to agree (reluctantly) with Aspi. Tabu was one of the judges on Miss India pageant and she did not shine. She refused to give a thank you speech during the film fare awards as well. though I dont hold this against her:), it did seem a little graceless.

Anonymous said...

Tabu sounds like a simpleton to me, she is so crass and talks so funny. Like a desi hilbilly!

Never Mind!! said...

Great writeup! I vote for Tabu and Dia Mirza on well dressed and for Vidya on the latter. The problem with Vidya I think is her simple upbringing. I know someone who went to college with her and said she always showed up in Salwars.

May I vote for Hrithik and Kunal Kapoor for best dressed and Akshaye Khanna and Aamir for the worst dressed in the men's category?

Unknown said...

Never Mind!! I am prompted to make a deeply insightful comment about Vidya Balan. The more I look at her the more I realize something is funny about her.

And I think it is this: she has very little neck and her bust is way too high up her body. This makes it appear like she's constantly shrugging. With that kind of a body, she needs someone to invent a few new cloth cuts to look good.

Anonymous said...

Ok ladies (and the occasional gent) I got my copy of Filmfare, my adrak ki chai and my monsoons on. Meri life set hai. Esp when i saw who made the cover of Filmfare: Preity Zinta in a killer empire waist gown. DAYUM! Also, I want whatever bra is holding her boobies up.

Joules - Rekha scares me. She's like the Indian version of the ghost bride, I keep expecting her to reveal fangs and jump on some unsuspecting male crying "I came dressed for the occasion!" Argh. Also, Vidya is just unfortunate. She looks her best in non filmy Indian clothes and I can see her doing well with deep necks and tea length A-line skirts but she's not listening to me is she? Also, she needs to lay off the dangly earrings and heavy necklaces coz, as Aspi said, she has no neck.

Ash is the only woman who can even begin to bring off the colors that she wears and I'm all for it, except I wish she wouldn't put most of it on her face. Her face looks so much better without makeup.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, PZ does look awesome on that cover.

Vidya, would look good (as you said) in Indian clothes. I think if she wears something old fashioned (60's style) it would look awesome on her. Deep necks, puff sleeves, plain churidaar with normal kurtas. Also jeans with kurtis would look nice on her too. She needs to wear plainer clothes where the attention is drawn to her face and not her body.

Never Mind!! said...

Aspi: It sounds funny but probably is true. Like Amrita said,she should go with deep necks. Also I think she needs a hair make over as well.

Ash definitely needs to experiment with more colors and cuts. Its boring to see her in the same school girl dresses. And of course she needs to tone those arms before anything else!

Anonymous said...


I like Tabu's acting, and used to think well of her, until I saw that KwK episode with Mira and farah - especially in comparison with those confident, articulate women, she came across as a ditz - excessive, pointless giggling, no answers to Karan's questions (And all she had to do was check out a couple of earlier episodes to see the format of the questions, so she really shouldn't have been so blindsided as she seemed to be).

Best dressed - not really - her height allows her to get away with almost anything she wears, but I don't think of Tabu when I think Style!


Unknown said...

All right then, I henceforth banish Tabu to ditztown unless presented with counter evidence.

Anonymous said...
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Jaykishan said...

Rekha still attracts not even the oldies but also the grown-up men becouse of her dress sence, makeup n health care.

Kiera Aten is a pseudonym said...

So happy you posted this because I was just thinking the other day- what is the difference between how Hollywood and Bollywood women dress (saris excluded).
You know, I really like that crazy glitzy top Shilpa Shetty has on. It would be good for a memorable night out, from the stares or the fact that you're wearing an art installation, but memorable nonetheless.
And I have to mention that Kareena looks so much like Paris, it's mind-blowing. Their dress sense is similar, too, because when Paris started wearing crazy-short miniskirts and shopping at Kitson's, it seemed like everyone was flocking to the store and website for more. Maybe they're sisters and no one knows?!
Thanks for such an in-depth post!

Anonymous said...

I have to take back my criticism of Sonam. She has improved a lot recently - the girl has great height, good features and gorgeous hair. She is taking full advantage of that and her age, wearing a lot of flirtatious dresses.

She still has a long way to go but happy with the improvement.

Unknown said...

Indeed, I saw some recent pics of hers and she looks good.

Pitu said...

Do you know she is 5'10"??? Someone kill me already,there is no justice in this world :-X

Anonymous said...

Come on, short girls have some advantages as well. Use to hate being petite in my twenties but now that I am closer to forty I love it. I look a lot younger than my peers and guys of all heights hit on me ;)

Anonymous said...

all right joules. today onwards i am going to see the girls in muhurat wearing sarees and salwar suits may be it will put them in best dresses . I dont know why indians have become so cheap minded

Anonymous said...

i do not agree with ur list. umm madhuri, rani priyanka dress pretty well. What the hell is ash on this list for? she wore a awful pink dress to her pink panther premier and that awful suit and black dress and she looked horrible at the 54th award show in the black sari wtf

... said...

who wrote this shit??????
kajol worst dresses???? helloooo!!!
she has the best taste and she is the most beautiful of all!!!!!!!

The Real Kajol said...

Kajol, I am so happy I have fan like you! I have been watching this site for months to see if someone would stick up for me.

Now you have arrived. Chak de phatte!!

... said...

omg...are you kajol???

The Real Kajol said...

No, honey. YOU are Kajol - I'm the REAL Kajol. I live a little bit inside each of my fans.

God bless!

... said...

omgggg...i can't name is not kajol and i am not indian..i am from europe i live in bosnia...omggg...i can't belive are my idol and you are the most beautiful woman on the earth...the most beautiful woman that the world has ever seen...i want to be just like you....i loveeee you soooo are the best, the are my whole life!!!

The Real Kajol said...

Kajol from Bosnia, I am nothing without my fans. So I salute you. I have the best fans in the world.

... said...

Yes...but my name is Sanda not Kajol.. i put it as my name because it is the most beautiful... and i made a blog about you... and i hope someday to go to India and meet you, i promise that to my self...

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with u all

Anonymous said...

Joules I dont get it what u say
u dont mmake any sence

Ok cool!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Um, no way. Rani's hair was because of the movie, it's not like she leaves her hair like that all the time. I think she's pretty. Maybe a bit chubby, but I don't think that should put her on the worst. Same with Kajol (but I don't blame her, she's kind of become more of a motherly figure than a hot actress or something). And Madhuri? Are you kidding? She tops Aishwariya, Preity, etc. She's gorgeous and since when is curly locks out? It looks beautiful on her, it isn't frizzy or anything. She wouldn't look good with straight hair. Her smile, charm, she's got so much more going for her than the rest, even if she's older. And she doesn't cake make up on her face. That's bs. I agree with some of the best, but no way with your "worst."

Anonymous said...

I cant belive rekha is in 7th place
i would put rekha 1st hema 2nd sharmilla 3rd and jaya 5th cos when she was young she was gorgeous
Preity Zinta is ok so 6th no more i am not fond of the rest but theya r ok
My fav actresses in order are:
1. Rekha
2. Hema Malini
3. Parveen Babi (RIP)

Alena said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Nice post there!Katrina happens to be my favorite. She can carry Indian or Western outfits with elan and anything looks good on her.