Friday, May 09, 2008

Bollywood Stars: Dropouts 2 Doctors

Akshay Kumar PHD DoctorOur resident analyst returns to comment on the spate of silly honorary doctorates being handed out to Bollywood stars.

Mind Rush is miffed....Too many 10th standard failures are going from Dropout to Doctorate.

Sadly, everyone loves success, and fame can buy anything. Since Mind Rush can't stem the tide of honorary doctorates, here is a list of celebs who need fake degrees from universities that are desperate for star power at upcoming graduation ceremonies:

1. Patna University should award an honorary doctorate in Archery to Shatrughan Sinha for shooting his mouth off

Aishwarya Lying down2. Mumbai College of Home Economics should award an honorary doctorate in Domestic Science Bliss to Big Bahu Aishwarya

3. Paris Institute of Existential Studies should award an honorary doctorate in Nothingness to Preity Zinta

4. Our Father of Bollywood University should award an honorary MBA in Family Business to Abhishek Bachachan

Sunny deol bees kilo ka haath5. The Nawab School of British Hangover should award an honorary BA in Resurrection Studies to Saif Ali Khan

6. Item Number Elementary School should award an honorary 8th Pass in Image Management to Rakhi Sawant

7. A.K. Artillery Institute of should award an honorary JD in Legal Common Sense to Sanjay Dutt

Shatrughan Sinha fight with amitabh bachchan8. Men's Design Institute should offer enrollement in Shirt Making 101 to Salman Khan

9. International University of United Nations should award an honorary doctorate in Diplomacy to Karan Johar

10. Universal Men's College should present a Special Award in Explosive Devices to Bipasha Basu

11. Hair Institute should award an honorary doctorate in Weaving to Himesh Reshamiya

Anupam Kher makes out with Rakhi Sawant12. Rocket Science School should award a BA Pass in General Education to the Deol family

And....if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Last but not the least:

13. The Drift School of Love Chakker should award an honorary doctorate in Mind Reading to Mind Rush


Unknown said...

Mind Rush, hilarious. But the doctorate for Brand Marketing should go to SRK.

Now if only there was a degree for making stinkers and blaming the audience for not being progressive enough to enjoy it, we would have a lock between Dev Anand and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Anonymous said...

Mind Rush,
You get A+
This is both razor sharp and also subtle humor! I definitely confer upon you the doctorate you desire :-)

Anonymous said...


ppl said...

Totally delicious!

YRF should get one in 'Persuasion', they managed to persuade the cast and the indian public that JBJ,LCMD and now Tashan were gonna be the biggest films of the year. Unfortunately they needed Hypnotism 101 to keep the public in the theaters!

Anonymous said...

the funniest comment is on rakhi sawant.
Mind Rush, how bout Kareena, Rani, Big B too?

Nikhil Narayanan said...

I guess I wasted time studying.
Any random guy can get a doctorate now!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH!! Awesome job, Mind Rush. You have a real god-given gift!! I did kinda wanna see Kareena mentioned but no biggie...this is still worth a million praises!!

Anonymous said...

Girlie girl, Anon and others,
Why don't you write in to tell us who you would bestow a doctorate upon and why....

Over Rated said...

How about a Studies in Interracial Harmony doctorate awarded by the Hogwash(or Hogwarts?..dunno) University of London to Shilpa Sheety?

And hey, started to read you blog today and must say that it deserves an actual doctorate, not just a funny one ... :P

Unknown said...

over rated, welcome.

I would give Anil Kapoor a Doctorate from Kader Khan University for bringing the spirit of Shakti Kapoor back.

Anonymous said...

Kareena should get a Doctarate from the Zero school of figure physics.

and Himesh should be given a Bravery award soon.he deserves it!

Farah Khan should be given a Doctorate for her non stop blabber.she'll talk just anything.i actually love her for that!hehe

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mindrush, lovely post.

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! Great post mindrush

Pritam should be first in line to get a doctorate from the School of Inspired Rock, with the number of songs he pilfers.

Anonymous said...

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