Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The cracking of the whip on Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar

We've all run into stories of how Farah can make people cry on the sets.

Last week Farah made a couple of girls cry and had everyone else hanging their head in shame. Before I go on I'd like to thank Farah for saying what everyone really wants the judges to say on these shows. Farah, shukriya for being Anu Malik but one who makes sense.

So what happened? A week or so ago, Farah dug into Neha Kakkar for putting on too many airs. This move - called putting a sister in her place - got to the point where Neha had to stand with a veritable poker face while receiving comments from the judges. Even a slight tick of the lips and Farah was on her in a flash. Much amusement!

Then this week Neha Kakkar bombed. Yet again. (She was eliminated last week). The judges tore into her. Neha left the stage sobbing, red flags waving in her face.

Next it was Himani (and the entire champions' section) who was reduced to tears. Its too complicated to explain how it happened but Farah wagged fingers at everyone and essentially told the champions to zip it and sing. Heads were hung in shame. More amusement!

We haven't hit Summer yet and JJWS has already turned out to be the best singing competition show this year. How so?

For one, it has some pretty terrific singers. Importantly enough, they all sing consistently well. The judges are focused enough that the show doesn't become a parade of nonsense (although I loved the nonsense on SRGMP).

Here Farah plays an important role. Both Vishal and Shekhar focus on the music. But because the music of a film starts its journey with the director, Farah has a lot of credibility to decipher tunes.

This she does by analyzing the mood and ambiance of the performance. On JJWS, the judges vote as a cartel. On the few occasions they disagree, they don't question each other's judgment and move on.

Still there are a few things JJWS could do better. For one, Mandira is doing a fine job by squeezing the lemon just right and keeping the show moving at a fine clip. But she's started screaming into that mike - thus making me feel like I've done something wrong (call it desi conditioning). It wouldn't hurt to stop that.

JJWS could also try to take a leaf out of Indian Idol's book and infuse more Realty TV into their competition show. Its a worthwhile experiment because JJWS relies on its competitors to drum up the drama - an essential component of any show. And given these fine talents (and some nifty egos), there is plenty of drama to be had.

So instead of creating fake black and white sankat moments at the drop of a hat - last week we even saw some fake lightening - put some backstage cameras in front of these hugely entitled singers and just sit back.

Come on producers, do it already!

More: Richa Sharma on JJWS last week


Anonymous said...

aspi,i havent really understood why farah tore into himani..when i dont really think she could have made the champions vote for her or against her ..if they didnt want to..its more likethe champions knew that if toshi made it to their side during the sufi round , there was a good chance one of them would have been eliminated the next time ..ok so himani kinda overreacted with her dil being the only saaf one ...but still.... does farah have anything against these girls? i like her, but feel that she is partial to the boys and forgives them anything

Anonymous said...

Well, I am with Farah that I don't like girls crying buckets of tears everytime something does'nt go their way.

What I heard was that Himani asked the guys not to vote for her last week because she thought she had a better chance of staying as a challenger than a champion. Not sure what she achieved by it. I just started watching this show so maybe someone here will correct me.

I did'nt like Abhijeet when he first came on the singing stage. Always thought he was a light-weight. But his rendition of Khwaja mere Khwaja was quite good. Also was his singing with Amey.

And seeing Richa on the show was a hoot.

Bee's said...

well himani didnt want to come to champion's side last week because the theme was supposed to be comedy and she was not good at singing comedy songs..and this week it was sufi kind which she sings pretty well (though she kinda messed up sanu ek pal chain na aaye)..

Unknown said...

Bee's right on how it all went down. Himani fares much better when her singing is compared to the challengers rather than the champions.

minnie, you are right - Farah's harsher on the girls and protects the (cuter) boys.

Over Rated said...

There is so much behind the scenes drama that the show doesn't broadcast. I mean everyone can see the subtle homosexual love between Rex and Rahul, the complete moronic obnoxiousness of Debojit, the huge crush Farah has on Abhijeet Sawant and of course, no one even talks about Mandira Bedi anymore. The show is just passing on too much drama. What it needs is a guest appearance by Bappi Lahri.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Vishal-Shekhar totally fida on Abhijeet also? I think all three think they may be working with him in the near future so want to be all nice to him.

Unknown said...

Bappi is welcome anytime!

But I must say all of these singers look so fake when they do their "Sangeet ka pujari"/"Achha insaan" acts. Its downright amusing.

It could be that they just don't want to hurt someone else's feelings which is understandable. But then just say it and pass the mike on.

Anonymous said...

I can understand all judges being fida on abhijeet but why are they so fida on harshit. I don't think he is as good as they project him to be.

On a completely different note, I think the challengers in JJWS were hardly challenging. A better set of challengers would have made this show much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Even i hadn't understood why Himani was bashed up so badly by Farah Khan last week till i read about it here.i don't care about it much though.
but anyway,if one challenger becomes a champion next week and one will leave because of the red flag then still one of the challengers will remain and what will happen to him then??he'll be the second best in the challengers then,right?and he'll still be eliminated???i don't understand!

about the episode,i soooo enjoyed Abhijeet Sawant's song..i actually din't even know he sang well til i saw him on JJWS..hehe[never seen II]i've always heard him sing only one song on tv all the time[the tune of which i can't even recollect]and i always wondered if thats all he's gonna sing all thru.
and i loved Harshit's and Debojit's songs.

Unknown said...

Cinderella, good point! Not sure how that will work.

sneha, I think with Harshit - his singing has actually improved a lot between VoI and JJWS. And his versatility is what is causing V-S to praise him a lot. Its hard to find a singer who can traverse the pop range which is somewhere in the middle to lower octaves. Either you are too harsh (Kailash Kher), too soft (Sonu Nigam) or just plain different (Sukhwinder).

Its rare to get the genuine Udit, Shaan and KK types - which is where Harshit currently is.

Unknown said...

erm, when I said "where Harshit currently is" I meant vocal range not quality.

Anonymous said...

Farah Khan emraces her authority and makes no apologies for airing an opinion. Love her for that! However I notice the contradiction between her knocking the aam janta for not voting for the women and then being very harsh on the two women.

Anonymous said...

overrated, Your comments on Rex and Rahul made me sit up. am going to watch jjws more closely. is that a rumor or just your observation?

Unknown said...

Over Rated, now look what you've done :)

Over Rated said...

@bollywood boy

Just an observation ..... both these guys so need to get a room. They have what we call chemistry .... :P


They keep harping about "music se baymani" and stuff like that which is so fake. They act like Mr Sur and Ms Taal are their parents.

And Harshit ... I find him as irritating as Debojit. And he really hates Rahul Vadiya and goes after his life most of the time .. .. Maybe Harshit's homophobic :)

Anonymous said...

i can't stand Abhijeet sawant.. his annoying smile makes me wanna fly to india and give him several tight slaps Ekta Kapoor style.

he is overdoing the nice boy act.

I hate Rahul Suxena too. He is another overrated girly boy. He is supposed to be cute YUCK! poor man's shahid kapoor. They need to go buy some testosterone

i also hate Vineet. he needs to go diaf. Miniature Himesh!

I only like Ishmeet, harshit and debojit, they seem genuine and are underrated.

Himani's crying looked so fake! it was so funny!

I used to hate Prajakta too. and her mom UFFFF

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Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

m I'm with you on that crying bit.

SkD its about time you surfaced young lady. Hope you haven't been doing anything i would.

Alpesh thanks man. I'm not sure what I should be doing as follow up. Your widget doesn't work for me (Blogger link gives me a 404 error and entering the blog in gives me a blog not found error). Should I link to my stuff on your site moving forward?

Anonymous said...

Go're our own personal superhero!! We shall call you Professor. I know you'll love it cause it's X-Men you have that look to you! hehe...hope you are a fan of him!

Bee's said...

are spoilers allowed on drift?

Anonymous said...


party? :P

Anonymous said...

congrats Aspi!
chai ho jaye?

Unknown said...

heh meena, funny.

girlie girl, I should tell you that I might look like Xavier, but my favorite X-men are Gambit and Longshot.

Bee, I don't mind spoilers. I don't watch these shows for the suspense anyway. You can try them and see if anyone is bothered.

Bee's said...

This week on JJWS, himani , amey and rex are eliminate..toshi comes to champion side and prajakta enters as wild card entry..

Anonymous said...

bee, noooooooo. Don't reveal the suspense.

Just kidding, I read the article also. Sad that Amey has to go. Glad that drama queen Himani is out.

Unknown said...

Man, I used to really like Himani.

As for the others: the hazards of joining the show mid-stream!

Anonymous said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww prajakta is back


Himani is so much better than that fake biarch

Bee's said...

i am sad abt amey too..he is far better than toshi..BTW i didn't know amey and rahul are suresh wadekar's chelas..amey's singing style is v much like his guru..

Anonymous said...

hey thanks Aspi...yea am back after my weird adventure in Mumbai..hehe...met a celeb who turned out to be an absolute jerk when it came to being a gentleman.......he actually expected me to ask him out for dinner n ..ahem de very first meeting....when i did not...he just stopped talkin to i really want ppl to help me how to fuck his case...any tips??

Anonymous said...

ooooo who was it? juice gossip pretty pls!

Unknown said...

Please, no names yaar. I know that celeb keeps tabs on the Drift (and all the comments) and I don't want to get sued for slander :)

Anonymous said...

waaah party pooping celebs :-p I didn't know celebs read the Drift! I wonder if *straightens clothes and looks in mirror* a certain Mr SRK stops by? *beam* :-D

Unknown said...

There are only two types of celebs who might chance on the Drift.

1. Those that are personally Internet-savvy.

2. Those that have a good sense of self-esteem

Having both makes it more likely.

Otherwise the handlers and press agents who monitor the blogs won't allow anything less than gushing to get to them.

And we don't do gushing well around here.

Anonymous said...

My fave hero has both :-D And I am more than happy to gush :-) Well, umeed pe duniya kaayam hai, eh?

Anonymous said...

SKD, you can atleast give a description who he was. This suspense is killing me.

ppl said...

Wow lots happening at the Drift. I am languishing with summer school and sadly behind on all my TV :(

Firstly congratulations Aspi on blog well done, I deem it 'Timepass destination of the highest order'

I finally tuned in to JJWS and thoroughly enjoyed it, the format is incomprehensible but the squirming is intense and that's my main incentive to tune in (and the singing which is pretty good)
Himani's 'saaf dil' breakdown and Vishal's subsequent gruff declaration that the other people here were also 'saaf dil' was delicious!

Anonymous said...

Joules, yea yea descriptions on the way....and Aspi, I wont take any!
this celeb is quite popular on this drift....and strangely I met him on Orkut..hehe...and that's how we exchnaged numbers and "got to know each other" before deciding to meet but this guy has NO mnners! he expected me to initiate EVERYTHING! i mean how lame!and after our meeting late night at 11pm..he just doesnt evn offer me a drink! i mean wtf..and den after the meeting he just stops which i figured[after discussing this odd behavior with a frend] he was prolly there for a one night stand..and when I did not jump on him..he thought i was a waste of time...utter disrespect for any lady I would say.!

clue: hes married.

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