Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Indian Idol roji roti report

You can see Anu Malik now, thumping his chest and saying: "Anu Malik jo kehta hai, karke dikhata hai". And thus it is that on the quirky soundtrack of Mithun's latest venture to undo all the good karma he has been gathering lately, Anu Malik employs two of his favorites from Indian Idol 3.

On the innane love song I Love You - I Love You, Malik employs Deepali and Emon Chatterjee. Deepali goes first trying to essay an R&B sargam. Both sound decent enough - although sadly not special and certainly not inspiring. Both have good pop voices that could use a lot of polish and, in Emon's case, some breaking in.

It doesn't help that Anu more or less remakes the same song later with Shaan and Mahalaxmi Iyer on the CD - thus providing an unfair point of comparison.

I encourage you to listen, especially if you watched Idol closely last year.

And if you do, stay for that other song - Jeena bhi kya hai jeena - the one done by Bappi Lahiri and Salma Agha for Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki in 1984 (the CD rehashes no less than five retro hits). And this is just my opinion, but Salma sounds ridiculously bad in the song. Luckily Bappi was around to issue some of his trademark low notes.

In fact in light of that controversy racked up by Bappi's arch enemy Abhijit, here is evidence that Bappi can sing in a distinctly un-girly voice.

But fear not, Bappiness abounds. The song at one point requires Bappi to sing "bina". And I can't quite describe how incredible Bappi sounds singing that word. Imagine Rajnikanth cast in Anaconda III yelling: "Waaa! Don't worry, I will chaaarm the vanakonda with a beenah".

Its that kind of beenah.


olga primakova said...

Mithun da you are so sexy and hot! I is from Russia but I loves you veri veri veri veri much long time

Aspi said...

so olga primakova, did Jimmy get released in Moskva?

Parveen Sibal said...

Heard Raja Hassan's very sukhvindrish song "Maari Teetri " from De Taali with Music by Vishal Shekher. Has some firangi beats in the stsrting but is an OK Number.
MD's are keeping promises !

Aspi said...

parveen, thanks for the heads up. I don't have the CD but will look for it.

bollywood boy said...

Deepali has talent but Emon has the voice that could be a good playback for many actors. he need to grow up a bit. Liked his new look with the long hair (urban, older). I think Emon has been noticed by the music directors even tho' judge Akhtar came donw harsh on him.

Parveen Sibal said...

The song is available at ( Do Tali )

Cinderella said...

somewhere you've been talking abt 'dashaavatar' and i can't find it now.i am just so ill informed that i had kept wondering all the while how come these guys are singing in South India!!!!!!!1i din't know there was a Dasaavataar bollywood'animation movie!!

Parveen Sibal said...

Check at and
you will find the song listed for dwnload

Parveen Sibal said...

here is the Link Cindrella

Cinderella said...


and i read even Anwesha[from chote ustaad] has sung for some movie:)