Friday, May 23, 2008

Hard Candy

A quick digression on my part to say this to someone famous (please indulge me)

You are one of the richest pop stars in the world, with so much money that you can hire hugely talented people like this guy, and this guy, and these guys over here. Now, your personal talent is no longer a barrier. And your first single off your painstakingly constructed new CD is this video homage to hop step and jump? Time to stop listening to those tiny tot sing-a-longs.


ppl said...

What a superbly annoying video. I might be a little biased, having a fervent hatred for man boy with stubble, Justin Timberlake, but cmon this sounds dated and boooring.

Note to Madonna - No more white spandex jumpsuits, someone needs a desperate re-re-re-invention, but not as a kids story book writer!

Unknown said...

I read this interview where she says she thinks she's average looking (good call) but stylish (erm...)

I think Timberlake is one of those musicians who we will be always forced to look beyond his looks to find his talent. No matter what he tries, he always looks funny. But he's got a decent voice and he's a very smart musician.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I thot the song sounded familiar and then I remembered the Sunsilk 'Like can't wait' campaign. The one that in India features Priyanka Chopra and had her gushing to one and all how amazing it was to be 'in Madonna's company'. *smirk*