Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jo Jeeta Wohi Supertar: The remaining champions

A few surprises, some artificial insertions and plenty of participant-induced drama later JJWS is now left with eight champions. Who are these singers and what are they like? A closer look (in alphabetical order)

Abhijit Sawant
Winner of the first Indian Idol and India's only bona fide CD seller outside Bollywood, Abhijit has shown sky rocketing growth as a singer lately. Delivering fine performances on some very challenging songs, he's managed to stay honest when judging his fellow contestants and focused when singing to head to the top of the class. Besides the judges seem to love him.
Chances: With the kind of vote bank and on-show support he has, the crown is his to lose

Debojit Saha
Kishore-lite in terms of the jonar he plays in, Debojit is fairly experienced and has the uncanny Udit Narayan-like ability to pace a song unhurriedly. He's a class act but he remains suspect outside of pop songs - he recently bungled the sufi episode. Plus he has a tendency to put people to sleep when he sings.
Chances: Not too shabby, but Abhijit has to go first

Harshit Saxena
Probably an undeserving loser on Star Voice of India as first runner-up, Harshit possesses an excellent range - able to deliver softness and throw in one package of decent voice quality. He is also hugely ambitious and plays the competition like the game it should be played as. But he's been accused of too much chatoing - based on charges that sound a bit naive.
Chances: Good to great

Ishmeet Singh
Winner of Star Voice of India, Ishmeet has a pleasing voice and seems to possess a hard working, laid back personality. Unfortunately his voice comes with a clutch of limitations which force him to adjust his key on several songs, resulting in loss of respect from the judges. Its beginning to show in the scores.
Chances: Diminishing, especially if the judges have given up on you

Prajakta Shukre
JJWS's only remaining female contestant seems to be pretty popular with the remaining champions. She is a fine singer in the traditional mould. Tendency to get nervous on big occasions and shove that mike virtually into her teeth, but that doesn't stop her from showing the judges her range with carefully picked songs.
Chances: Puh-lease, not unless she finds a long-lost Y chromosome in her DNA

Rahul Vaidya
Hugely popular loser on the opening season of Indian Idol, Rahul is a Sonu Nigam type of singer. Which means, he has super voice quality and he makes up for his lack of range by displaying a dumdaar ability to connect with the song. His song selection is excellent but he tends to come across as smug - which could turn voters off.
Chances: An Indian Idol redux waiting to happen unless Rahul discovers an ability to maro achha insaan dialogs

Toshi Sabri
Toshi left mid-way on VoI but the drama he generated was testament to his fan following. In general most singers who can kick butt in the sufi genre tend to whip up all kinds of frenzy (see: Raja Hasan). Toshi doesn't have great voice quality but he has excellent control. His uncompromising tendency to improvise with a song leaves him a rewarding, but unpredictable performer.
Chances: Mediocre, unless he hits levels of consistency not known to him till now

Vineet Singh
Loser to Debojit in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2005, Vineet has a tuney voice that can scale up and down quickly, excellent clarity and lungs of steel. Vineet also has the ability to bring youthful exuberance to a song (see his work on that dance-bhajan Koi Tumsa from Dashavtar). His playful personality comes across as juvenile on screen - and we all know goody two shoes tend to get more love on these shows.
Chances: Talent-wise, his only competition is Abhijit. But he probably needs to also see the back of Debojit to stand a real chance.


Joules said...

Loved Abhijit's Tare Zameen Pe. Liked Harshit's Om shanti Om.

There is nothing special about Debojit. Don't like his singing style, his voice or how he looks singing the song. I think Toshi is gone this week.

They will keep Prajakta for a while. There will be a lecture to the Indian junta on sexism when she leaves. Her voice is very sweet - too sweet for me.

Mandira and her hair extensions are driving me nuts. I actually like Mini Mathur as an achor. She seems more spontaneous.

aju said...

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Aspi said...

Joules, I've been meaning to ask about Mandira's hair as in: how does she do it? Thanks for demystifying.

Hair extensions I can understand but whats with humongous hair extensions? On that Mother's Day episode her hair was virtually asking for its own zip code.

Sania said...

I probably should have watched this from the beginning, but I just can't stand seeing half of these faces again.

When does II4 start? Aspi, can I request that you post advance notice of it, so I can tune in and watch the mudslinging from the start?

Joules said...

Yeah, who even thinks her hair extensions are naturally. On top of that this story is scary


Malz said...

err aspi what does "jonar" mean? is that a hindi word for genre.

Malz said...

Random...but I hv been thinking.. most of these guys names - Abhijit, Debojit,Harshit,Ishmeet,Vineet end with a "T". Rahul & Toshi are the odd ones out so maybe they have an odd chance of winning!!

Sania said...

malz - the word 'jonar' is a throwback to our days discussing SaReGaMaPa. Our favorite judge, Himesh Reshammiya, constantly felt the need to discuss what genre a singer was in. Except that he pronounced it 'jonar'. Yes, I know. That's why we love him, too.

Malz said...

oh ok got it Sania thanks..I started watching SRGMP somewhere in the middle but I remember Himesh would keep talking non stop..n i would surf channels most of the d time when he talked!! last sunday there was a repeat on Zee TV of the episode in which Farah and Deepika were guests..n in this episode also he grabbed max screen time!!

Aspi said...

Sania, thanks for the explanation. I wondered while writing it if people would remember its origin.

Almost everyone seems to pronounce in jonar. Which is fine by me - no requirement to pronounce words the right way if you also stop rolling your Rs in an effort to sound amriki.

malz, I remember that episode. Its the one in which Farah called Himesh "the no. 1 positive energy". I can't say why but I found that to be endearingly funny.

Tanny said...

I am supporting Abhijeet, he has been a personal favourite of mine since the II days, and he was the first and last deserving candidate to win II. Things kinda went downhill after the first season as the most undeserving singers became idols... I love abhijeet's voice, his humbleness and he is one of the very few singers who have actually shown improvement... Many like Amit Sana totally went downhill after their respective shows got over... I am all for Abhijeet as the winner..
I cannot endure mandy's hosting anymore, I swear she literally screams into the mike..:X

Mind Rush said...

Driftji, Great post!

Time to start our own Drift Poll on who's gonna win, who performs best each week and who bombs...

Parveen Sibal said...

Real Reality Show

All Drifters , Please watch Lalu Yadav and his english Translation , an actual speech in Parliament.

Total Reality , Comments welcome.

megan said...

where's the link parveen?

that guy srsly cracks me up. He was on TV a few months ago eating his breakfast. Rice and curry with his hand and was talking with a mouthful. it was so weiiiiiird...

Anonymous said...

I can't stand harshit..everything about him is so fake..he is the raja hasan of jjws..:|

Parveen Sibal said...


Lalu Link - Sorry Meg , do not know why the link was missed in my last post.
Can some one post the transcript for the benefit of non Hindi Drifters !

Lin said...

That Vineet song. I first thought you had linked to the original song for comparison with an upcoming link of his performance of it on the show.

It wasn't till it started playing again and about a minute into it, I realized that it was Vineet singing the song.

And by the way, it is a *very* catchy song. I am not annoyed by the English--most probably because it's not so stupid and nonsensical as some other songs. (D

Aspi said...

That song is catchy - surprisingly so!

anu g said...

Hi! Hv bn really busy. Missing the drift. have to catch up hopefully next wk. Just one doubt..is it coincidence that most of the contestants have names ending with eet or t.???? Abhijeet, Vineet, Ishmeet, Debojeet, Harshit....Mindrush, some psychological connection between names and singing? :).

Malz said...

hehe anu..u r also thinking like me...see my post above!!

m said...

i hate the likes of vineet, abhijeet, rahul and the likes.. so annoying.. they all sound very similar to me..add that annoying little tubby aneek to the list as well

who needs them clones?

i prefer singers who actually have a distinct voice and you can tell them apart from the rest..

i find debojit rly underrated.. he doesn't get any love..

harshit is awesome..

ishmeet is too

prajakta's voice is so annoying.. can't stand her.. or her attitude or her mom. UGH

anu g said...

I have been off-tv again. Whats happening in JJWS? Who got out this week?
Malz,sorry, i didnt read ur earlier comment.S u think all the 'eet's will get out first:).

Aspi said...

anu g, no one got out last week. There was some fake drama when the bottom three were announced and then Mandira yelled as usual into the mike that we'll announce results the next week.

So next is special loser's week. I can't wait!

Pitu said...

'special' 'losers' week LOL Is it bad I always giggle when my friend says things like 'oh yaar you're to very special' ;-)

Anonymous said...

a beautiful day that was. udit gis my most favourite singer and i copy him very much.farah was looking hot.rahul waz looking cooooooool.and shekhar was looking nice.every thing was ok but ifffffffff amanat hota to.......... kia hi baat hoti .anywayz i liked it very much.guesssssssssss who m i??????. byeyeyeyey.

Anonymous said...

guess yaar huryup.i m waiting.

Anonymous said...

aspi where u r guess yaar.

Anonymous said...

aspi if i putda id of a person in ignore list(orkut)then how i will remove or delete from it.plz give me reply soon.i m waiting

Aspi said...

Anon, sorry yaar. I don't do orkut at all. I know I have a profile there but its like Toshi on JJWS.

Anonymous said...

its ok dont b sorry at all.