Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na: How to enjoy Happy Hour with Coke on the rocks

Pitu goes to the movies and has a delirious outing

When the temperatures climb and my eyes burn with the sultry heat, all I can handle is a bottle of pop.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is like a 2 hour 40 minute ice-cold bottle of respite. I walked into the theater expecting an entertainer with great music and ended up enjoying a walk down memory lane - full of hilarious, laugh out loud moments poignantly tempered with sunny optimism.

I can almost imagine the scriptwriter coming up with character sketches and saying: I don't need a plot: these people are my movie. All I need is to put Jai, Aditi and gang on a campus, have a Rahman ditty playing in the background and the movie will just, well, write itself. That's how perfect the casting is. It's like the end of your birthday party when you maniacally rip open your presents, avidly clutching every new gift.

A veritable feast for movie lovers in the form of Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak, Paresh Rawal, Anuradha Patel and Rajat Kapoor awaits.

And every performance is so pitch-perfect that I felt like dancing up and down in the aisles with sheer unbridled Bollywood joy. Oh, and Arbaaz and Sohail Khan enact a deliciously loony brother act that will finally allow me to lay the ghost of Hello Brother to rest.

New bhaanja on the block Imraan turns in a lovely performance as the sweet, non-violent so-not Rathore of Ranjhore by way of South Bombay while Genelia D'Souza prances across the screen as the no-holds-barred kaali billi spitfire (whose Hello Kitty barrettes I MUST HAVE).

And watching Prateik Babbar is like a salve to every art film lover who remembers that statuesque woman with the piercing eyes and those sculpted cheekbones. How lovely it was to rekindle memories of my beloved Smita Patil, like a long forgotten song, hummed in a quiet room. I look forward for more from this quiet, intense actor with the 'bolke dole' (Marathi for eyes that speak).

A review of this movie would be incomplete without mentioning the glorious soundtrack. Rahman breezily sets the mood with the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, a precursor to the candyfloss romance that follows, and paints the myriad moods of a 'can't live with you, can't live without you' couple with the jazz-inspired title song. But the song that really packs a Dhinchaak Bambaiyya punch is the infectious Pappu Can't Dance number.

Full marks to writer-director Abbas Tyrewala and producer Aamir Khan for a completely paisa vasool outing.

This is a solid Bollywood romance, folks. One that paints glorious rains-and-clouds scenarios only to burst out a technicolor rainbow with the promise of a shiny pot of gold at the end. And there are no leprechauns to get in your way as you RUN to the theaters.



Anonymous said...

Admirable review that will motivate me to see the movie !
Amir Please take note of this Writer !

Mind Rush said...

Great review, Pitu!
I feel validated....any movie associated with Aamir is worth a dekho. The music is too cool and the characters seem so cute.
I will go ASAP!

Aspi said...

Pitu, excellent review as always. I will grab the Drift Memsaab and the boys for this one. They already love that one song.

Hopefully the movie doesn't have too much blood?

Pitu said...

Anon- thanks!

Mind Rush- the Aamir Khan brand is so strong at this point. I was expecting nothing less, after Lagaan and TZP.

Aspi- I would rate it a PG movie. Teensy amount of blood. No sex. No swearing (well, a few Bambaiyya gaalis that aren't rly hardcore, and which I highly doubt your kids would know). And enuff slapstick that I can imagine the little ones having fun. Also, there is a teensy, weensy, adorable, cutie pie KITTEN! :-D

Anonymous said...

Talented Aspi's talent Readers.
My second comment as Anon - Just finished seeing Amir , I recommend Aspi to watch this gripping and not too long movie.

I can email you the DVD if you can not get it in Chicago.

Aspi said...

Anon, welcome. Pick a name for yourself (maybe Amir).

You are the second person to recommend that movie and the input of everyone on the Drift drives my entertainment choices. So I will be sure to watch it!

m said...

i refuse to watch this movie, i hate desi wannabe cool flicks.. plus i aint a fan of chick flicks.. i hated jab we met..

and anon, i watched Amir too and though it was only 1.5 hours long i felt it got a bit too repetitive after a while.. it was still good though.. i had seen Cavite before..

Kamal said...

You forgot the presence of Kitu Gidwani. It's an indication of her age and mine that I was sad to see her in a MUMMY-JI role for the first time.
In the 80s she was one the most confident and savvy women on TV....Trishna anybody ;-)

joules said...

Pitu, thanks for the review. I want to see this movie. Seems like the kind of movie I have been waiting for, for a while.

Will have to wait for it to come out on DVD though.

Amir can't do anything wrong these days. I am sure the pressure must be mounting for Ghajini.

Anonymous said...

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Aspi said...

Kamal, welcome. I remember Kitu Gidwani and how everyone was nuts about her. She might have even been the first unofficial hot cake of Indian TV.

But such is the advent of time - although nothing gave me a bigger kick than watching Rati Agnihotri playing mummyji.

joules said...

And I loved Imraan's look at the premier of Jaane Tu. The purple shirt with gray suit and the thin tie gave him a boyish charm.

joules said...

Rati looked like an auntyji even in her hey days. Ofcourse, I hated Ek Duje Ke Liye and haven't been able to warm up to Kamal Hassan since then.

Aspi said...

Maybe so Joules, but Rati gave hope to BGMs (Behenji Gone Mod) everywhere. We will give her credit for that. And her loyalty to that one hairstyle.

Anonymous said...

watched this yesterday..loved the movie..loved the review as well..

- Bee

Never Mind!! said...

Pitu, thanks for the review. I cant wait to watch this one. Will come with more comments after I finish watching.

Kamal, thanks for the Kitu Gidwani reminder. I used to watch Swabhimaan exclusively for her portrayal of Svetlana.

Aspi, I too recommend Aamir to you.

Amrita said...

paisa vasool is right! It's a bit cliche ridden, and sometimes the awkwardness shows but man, I had such a good time watching this!

Funny, this weekend seems to have been all about the battle of clones (there's no use pretending Imraan doesn't look and sound like a more chilled out, taller, Aamir) and the clone that didn't go all out to play it up wins! Or so I think coz nothing will make me watch Love Story 2050.

Also, how sweet was the wink-nudge at QSQT's bloodthirsty Rajputs? Lol!

Ay lurves it.

Pitu said...

Kamal: I didn't forget Kitu. I just didn't consider her as much of a treat as the other actors I mentioned. For that matter, the film also starred that Kripalani guy.

Everyone else: Thanks, also do *ahem ahem* check out my blog :-)

Amrita: I am agree. Imran is Aamir 2.0 Ya, there were a few QSQT moments- the Rajput background, the guy with guitar on stage saying "Mera Pappu to aisa kaam karega, Papa kehte hain bada naam karega" in the Pappu song. And, I read somewhere that Imran's gf was seen in the Pappu song for a blink and you miss it, like Reena in Papa kehte hain. Of course, I missed it :-)

Aspi said...

That girlfriend's fotu is here.

Apparently Imraan isn't too worried about rumors that she dated Ranbir before because at that time they were only 13-14 years old. I wonder what assumptions were behind that statement.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same ol' college melodrama crapmania...

But I'll watch it cuz you recommended it=]

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same ol' college melodrama crapmania...

But I'll watch it cuz you recommended it=]


Pitu said...

It is hard for me to imagine Mr Cutipeie with Miss Dominatrix :-X

fobcakes, hopefully you will like it.

Aspi said...

fobcakes welcome! For now I'll pretend I'm not curious about how you came up with that name.

Pri said...

that's weird. the woman in that picture is not avantika.

i watched the movie 2 times in 2 days. so much fun.

i want to be anooradha patel in my next life.

Aspi said...

Pri, read your post about recalling her from her TV days.

Is that her then?

Manish said...

If I remember correctly, both Aamir Khan and Kaushalya Gidwani made their debut in hindi films (as seniors) together in Ketan Mehta's Holi.. It was a very small role for Kitu - where she had to be locked up in the hostel cupboard. Interestingly - the whole Aamir gang was in this movie - including Ashutosh Goowarikar playing the main lead and Amol Gupte.

anu g said...

Wow Pitu, very interesting post, u surely make the movie sound very interesting....I think u deserve some advertising royalty from Amir/Imran:). My teenage children r very keen that we watch it,(and so r we:)) so off we go sometime this weekend.
I remember my husband saying Kitu was considered a big 'maal' years ago by all the guys. I wonder whether she has managed to retain that image!

joules said...

Also from a girl's perspective Kitu was one of the first models that we looked upto. She was thin, dressed well, had wonderful features, was sexy and comfortable with herself and the camera.

anu g said...

And Joules, Kitu was considered a 'dusky' beauty which is a big thing for Indians where generally fair=beautiful!

girlie girl said...

I've wanted to watch this movie ever since i saw the Pappu can't dance song...then i got a look at Imran and wanted to see it even more (SUCH A HOTTIE!) but after reading your review Pitu, I'M DYING TO SEE IT! Any day now, i'll go watch it. The theater that plays Hindi movies is just 45 miles from my house so it's quite a hike!! But i'm goign to see it...TRUST ME!

Great job on the review Pitu!

Tania said...

Pitu Sultan
Awesome review.BTW doesn't it seem like one of those college movies that I remember watching in my Hyderabad years.One of them starred Tabu and had that song called "Mustafa....".
Mindrush, you an Aamir fan too?Aaawesome!I am planning to watch this but on a DVD.
So Pitu,what did you find hatke here?Do you think the kid will get any more offers other than his Mamu?
I really used to like Kitu, especially with her long open shirt look(she used to be a detective in a crime solver on DD)

Pri said...

yeah that's her.

Anonymous said...

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